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For those of you celebrating today, I would like to wish you happy “Thanksgiving”! Even though in Singapore we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, we express our gratitude to all great things happened in our life! Today I am going to cover what I have been doing for these few days, which are

Moving WordPress To My New Host!

Why Moving WordPress?

Well, I wish I can just leave some sites on my old server. However, things are not running smooth with my old server and the server was down for 11 times during the past 3 days. Each down period is around 5-25 minutes. This is really annoying as quite a few of my niche sites are still with the old server. In another words, that means loss of income and risk to my niche sites due to unstable server issue.

Just in case you are wondering how I track my server up/down time, I use a free service called Uptime Robot, which allowed me to add up to 50 sites and every website is monitored in 5 minutes interval. Whenever you site is down, it will send out an email to inform you instantly once it detects. This is a really handy service to keep an eye on the server health of all your sites.  Besides, if you keep receiving down time notification about your sites, you know there is something on your server. This is a nice way to track the server’s performance despite how reliable (i.e. 99.9% up time) they claimed to be.

How To Move WordPress To New Host?

The process is not very tedious but you do need to be careful on each time to ensure your data is safe. I am going to show you step by step how you can move your WordPress site to new host. This assumes that your domain is still the same, only moving your WordPress to a new server. There are actually several ways to do that and which are documented in the WordPress official site. However, I don’t really understand every single method as I am not very tech savvy. So, I only show you what I have done to successfully migrate my WordPress to new host.

Before that, I highly encourage you to back up your database regularly, i.e. one per day or once per week, depending on how frequent you update your post. You can use plugin such as WordPress Database Backup to help you schedule the backup of your WordPress Database. I have scheduled to backup once per week and automatically sent to my email so that I always have a copy of my backup WordPress database every week. All right, enough said, here we go for the step to move WordPress to New Host!

Step 1: Download your backup sql WordPress database

You can download your backup WordPress database from your email. This is done by using the plugin – WordPress Database Backup. You also have an option to backup the database immediately and send to your email or local drive with the plugin. Keep your Backup WordPress Database (it is a zip file with a .gz extension, i.e. xxxxxxxxxxxx.sql.gz) in your hard drive.

Step 2: Use ftp to download all the file within your WordPress folder

You will need a ftp software such as FileZilla to download all files within your WordPress Sites. For example, if the your domain is, you should have a folder call inside the ftp. Just right click and select download and you will start download all the files.

As you can see below, my blog is within the public_html folder. All I need to do is to right click and download all the files inside the folder to my hard drive.

filezilla ftp


Step 3: Create a New Database in your New Host

Do you remember that we have back up our WordPress Database in the first step? Now, we will need to create a new database in the new host and import the backup database.  This can be easily done in Cpanel.

1. Inside your Cpanel, under Databases, choose MySQL Database Wizard.

cpanel databases

2.Follow the steps to create your database name, user name and password. Do copy down all these detail in a notepad. In the last step, select all privileges and click next step. Now, you are done with creating a new database.

Step 4: Import The Old Database To New Database You Just Created

1. In your Cpanel, under Databases, choose phpMyAdmin. It will open up a new Window Tab.

2. On the left hand side, choose the Database name you just created in Step 3.

3. Select Import, Browse your computer. Browse the backup WordPress database (.gz file) you downloaded in Step 1.

4. Click Go.

Wait for a few minutes (depending on the file size of the Database) to let the process finish.

Step 5: Add on Domain

In your Cpanel, Domains, Click “Addon Domain”. Add your domain of the blog you are moving to your new server.

Step 6: Edit Wp-Config.php Within the Domain Folder

In Step 2, you have downloaded all files within the WordPress Folder. You will find a file called “Wp-Config.php” under the root. Open “Wp-Config.php” with a notepad. Change the Database Name, Database Username and Database Password as you setup in Step 3. After that, save the file and close it.

Step 7: Upload All Files Downloaded In Step 2 To New Server

Now, use FileZilla to login to your new server. Upload all the files you just downloaded in Step 2 to the domain folder you created in Step 5.  Wait until it is done. Depending on the file size and your connection speed, you might need to wait for a few minutes to hours.

Step 8 (Finally): Point your DNS to your New Hosting in Domain Registrar

Login to your Domain Registrar (i.e. Name Cheap or Go Daddy) and select the domain you would like to move to new server. After that, Click on “Domain Name Server Setup” and change the name server details to your new server.

Congratulation! Now you should have successfully move your WordPress to New Server! Wait for a few hours (up to 24 hours) before the changes to take effect.

