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It is getting more and more people doing online business in these few years, and so are the coaches, mentors, gurus, etc… are getting a lot more popular in the internet marketing field. This is exactly the trend of Forex trading, stock trading, option trading  10 years ago. There are some great coaches that survive and their coaching program business is expanding every year but there are a lot more closed down.

A Real Deal or A Scam

Today, if you were a totally newbie, how would you get started to run your online business and to earn a living online? Maybe you go to Google and do some research, opt in to a few people’s list and study the free report or video, etc…Eventually you come across lots of promotion of product launches from Clickbank, Warrior Forum and some other market place. Then you get to know the name of a number of gurus.

You join several more email lists based on the recommendation from the gurus and frequent product creators in the market places. You are busy to read through tons of amazing, shiny, once in a life time, never been done before, solid proven blueprint every single days in your inbox. Finally, you might take out your credit card and go for the most convincing offer. After that, you study hard and implement what’s scheduled in the course but it just didn’t work out. You contact the creator and hope to get some support but just can’t get anyone to reply you. You have searched through the internet but just can’t get any other contact information apart from what you have seen in the sales letter.

Does that sound familiar? I totally understand that because I have been through this situation. I’ve bought some products which I don’t even know if the creators exist in the real world… The only thing I get from them is the daily promotion email.

Now, we put the perspective to ourselves. We tend to buy products from someone that we trust. Given that there are tons of affiliate promoting the same product everyday, would you rather buy from someone you trust or just a guy that you can’t reach and only blast you email everyday?

The key is to let people know you are actually a real person sitting behind of the computer, who they can interact with, not just another email address.

interact with people

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Using Blog To Interact With People

A blog is your online presence and it represents you, your reputation, credibility and it is a channel for you to interact with people to build up relationship. The most important thing is that you own the blog and you have full control on it.

Some people are extremely active in the forum of their niche and I can’t deny that forum is another great way to build up your reputation and attract traffic. However, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket because those forums are not yours, you are purely just a user that contribute to those communities. What happen if the forums were hacked or the owner just decide to close down? All your great content in the forum are gone…

What about those free blog such as Blogger, Tumblr, etc…? I would strongly recommend that you buy a domain from Namecheap (cost you around $10) and get a cheap hosting such as Hostgator if you serious about your online business and to have full control.

Ways To Interact With People

There are a number of ways that you can interact with people, the most popular way is via text in the blog post and respond to the comments. A better way is to use video showing yourself talking to your readers. This allow them to see you in action and your voice. If you don’t have a video camera (which most of laptop have built in) or you are just too shy to be on video camera, you can at least use a screen capture video and let them hear you. This can be easily done with Jing (a free screen capture software).

Video is one of the best ways to build trust and  interact with people. You can’t hide your appearance and disguise your voice. The fact is you don’t need to have a charming look or perfect in English. The important thing is that you can communicate with your audience.  A genuine conversation with your audience is the key.

That’s why you might notice that webinar is getting more popular and lots of advanced marketer love to use webinar to build up relationship with their prospect and customers.

Your Voice

To gain a competitive edge in your online business, you must interact with people and stop hiding behind an email address. Drop me a comment below and I love to find out your view on interaction with people in the online business.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

4 Responses to “Why Interact With People In Your Online Business”
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  1. Aditya Mehra says:

    Trust is the major factor for online business. We need to be careful while choosing the business and at the same time we need to be trustworthy while offering our services. Thanks a lot for awesome guide.

  2. Great stuff Ming.

    A self-hosted blog is the best and easiest way to establish a central point for customers, clients or prospects to connect with you online.

    Just as you mentioned, I think so many people value the opportunity to connect with a real person during the sales process, or when they have problems or queries once they have become a customer.

    The other dimension that benefits business owners in a seriously big way is the ability to learn exactly what your market want and need by engaging, asking questions and talking to them directly. There’s simply no substitute for it.

    Thanks for another great post mate
    Jym | Marketing Your blog recently posted..Marketing Your Blog: How to Make Your Readers Need You

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