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What is Profit Instruments?

This profit instruments course is basically proven strategies developed by Ritoban, a 22 years old guy from India.  The idea is focusing on affiliate marketing, which is the best way to start up for newbie.  He breaks down the entire course into 7 module, in a step by step manner.  The promotion method is based on product name keyword (PNK), which involve techniques in choosing the right keywords.  The concept of traffic generation is relying on free traffic and SEO is one of the core strategies.
Profit Instruments


1.       Systematic keyword research.  It basically teaches you to target the right keywords, which will need to fulfill the set out criterion.  The process is very straight forward.

2.       To create a website using WordPress, which is a breeze in the air, with one click function in Fantastico.  It is easy and very quick to create a website and convenient to edit/add content in the future.

3.       The cool stuff he teaches in content generation will attract all qualified targeted prospect.

4.       Spend less than 3 hours to setup your own profitable website generating income on autopilot.  This is a reasonable time and can be quicker if you are familiar with the setup and good at writing.  However, what if you need to spend double of the time to finish just 1 profitable website (consider yourself non-tech savvy, no experience and slow learner)?  Down to the road, you will get your tiny website done and generate income on autopilot.  All the efforts will be paid off.  The time you spend is well worth!

5.       The coolest part is …It is a system, which  is scalable.  When one of your site is done and profitable, all you need to do is to duplicate what you have done to get your 2nd website up and running.  Do it at your own pace!

6.       All the abovementioned are taught in a systematic way.  You get videos which will guide you step by step, and also blueprint to refer to.  At the end of each module, you need to complete the assignment to gain the maximum out from this course.  This will give you a push from the start right to the end until you get your own profitable profit instrument up and running!  A very systematic and organized way!

Can you imagine yourself having a proven, systematic, easy to follow system and only having to spend 3 hours to have your profit instrument running on autopilot generating passive income for you?


1.       No look over the shoulder/coaching program included in the course, just like most of the course out there.  However, you can lodge a support ticket if you have any questions.

2.       He has an accent but sub title at the bottom of the video and the blueprint will solve the problem.  For myself, I have no problem understand his slow and clear English though I don’t really enjoy the accent.

If you are serious about generate passive income and building a scalable business, this is definitely the course you should be focusing and put in effort.  Just spend 3 hour a day, you will have your profitable instruments up and running on autopilot.

Let me know your thoughts about the Profit Instruments!

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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