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Do you have tons of PLR products buried in your harddisk and collecting dust instead of helping you to generate income online? If you do, just like me, you should take a look at this post because I will be sharing with you how you can (and should) repurpose your PLR products and turn them to valuable contents, hot selling products and traffic generating sources! Sounds good? Let’s begin!

What Is PLR?

For some of you who are not aware what PLR is, PLR stands for Private Label Right. Generally, you own the full right of the product and you can edit the content, put your name as the author, change the graphic, sell to others, sell the master resale rights, etc…The great thing about PLR product is it is already a product ready for you to sell or use it any how you want. Also, because of this, many people just can’t be bother to polish up the PLR product before they put the product on sale in the public or just use them without further modification.

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Why Repurpose or Rewrite PLR Product?

I thought you say PLR product is ready to be used, why bother to repurpose or rewrite? Ok, I hear you. Remember that PLR products are generally created to be sold on public. Some of the PLR products have limited copies to be sold on public, i.e. once 300 copies are sold, they will be taken down. This is a controlled PLR product where at most only 300 people own this product.

If you get some free PLR products, they generally do not limited copies, which means that there could be hundreds of thousands of people own and use this product at the same time. Therefore,if I were to choose a PLR product, I will stick to paid PLR with limited copies (the less copies they sell, the better).

Even with limited copies, still there are more than 1 people to compete with you. In order for you to gain a competitive advantage or at least stand out among the crowd, you will need to tweak the PLR product.

3 Steps To Rewrite and Repackage PLR Product

When you buy a PLR product, it usually comes with complete sales letter, squeeze page, graphic, and the report itself (if it is a ebook). If I’m going to use the PLR product, I will at least rewrite and beef up the whole package, using the the following steps:

Step 1: Go through the report and restructure the content to include my personal experience and beef up the content by adding more tips I know of. The point is to put my own spin into the report and add more value to it.

When you relate your story in the report, that will make it more interesting and create engagement between you and your readers.

Step 2: Change the title. We want to make the report as unique as possible so that we can stand out from the crowd. PLR product saves us time to create the product from scratch because the flow of content is there and we only need to beef it up to attract the readers.

Step 3: Tweak the sales letter and graphic. Make sure to tweak the sales letter a bit by adding your own story and include bonus relevant to the product. If the PSD file for the graphic are provided, you can easily change the title of your product by using Photoshop or Gimp (free software). The intent is to entice the reader and also make your sales letter as unique as possible. We don’t want people to discover at 1 glance of the sales letter that it is another PLR product.

After you have done the 3 steps above, you will have a great product for yourself that ready to be sold on public! Apart from that, you can also repurpose your PLR product as sources of traffic and valuable content for your blog.

6 Ways to Repurpose PLR Product

  1. Use the PLR content to create your autoresponder series. You will never run out of content for your autoresonderer.
  2. Use the content to answer questions on the forum related to your niche. Feel free to check out my previous post on using forum to drive traffic.
  3. Take some of the content and post them on social media sites or answer questions on yahoo answers.
  4. Rewrite the content and post them on your blog.
  5. Convert the content to Powerpoint slides and submit to Powerpoint sites. I have listed several high Alexa and high PR sites that you can submit your Powerpoint slides in my previous post –> backlink to your site.
  6. Make a video from the Powerpoint slides and submit to video sites to gain direct traffic and backlinks.

Personally, I love to use PLR material to create Powerpoint and video because the format is significantly different and almost no one can tell they are from PLR material.

Your Experience in PLR

Do you use PLR? If so, how do you normally use PLR? Leave me a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

6 Responses to “Turn Your Buried PLR Into Gold”
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  1. Barbara says:

    I need to revamp PLR products I have had for a while , and you are so right, they are definitely an income boost. Will check out Gimp – thanks !

  2. I have completely revamped my PLR’s with keyword research and much needed editing. This really helped to improve my income. PLR’s can be lucrative if you put a days worth of effort into them.
    Edward Culligan recently posted..Debt Relief – How to Improve Your Credit

  3. Silverf0x says:

    I used to like download so many PLR, but I do not know how to use them for my blog. Thanks for you article. I have a new vision how to use the PLR
    Silverf0x recently posted..Make Money Online with Pokerstars

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