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Setup Google Authorship rel=author In 5 Minutes

If you have been searching on Google, you might notice some of the author pictures are shown in the search engine result pages (SERPs), like below: This is the power of Google authorship! It allows your picture to show up in the SERPs for the content written by you. During the incipient phase of Goo...

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Build High Page Rank Backlinks Easily With This Free Backlink Tool

Social media platform like FB, Twitter, G+ is red HOT! It is also an effective SEO backlinks that will force your site to the front page of Google Here is the automated social linking tool that I have been using to run profitable SEO campaigns until today. Watch the video here to see the results [.....

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Google Penguin Update – What’s Next For SEO?

About a week ago (24 April 2012), Google announced another update referred as Penguin Update, which is another step to reward high quality sites, according to Official Google Webmaster Central. This is a major update, which significantly impact on a lot of websites since the Google Panda update, des...

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Over-Optimization Penalty By Google?

Since my last post about Google Algorithm Update February 2012 – Link Evaluation, Matt Cutts announced that Google is working on search engine ranking penalty for “Over Optimized” sites. You can listen to the audio clip from Search Engine Land where Matt Cutts mentioned the penalty, or...

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Google Algorithm Update February 2012 – Link Evaluation

It has been more than a week since Google announcement of their algorithm change in February 2012.  There are in total 40 changes highlighted in the announcement. Out of those 40 changes, one of them, which I am concern on, is extracted from Google announcement: Link evaluation. We often use charac...

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How To Get Backlinks To Rank A New Site – The Right Way

Have you ever wondered how to get backlinks to rank a new site in a proper manner that Google loves? Getting your websites ranked on the front page of Google is everyone’s dream so that you can receive free traffic to your site. I know some of the people do have other traffic sources apart [.....

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Proven Link Wheel Strategy That Will Protect Your Site

What Is Link Wheel? For those of you that are not familiar with link wheel, it is basically a SEO link building strategy that is very popular and will help your website to rank on front page of Google.  An example of a typical link wheel linking structure is shown below: How Link Wheel Works [...]...

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YouTube SEO – Rank Your Videos On Google With These 6 Simple Techniques

YouTube, without further introduction to it, is the 3rd most visited site on internet. It is just right behind Google and Facebook. Can you imagine the huge pool of traffic on YouTube? If you haven’t tap into the YouTube to snap a piece of the cake, I strongly encourage you to read my previous...

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Yahoo Site Explorer Gone – What’s Next Alternative?

When I run my Market Samurai this morning, I was notified on the Shut Down of Yahoo Site Explorer. It was stated in Yahoo Search Blog that Yahoo Site Explorer will not be available from 21 November 2011. Yahoo Site Explorer Shut Down Implication I know a lot… Continue reading | 8 Comments...

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Google Page Rank Update November 2011

Google have just updated the page rank today (8 November 2011) and I am glad to notice that the page rank of this blog become Page Rank 4, a great jump from Page Rank 1. I am actually not surprised not because of that I’ve already expected a leap of my Page Rank on this [...]...

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