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Track Everything Like A Genius With Google Alert

Have you ever wondered how you can get informed automatically when someone talks about you, your products or your content on blog, forum, news, etc…? If you are thinking the reasons to monitor everything about you, here are 2 main reasons out of a dozen: Reputation Management: You will need to...

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How I Quadruple The Speed Of My Page Load Time In Minutes

When we browse websites online, we definitely want the fastest speed. This has something to do with your network connection. However, on top of that, it is the website load time or page load time that matters. Let’s imagine if you visit a site that normally take 3 seconds to load up fully, and...

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Move WordPress To New Host

For those of you celebrating today, I would like to wish you happy “Thanksgiving”! Even though in Singapore we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, we express our gratitude to all great things happened in our life! Today I am going to cover what I have been doing for these few days, which...

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Blog Commenting Etiquette – 5 Tips To Get Your Comments Approved Everytime

Blog commenting is one of the well known way to drive traffic and build backlinks. Is blog commenting still effective and bring traffic to your site? This is a question you should ask yourself. How do you make sure every single of your comment get accepted and published? I understand there is no gua...

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Why Interact With People In Your Online Business

It is getting more and more people doing online business in these few years, and so are the coaches, mentors, gurus, etc… are getting a lot more popular in the internet marketing field. This is exactly the trend of Forex trading, stock trading, option trading¬† 10 years ago. There are some gre...

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13 Free Plugins To Turbo Charge Your WordPress Blog

Why Wordpress? Are you blogging? Are you a webmaster to maintain a site for yourself or other companies? No matter which type category you fit into, Wordpress is for you! The great thing about Wordpress are: It is FREE. It is highly customizable with tons of plugin you can use. It is very user frien...

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Why Blogging Is The Best Way To Build Your Online Business?

Nowadays a lot of people have a blog online. They write whatever they like and express their feeling via the web. They might just treat it as a hobby or another way to kill time. In my opinion, apart from being a hobby, blogging is the best way to start

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