Your Voice

This is kinda lengthy process, especially the downloading and uploading part for me. Feel free to share your experience with moving WordPress to a new server by leaving a comment below! Always love to learn a better yet simple solution :)


To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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  1. Nice tutorial and great points, Though late to reach yet they are very informative and very useful. Thanks a lot.

  2. Sohil Memon says:

    OMG! I got this blog late, beacuse I have transferred from the other blogs.
    By the way this is the nice tutorial that that :)
    hope, in future again I required so I will go through this blog only :D
    Sohil Memon recently posted..Xbox 720 News – Everything You Need To Know.

  3. Dache says:

    This was a GREAT tutorial, save me 10 dollars from hostgator

  4. Yes….I also schedule backup weekly and not backup to server. Back up and send to email or download it to my computer.
    Steven | recently posted..Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Dribble Tricks

  5. Ming, your post was late :) 2-3 days before your post, my hosting down and can not be contacted (until now). All my site (business) automatically also off. Really really painfull. This 2 week I try to rebuild them, and just my wordpress gallery site that I can rebuild and keep the PR/index/backlinks. For another site, nothing can be saved. Really really expensive lesson.
    Steven | recently posted..PES 2010 Dribble Tricks

  6. Hi Ming Jong, hope you’re well. Another useful article, thanks! I’m hoping I never have to move hosts, but never say never, your post bookmarked for future reference.

    I’ve just installed backupworpress as a plug-in on my Women’s Way To Wealth site, and it’s hopefully backing up all the WP files and content should anything terrible happen. Have you had experience of it ?

    Cassie | womenswaytowealth recently posted..How To Make An Impact Online

  7. Rick Nielsen says:

    Good points Ming,

    Most web hosts do a good job of backing up sites. In the end you though, the website owners, is responsible for your WordPress blogs assets. Hostgator has done a good job resorting some WordPress databases for me in the past, but they only do a weekly backup.

    I use Backup Buddy to take care of it on my end for clients and it has seen to be the best solution for me. Especially when moving sites from on server to the next. I move about 3 WordPress sites a week and it hasn’t failed me yet!

    Thanks for great post!
    Rick Nielsen recently posted..Passive Income Lifestyle: My First “Paid” Speaking Gig

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Rick Nielsen: Hi Rick, I’m not aware Hostgator can help to backup WP Database weekly. Did you pay them to do that? Anyway, I believe they will do a good job on the backup.

      Having a reliable host is critical for the business. However, it just takes time to migrate the server though it is an essential activity! Thanks for pointing out Backup Buddy. Seems like a few people are using this plugin. I’ll check it out for sure. Thanks for stopping by :)
      Ming Jong recently posted..5 Proven Tactics To Drive Traffic Using Forum Marketing

  8. Sam Anderson says:

    i would totally agree with “Ming Jong” on his comment here, I would also recommended to have the WP Database backup weekly!
    this is very useful step to do, which can help us in danger situations,

  9. Metro Magz says:

    It quite simple just do full backup on your cPanel on your current server, download that full backup and restore it into the new one. It’s just done only less than 5 minutes for me.

  10. Great walkthrough, Ming Jong! I actually just went through this process a few weeks ago and the resource I used to verify my steps wasn’t as detailed as yours. For people who aren’t familiar with the back end database stuff, the extra details certainly come in handy.
    Melanie@Call Center recently posted..How is This Work Related?

  11. richard says:

    quite often your new hosting provider can help you transfer your website as well. I also find that it’s a good idea to download your full posts locally as soetimes the database backup can corrupt your blog posts, but if you have a local backup, you can easily fix the problems.
    richard recently posted..Black Friday Hosting Deal from Hostgator

  12. Ileane says:

    Hi Ming, I use a premium plugin called BackUpBuddy to create full and complete backups of my blog. I used to use the WP Database plugin and then one day it just stopped sending me the backups. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but I still didn’t get it to work.
    I moved from Blue Host to Host Gator about 2 months ago and it’s one of the best moves I made in terms of site speed. I love their service at Host Gator and they move the blog for you which made it extra nice for me. :)
    Ileane recently posted..Thesis Awesome Blogskin Black Friday Sale

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Ileane: Hi Ileane, it is definitely handy to have a plugin to create full backup of your blog! Fortunately, I still receive backup sent to my email weekly from WP Database plugin, so I still stick to it!

      I haven’t tried bluehost but heard lots of good thing about it. Still, I am quite happy with Hostgator service :) They will move the blog for you for free during the first 30 days when you switch over to them. However, mine is close to over a year already, lol…
      Ming Jong recently posted..Why Interact With People In Your Online Business

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