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Adsense Account Banned! What To Do?

If your Adsense account is banned, what would you do? It is not uncommon for Google to ban user’s accounts such as Adwords, YouTube, Adsense, etc… when your accounts are “deemed to violate their terms and conditions”. You are free to submit a reconsideration, but usually you ...

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Duplicate Content vs Content Syndication

Just a few days ago, I receive an email from a reader about the concern of duplicate content issue when using press release after he read my one of my post about getting traffic from press release. I think this is one of the myth in SEO or in general marketing context. What Is Duplicate […]...

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Get Tons of Traffic From Press Release

Press release is considered to be one of my favorite traffic sources for two reasons, direct traffic to your site and SEO effect. However, you will need to think about which aspect you would like to focus because these are slightly different. If you would like to get direct traffic to your site, you...

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