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Nowadays a lot of people have a blog online. They write whatever they like and express their feeling via the web. They might just treat it as a hobby or another way to kill time. In my opinion, apart from being a hobby, blogging is the best way to start building your online business.


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What Can Blogging Do For You?

1. Branding

You are the owner of your blog so whatever content you generated will represent you and your personality. If you provide tons of quality content that help people to solve their pain and problem, people will automatically assume that you are the authority.  This is how you can build up your reputation and credibility via blogging. So, do provide great quality content in your niche and in the long run ,you will be associated as the authority in your niche area.

When you become the authority, you will gain a lot more followers and people will listen to what you said.

2. Relationship Building

Blogging is not alone. Readers will be able to interact with you by leaving a comment to express their view of your post.  You will know what your readers are thinking and get to know your readers better. Once you are familiar with your readers, you will learn the best way to serve them and provide what they want. This is how you form a relationship with your readers.

When you build up the trust between you and your readers, you will have a group of followers that eagerly look forward to receiving your email, reading over what you have to said or recommending.

3. Networking

You will also bump into other bloggers in your niche as some of the bloggers will leave a comment in your post or contact you directly if they are interested to know more about you. Why would they want to know more about you? It is because they see the value from your post and people like to mingle with people with alike value and mindset. That’s the law of attraction!

So, you will definitely get to know other bloggers in your niche and this is extremely valuable because you can now leverage on each others strength and skill. You can potentially find your business partner via blogging!

Blogging To Make Money?

You might be wondering that’s all good but how can I actually make some money via blogging directly?

1. Advertisement

Advertisement comes many places. You can easily have Google Adsense placed in your blog as your monetization strategy. Generally, Google will display ads to your blog post that related to your blog content. So, people click on the ads, you will earn some money. If your blog receive high traffic, you can also sell your space for advertising. Some merchants are willing to pay you a premium to exchange for a advertisement space for their site.

2. Affiliate Programs

Apart from advertising, you can also delve into affiliate program by marketing some other related products that you like and think will truly help your readers, to get compensated by the sales commission. The key here is to genuinely recommend products that will help people, not for the sake of raking high commission.

If your readers think that the products you recommended are totally useless, they will not trust you anymore and your reputation & relationship that formed are ruined at once.

3. Your Own Products

You can also create your own products such as ebook, video courses, etc…and market your products to your readers.

Closing The Deal

In recommending products by others and your own products, relationship with your readers play an extremely important role. If you have a group of loyal readers that trust you, it will be a lot easier to sell your own/others products. It is because your readers trust you and they think they will be benefited by the products you recommended. So, the conversion rate will be a lot higher.

When it comes to online business, most of the people might have the impression that it is a website with a sales page that pitching a product. This is one of the many ways of the online business model. Generally, you drive targeted traffic to the sales page and hopefully can generate some sales. So, people will tend to focus on driving traffic as it is a numbers game. If the sales letter convert, the more traffic you send to the sales page, the more sales you will generate. So, people study traffic strategies such as SEO, article marketing, press release marketing, video marketing, PPC, PPV, traffic exchange, etc… focusing on keyword optimized article so that they can please the search engine and rank higher in the search results. Everything seems so mechanical that people tend to forget they are actually selling to human, not the search robot!

Remember that we are still dealing with real human beings even though it is online. So, relationship plays a key role!


If you would like to start building your online business, I would strongly encourage you to start blogging now to brand yourself, build up a strong relationship with readers and network with others bloggers with similar value and mindset. The rewards of your hardwork will be paid off!

What’s your view on this? Feel free to hit me with comments below!

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

10 Responses to “Why Blogging Is The Best Way To Build Your Online Business?”
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  1. Mary McLean says:

    Hi Ming Jong and Cassie, I would love to find out more abour RSS feeds too.

    And I agree wholeheartedly with what you say in relation to blogging. I think the most important things to remember when blogging are to be passionate about your subject and to be honest.
    Mary McLean recently posted..How to Access Facebook Analytics on Your Facebook Fan Page

  2. Hi Ming Jong, yes, I’d like to understand and utilise RSS feeds better. I have used feedburner once before so will have to revisit it so I can use on my site. It’s a great tool but is rather a mystery to me!

    Anything you can blog on this will be helpful. Thanks.

  3. Hi Ming Jong, couldn’t agree more with your advice. Especially, just get started blogging now to build your brand and relationships with your readers, and with other bloggers in your niche.

    Will you write about how you set your RSS feed up?

    Cassie | womenswaytowealth recently posted..Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-02

  4. Trung Nguyen says:

    wonderful post. WOW, I have some ideas similar like you on my blog post and I’m always agree with you that blogging is the best for a online business. You can check my post for answer the question”WHY”. BTW, I love your post, it’s really informative.
    Trung Nguyen recently posted..Top 10 Basic Elements Make a Blogger to Succeed

  5. Rachel says:

    Excellent read. I totally agree with you. One of the most important steps when you start blogging it to blog about something you enjoy and don’t mind researching and writing about. I see so many blogs that die because the blogger gets bored and quits writing.
    Rachel recently posted..Best Spray Tan Tips

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