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Blog commenting is one of the well known way to drive traffic and build backlinks. Is blog commenting still effective and bring traffic to your site? This is a question you should ask yourself. How do you make sure every single of your comment get accepted and published? I understand there is no guaranteed that your comment will be accepted because ultimately it is up to the blog owner and you just have no control on it.

From a blogger point of view, he/she would love to accept every single comment as long as it provides value, despite some of them might be of contradictory view to the blog post itself.

In this blog, I will only delete the blog comments that look like spam (and it is) and do not provide value. Some of the classical examples will be “thanks you”, “Great post”, “ok”, “a sentence that is totally not relevant to my post”, etc…and with a keyword like”iphone”, “make money online” in the name field without putting a “real name”. I don’t mean by saying thank you to my post is spam, just that it doesn’t provide any value to the post. It is also more appropriate to put in your “real name” in the name field instead of stuffing a keyword. This is just basic blog commenting etiquette. It just makes the blog owner easier to address you with your name rather call you “Hi Iphone 5″ or “Hi Make Money Online”.

I understand that people who take time to comment on a blog would also hope to get something in return, which is a backlink and some direct traffic if possible. So, I will run through some of the fundamental blog commenting etiquette and tips below that will help to get your comment approved most of the time.

Blog Commenting Etiquette

1. Name

Since it is a name box, why not just fill up your name? If you would like to gain a backlink with your anchored text, you can at least put in your name such as “Smith@make money online” where “make money online” is your keyword. In some of the blogs, you might notice there is keywordluv or commentluv+ plugins installed. In this case, you can put in exactly “YourName@Keyword” in the name field and you will get your desired keyword as anchored backlink. Take a look at an example below:

blog commentingIn the name field, I put in Ming Jong Tey@seo link building and that is what it will become after your comment was approved. This case, people know my name and I also get an anchored backlink.

2. Email and Website

Obviously, you need to put in at least your email to comment on a blog. If you have a website, you can take the advantage to build anchored backlink to your site. If the post you commented is about SEO, you can find a relevant posts (i.e. on your own blog and put that as your website instead of your main domain all the time. Of course, when you put in your post/page URL instead of your home domain, you should adjust the keyword in the name field accordingly to tap on the advantage of anchored backlink.

If you look at the example above, “seo link building” actually links to one of my post, not my home domain.

3. Comment Content

Ok, here comes the important part. The key to get your comment approved is to provide some value. It does not necessary to be sophisticated or earth shattering, and it can be solely your own opinion. A general rule of thumb will be to greet the people and then to spell out your opinion. Thanks the owner for the post and follow by your name. If you are lazy, you of course skip the greeting/thank you parts.

What if I don’t have any opinion to add? Ok, I hear you. You might not be familiar with every aspects and voice up your opinion. You can at least paraphrase 1 point that you love or agree the most in the post and elaborate from there. If you have done this, the owner will at least know that you have read through the post, and the comment is not done by spammer who just copy and paste a generic statement. Take a look at one of my comment below:

blog commenting etiquette

I started by greeting the author, thank him for providing the resources and then spell out what I normally do for searching images. I also raised up that I love one of the resources mentioned in this post. Eventually, I signed off with my first name. This is not a lengthy and comprehensive comment but certainly it does not look like spam.

4. Gravatar Picture

Did you see my picture shown on the right hand side in the extracted comment above? This is a Gravatar picture, which is linked to your email address. It is a great way to make your comment stand out (comparing to the default Gravatar). Also, spammers generally do not have Gravatar (some of them do). You can use your picture or your company logo or favicon icon as the Gravatar picture.

Get yourself a free Gravatar account here.

5. Commentluv link

If the blog (such as mine) is powered by Commentluv, you will be able to leave extra post link at the end of your comment, give you extra backlink and exposure of posts to the readers. All you need to do is to check the Commentluv button and it will display the last 10 posts or the latest post (depending on the version of Commentluv). So, just select the post you would like to display (best to choose a post relevant to the post topic to attract clicks) and there you have it, extra backlink!

Blog commenting no doubt is a proven and effective technique. Here is an overlooked traffic source which is the second largest online traffic source that helps me to generate hundreds to thousands of dollars on autopilot every month. Tap into this huge traffic source now!.

Your Voice

That’s all for the blog commenting etiquette. What’s your view on this? Love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment below and I’ll know, lol.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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  1. Good tips. I’ve found that taking the time to leave good comments means taking the time to read the post and learn more, which provides a benefit for me as well. So done correctly everyone benefits.

  2. “What if I don’t have any opinion to add? ” Then move on and comment where you do. Don’t waste time trying to say something just to hear your own voice. There are so many blog posts, so many blogs, so many bloggers – pick a post that interests you to comment on. If the same blogger repeatedly publishes posts that are of no interest to you, then that simply is not a place you should be commenting on.

  3. Ajit singh says:

    hi friend you are absolutely right we have to comment on blog exactly you way but in term of seo we need the link of that particular url and want to promote our keyword then how can we drop our link and the benefit of blog commenting we make a backlink for that destination pages.

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