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In my last post, I talked about monetization models for online marketing. One of them is affiliate marketing and it is probably the most popular and is recommended for newbies to jump start because it is really straight forward. Today I am going to cover 3 proven affiliate marketing models that you must know before you jump start.

Before we do anything, we need a plan and a proven model to follow through. Even though the concept of affiliate marketing is simple enough, we still need a system for it so that we have full control on it. Alright, the following are 3 proven affiliate marketing models.

1. Sniper Sites

The name of “sniper sites” becomes popular thanks to George Brown and its product – Google Sniper. The concept is to target a hot product name keyword that contains enough search volume and build a single site based around the product name keyword.

For example, if I use Clickbank to do market research, I pick Health & Fitness as my niche, and I sort the results with Gravity from High to Low and I get the following screenshot:

clickbank research

I’ve circled the gravity in red for the top 2 products (The Diet Solution Program & Truth About Abs). The gravity for these 2 products are incredibly high, which means that lots of affiliate are promoting them and they are hot products. However, though we easily identify the hot products, we need to bear in mind that the higher the gravity the stronger the competition.

After that, we might pick a domain based on the product name such as (if not available, try .net or .org). If the domains are not available, try adding suffix or prefix, i.e. DietSolutionProgramReview, DietSolutionProgramSite, DietSolutionProgramX or BestDietSolutionProgramSite, MyDietSolutionProgramSite, etc…You get the idea on how you can secure a domain fill with the product name keyword. I personally love to add suffix because of the SEO reason.

After that, you will build a simple blog with 3-4 posts only to promote the product. The content will be generally “product keyword review”, “product keyword bonus” (if you plan to give bonus), “product keyword”, etc…The sniper sites rely on organic traffic, which means that it target people searching the product name on Google (and other search engines).

The great advantages are the people searching the product name will fit to one or more of the following:

  • Familiar with the product.
  • Looking for more information.
  • Want to buy
  • Want discount coupon if there is any.

So, these people are a lot more targeted and easier to be converted into sales.

The biggest disadvantage of sniper sites is you can only focus on 1 product per domain. If the product owner decides to remove the product (though not likely) for any reason, all your efforts are drained. So, this leads to another type model – Mini Authority Site. Due to the panda update from Google, I encourage for those who would like to pursue the sniper site model to add 10-15 blog posts on top of the 3-4 posts that you aim to rank on Google. The point is to build a site with more content instead of thin site with 3-4 pages though your intention is still want to rank the 3-4 pages with the money keyword.

2. Mini Authority Site

The concept of mini authority site is to target more generic keywords as the domain name, and then create multiple pages target 5-10 products. An example would be to have “UltimateWeightLossSecret” as your domain and then promote 5-10 products related to weight loss. The selection of these products are similar to the sniper sites, which target the hot products. The target audience are also via search engines.

The advantages of having a mini authority site to promote multiple products are:

  • Increased traffic and hence more income.
  • Position the site as an authority and hence building the trust with the audience.
  • Diverse the risk and hence less worries should one of the product owner decides to remove its product from the marketplace.

However, it takes longer and harder to rank on the front page of Google comparing to Sniper Sites.

The 2 models mentioned above rely heavily on the SEO Traffic. Should there be a significant algorithm update, the sites might be affected. So, I will like to introduce the 3rd model – Squeeze Page approach.

3. Opt In Page Approach

Basically, you will need to create a opt in page. The intent is to capture leads and they become your potential customers. If you have great products you can introduce to your list. If not, you can introduce the products that will help them to solve their problems.

The key here is to help your list to get what they want and do not abuse them or spam them with tons of crap offer. They are human (there is a real person behind the email) and they know how you treat them. Build up relationship with your list and only promote the product that you will buy and think is well worth it.

The advantages of building a list are:

  • You can diversify the products promotion to as many as you like.
  • Get to build relationship and interact with your list so that you can have better idea to know what they actually want.
  • Focus your effort to drive traffic to opt in page, not multiple pages.

You will lose some of the visitors because of the nature of opt in page, which is you either opt in or you leave the page. However, in the long run it will be a lot more beneficial to have a list.

What models do you prefer or are currently using? Leave me a comment below to share your experience and view.


To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

6 Responses to “3 Proven Affiliate Marketing Models You Must Know Before You Start Affiliate Marketing”
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  1. Ming Jong says:

    Hi Evelyn,

    You can have one hosting with many domains attached to it with most of the hosting companies. Hostgator baby plan definitely fits into this category.

    You can login to your cPanel and install WordPress with a few clicks from there. It won’t affect your old domain.
    Ming Jong recently posted..MJT014 – The Proven Secret To Master Driving Traffic To Your Website

  2. You’ve sold me to the idea of affiliate marketing, thanks to your excellent posts. But I am running into some snags. You see I already have a Hostgator account that hosts my and so an older version of word press has already been uploaded. I am not planning to get the latest version for this website as I heard horror stories about messed up site due to the change.

    Last year I bought a baby plan in preparation for the Buyer Keywords Hunter and didn’t do anything about it but plan to buy this domain name (What do you think of that?). Since I have already uploaded the word press before for my first aforementioned website, do I have to upload it again for the baby plan? Are the baby plan and the previous site plan separate in terms of uploading the word press? If they are independent of each other, then I can upload the newest version of word press for the baby plan and it won’t do harm to my website above.

    Sorry to bother you so much but I fear making more mistakes than I already have due to not having asked questions.


    Evelyn Guzman recently posted..Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 2 Building Your Brand Name

  3. Greg Holbert says:

    Great tips on how to get people familiar with affiliate marketing! I have been looking for ways to increase leads for my online tax preparation software. This is a great starting point and gave me a lot to think about!

    I have also heard that sniper sites get penalized by Google. Please elaborate in a reply or new post. Keep up the great work on your blog!

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Greg Holbert: You are right. Google Panda is designed to get rid of the “thin site”. So those “thin sites” with only 4-5 pages will not get ranked on Google for long. But you can always expand the site by adding more posts (i.e. weekly) and develop into a mini authority site in order to get keep your ranking on the Google.

      I have seen typical sniper site (i.e. 1-4 pages) promoting product launches get ranked on Google during the launch. However, the ranking will drop when Panda update from time to time. Still, you get most of the sales during the launches and that’s why people are still doing it…

      Having said that, this is risky because Google roll out their evil animal from time to time and will definitely crush the opportunity seeker. Google Sniper has been around since 2009 and I am not sure if it has been updated to suit the Google algo update.
      Ming Jong recently posted..No Traffic To Your Site? What’s Going On?

  4. Jason says:

    Hey, Ming. Been following your website for awhile now. Must say I’ve since learned quite a few tricks from you. Hope to hear more from you soon.

    Just a short question here:

    I heard rumors that big G penalizes sniper sites. Is it true?

    Take care for now. Keep up the good work!

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