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Recently I have gone through Content Rules by Ann Handley & C. C. Chapman again to freshen up my approach to content marketing. Without further explanation, we all know content is king. If you need to drive traffic to your site, you will generally end up with paid traffic such as PPC, PPV, media buy, etc…leverage traffic like joint venture, affiliate, swapping for thank you page, email, tweets, etc…or content marketing like video marketing, article marketing, blogging, forum marketing, etc…

Think about all the free traffic techniques that we are doing, those are pretty much content marketing. So, without awesome quality content, it will be hard to drive decent traffic. In this post, I will share some of findings I learned from this book – Content Rules that resonant to me while you can pick up and implement right away!

Content Rules

Act Like A Publisher

Internet generally levels the playing field for ordinary people like you and me to have a chance to gain access to media like newspaper, podcasting, video,web 2.0 sites, etc…Think about the traditional media television (vs videos on YouTube), radio (vs. Podcasting in Itune), newspaper (vs. press release sites plus tons of news sites), people like you and me are able to access to all these media for free and get massive exposure.

However, we need to learn the mindset of a publisher. Creating content that attracts your target audience, people you would like to do business with, and you can either sell the advertising to people or to yourself to market your products.


You will need to brand yourself and your story that you want to be known for. If you are running an accounting firm, you will need to brand yourself as a professional accountant. Entertainment video / contents like silly cat/dog videos will not help your branding. Instead, ask your audience what’s their challenge and biggest problems so that you understand their goals and objective. This will help you easily create the content they want.

Building Momentum

When you know the content you will be creating, you will need to build up momentum so that you can build up your business. You will need to find out the purpose of your content. Do you need to convert the visitors to subscribers? Do you want them to check out an offer? Do you want them to sign up your webinar? Do you want to build up more readership?

Remember every piece of your content must have a purpose.

Speak Human

Learn how to write the way you speak. This will help to build up rapport with your audience and make people easy to understand what you want to convey. Jargon should be translated to a proper wording so that people will know immediate what you are talking about. Your personality will be injected to your content and that will help to build up your brand.

Content Recycle

Creating great content that attract your audience does take time and effort. So, when you find something works for you (i.e. getting a lot of email, comment, discussion, etc…), make sure you fully utilize the content.

You can repurpose the content in different ways, such as into podcast, video, webinar, report, book, etc…to reach out to more people. This will save you a lot of time and effort while maximize the potential of your content.

Helpful Content

The content created should be helpful and useful that people are willing to share with their friends. Always focus on solving problems of others, not yourself. People do not really care about you, they only care about their business, their success. Your content should be a valuable source for them to come back and check out from time to time. This is the type and quality of the content you will want to create.

3rd Party Endorsement

The most powerful marketing technique is to let others sell for you. If you can get your customers to share their experience with your products, it will be much influencing and powerful than you talking how great your products are. This will definitely build up credibility for you and your products and boost the sales.


Is your content boring? Can people differentiate your content from others apart from looking at the logo and name? Always over-deliver your content by giving away extra values (i.e. report, case study, epic content, etc…) so that you can keep engaging with your audience.

Become a Community

Make your content (blog, video, report, etc…) the bait for people to come back again and again. Your aim is to build up a community hangout for people that you want to do business with.

Give people at least a reason to come back to your site, such as awesome content, the discussion around the topic is compelling, they feel like being part of the community and the contributors are acknowledged and appreciated. Check out some of the popular forums to model what they have done.

Make your Content Findable, Accessible and Sharable.

  • Findable: Do proper on page SEO so that people will be able to find your content with the search engine
  • Accessible: Make sure your content is viewable on different browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc…Also, optimize for platform like iPhone, ipad, etc…
  • Sharable: Include social button for people to share your content on major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, etc…

Stick To Your Strength

Always stick to your strength. If you produce awesome videos, just keep doing it. If you can write well, just keep writing. Play with your strength and don’t try to do everything at once.

These are some of the things I pick up from Content Rules and there are a lot more in this book to learn (282 pages).

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What’s your view? Love to hear your thoughts.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

28 Responses to “How To Create Killer Content On Your Blogs – Content Rules”
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  1. Content is king and SEO is queen, yes? They should go hand in hand
    Kathryn Dilligard recently posted..The Site Owl

  2. Kimsea says:

    Absolutely, agree Ming Jong. Re-purposing be creative and dynamic idea is great for readers, most of all love it. Thanks responding and I read bookmarked your blog url and frequently visit again and again whenever have new advice for me.

