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Common Problem of Article Marketing

I believe a lot of you are familiar with article marketing and you have probably tried it or still doing it. The question I would like to throw to you is: Are you fully utilize the potential of every single piece of article you create?

You probably write the article yourself or you could outsource the article to someone. Either way, you need to spend time or money or a combination of both. I have known that many people simply give up article marketing because it is tedious to crank out article and the traffic brought in by the article itself is pathetic. Some of the persistent guys still keep producing article and submitting to However, they complained about not getting any sale though they have been doing the hard work. Are these sound familiar? Do you happen to know some of your friends like the above mentioned?

article marketing

Critical Thinking for Article Marketing Problems

What’s the real problem?

First of all, we need to check if the websites are getting traffic. We can’t just determine by going to Clickbank and look at whether you made a sale. There are a few ways to check the traffic. The popular ways are through Google Analytics and AWSTAT from you Cpanel. From there, you will know if there are visitors to your site. If there are, you can at least be relieve because article marketing does bring traffic to your website. So the problem is actually the conversion of your sales page, not the traffic itself. You should spend time to do some split test of your sales page by tweaking the color of the header, call to action, price, different header, guaranteed, etc…From there, find out what’s the root cause of your article marketing.

Traffic from Articles

If you only do article marketing as your only traffic source, you can easily ask yourself several questions below:

1. How many views do you get from your articles?

For example, you only submit to If you get less than 10 views after several weeks or months, it shows that the article title is not attractive that people will not click on it to find out more. So, work on your article title. Be creative and think about how you can get people to click your article to read on. Ask yourself the 3 questions below to bounce off some ideas for article title:

1.  How many tips in the article?

2. What will reader get out after reading the article?

3. How quickly can reader accomplish the goals?

An example of article title based on the questions:

Article Marketing Tips – 3 Questions You Need To Answer To Generate Eye Ball Grabbing Article Titles

I think you get my idea. Just be creative and also look at other articles attract high view and get some ideas from their titles.

2. How many clicks do you get from 1 article?

If you are getting some decent views (say 50-100 views) but no one click your links in your resource box, you need to check if your article consist of quality content and pay lots of attention on your resource box. Generate quality content and craft out your resource box with some thoughts so that people will be interested to find out more. Always think from readers’ position –> what’s in it for them? Why do they need to click your link?

Do not put in a bored resources box such as” Mr. X is the author of this article, who is interested to write article and do internet marketing part time, visit his website at …” People generally are not interested in you and do not care about you.

A better resource box will be “If you are interested in getting more article marketing tips, simply visit xxx to grab a copy of your free ebook. Follow the step by step instructions and get started immediately!” Always find a reason why the readers need to take action and click your link.

When you have optimized the number of views and clicks in your article, keep writing the articles from time to time, i.e. once every day or 3 times per week, etc… Also, submit the articles to other article directories instead of just Below are some of the top article directories that get lots of traffic everyday:


This is just a no brainer process to submit articles to multiple high traffic article directories and get a lot more exposure. Write more articles and submit to more article directories. This will definitely increase traffic to your website with the correct approach of article marketing.

Promote Your Articles

1. Social Network

When you have published your articles, instead of waiting people to read your articles, why not promote them? This is just article marketing on steroid, which not many people are doing that! I am not talking about building tons of backlinks to your articles and get ranked on 1st page of Google (though you can definitely do that). All you need is to share the articles with your friends on facebook, twitter, or your list (if you have one). This will push up the no. of view of the articles and hence attract more people. With social network such as Facebook and Twitter, it is likely for some of your articles to go viral. The potential is huge!

2. Social Bookmark

Apart from that, you should social bookmark your articles on, Stumble Upon, Delicious, etc…Together with the power of Social Network, you can expect tons of traffic funnel from both social network and social bookmarking sites, and eventually lead to your website! Do you see how powerful it can be? This is indeed article marketing on steroid!

3. RSS Directories

On top of the 2 above mentioned promotion methods, you should submit the RSS of your articles to RSS aggregators, such as,, etc…

Now you know how to power up your article traffic. It is time to take action. Yes, it will take some effort and time but it is worth it, when you see tremendous increment of traffic to your website and sales pouring in :)

If you would like to save some time, I have an alternative solution to automate the task mentioned above, which will definitely save you a lot of time. It is a powerful software that I personally use everyday to automate the task. Check out the  SEO Link Robot demo videos and see the robot in action.

SEO Link Robot

Kindly leave your comments below on what you think about article marketing. Love to hear from you.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

7 Responses to “Article Marketing With A Twist”
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  1. Oliver says:

    thanks for the tip on a catchier title and bookmarking is always a good Idea, Thanks Ming
    Oliver recently posted..Post Panda Planet

  2. Henry Bolden says:

    This advice is a gem, I rely a great deal on article marketing since I’m the one who writes most of my content. Thanks for the advice, highly valuable.

  3. nice article. we submit to ezine and get a lot of reads but the actual clicks to the site are somewhat … well … pathetic. i’m a big believer that slow and steady wins the race though so i keep posting!!
    Lily @Merchant Cash Advance recently posted..Banks Continue to Deny Loans to Small Businesses

    • Ming Jong says:

      Hey Lily. If you get tons of view but very low click through, you should be relieve at least your headline at least draw people in to read your article. Now, you only need to tweak your resource box to make them want to click through your link :) One tip is to offer an incomplete solution in the article so that your readers can go to your site to find out more.

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