  3. Kimsea says:

    @Jessica Johnson: Thanks for sharing! Produce the original contents and publish regularly is good idea to attract readers to come again and again. Thanks for good advice really appreciate with your way. especially, I love to reproduce the content because I never did it before.
    Kimsea recently posted..Friendly SEO techniques for Write a Popular Blog Post

  4. Awesome tips you shared here Ming! thanks for sharing these tips..

  5. katherin says:

    Great post..
    catchy title definitely attract more people..thanks for sharing a useful post.

  6. Very decent article. Like the bit about focusing on your strenghts. How do sugguest one recycle an article without it getting stale?

  7. These are some great ideas — a lot of times I see great titles for articles and then poor content relating to the title. Thanks for the write-up!
    Jessica Johnson recently posted..Consumer Credit Laws for Credit Repair

  8. Originality is key, especially in a field where there are many bloggers. Unfortunately, most bloggers treat “originality” as meaning their post can pass Copyscape. But originality starts in the head.
    David Leonhardt recently posted..Anonymous Sources – is it ethical to use them?

  9. Lynn Brown says:

    Ming: Good advice, but allow me to play “devil’s advocate” on one issue — people don’t really care about you, they care about your company. I believe that when you build a community and create an enticing blog/web site, part of what drives followers/clients/colleagues back to your site, time and time again, is the personal connection aspect. So, wouldn’t that mean that they do, in fact, “care” about you? I think the “you-ness” — your personality/character — is interwoven into everything you do, including your products/services/company vision. What do you think?
    Lynn Brown recently posted..Work From Home

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Lynn Brown: Hi Lynn, love this useful devil, lol! Maybe I should put it this way – “People don’t really care about you until they know how much you care about them”.

      I absolutely agree with your points about the relationship building with the readers. Once we start providing what people want (instead of bragging about ourselves or blog about what we like without finding out the real needs / pains / problems of the readers), people will be connected to us.

      The point is to put reader as first priority and help them to solve a problem. Like myself, I love to connect with people to provide value and help me more or less to solve my problem and in turn I am keen to find out more about them.
      Ming Jong recently posted..Ultimate Guide To Increase The Revenue Of Your Business

  10. Janmejaya says:

    Mostly for writing killer contents need to writing some quality content with attractive headlines. Also if we are focusing the readers what they want then we can boost our topic popularity. I like your ever points and thanks Ming for sharing.

  11. Carol Lynn says:

    Great advice! Sometimes when you read a blog post about how to create good content it’s rehashed, vague nonsense. You wrote great stuff here that we can actually use. I especially like the idea of asking people what their pain points are. You can generate a lot of good ideas from just asking other people what they need, want and think. I also chuckled when you said “speak human”. I don’t know why people have so much trouble “talking” in writing. They talk all day long but when you ask them to write they suddenly dry up! Maybe it’s all those years of being scolded by teachers to stay between the lines :) Thanks for actionable tips!
    Carol Lynn recently posted..Is Google Killing SEO? (And How We Can Deal With A Post-Search World)

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Carol Lynn: Hi Carol, all the credits go to Content Rules :)

      Every single piece of content should have a purpose. If we know the pain of people, we know what type of content we can generate. This is gold. Find a market, find out what they want, give it to them. Really fundamental stuff but sometimes we all forget, lol…

      The other thing about “speak human” is due to the SEO. Keywords density used to be very important in SEO back in a few years ago and people also try to please Google to get some organic traffic and hence always put in as many keywords as they can to “optimize” the article.

      In fact, it is really a good thing to inject personality into writing, which become your voice, style and brand!

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Ming Jong recently posted..Download My 2nd Kindle Book – Free Website Traffic At No Cost [24 Hours Only]

  12. Eldred says:

    Very useful tips on ways to make a blog engadging. Going to bookmark this.

  13. Thanks so much! Lots of good advice here. This was a timely reminder to me to pay attention to search tags, etc. It’s easy to get caught up in creating the content and then fail to do it justice by ensuring the people can easily find it.

  14. Ann Mullen says:

    Thank you, Ming. I am going to ask on Facebook and see what our clients say their pain points are. I appreciate hearing it when I was ready to use it. Ann Mullen just posted for Sequoia Senior Solutions blog: Are You a Personal Home Care Giver? How Do You Feel? at
    Ann Mullen recently posted..Our Home Care Mission

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