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Do you write web copy? If you answer NO simply because you don’t have a product, you might need to think again. If you are doing affiliate marketing with content marketing strategy such as blogging, video, podcast, webinar, ebook, presentation, article marketing, etc…you will need to understand the crux of writing a converting web copy simply because the objective of these content is to presell your prospects and turn them into a buying customers.

Without a converting web copy, you are losing money and wasting the effort in driving targeted traffic. Even if you are able to drive tons of traffic, people do not seem to be interested to check out what you like them to do (i.e. click through your affiliate link) simply because your copy is not converting. Think about the sales letter or review blog post, the video, article, ebook, etc… you created for driving traffic to promote affiliate products, do they actually convert? The bottom line is:

Without a converting web copy, you are wasting your time and effort. Click to Tweet

Converting Web Copy
When we talk about web copy, majority people think that it is super hard work that can only be done by copywriter. The reality is people don’t know what to do, the process and the blueprint when crafting a web copy. That’s why people are struggling when they try to write their own web copy or find that their web copy simply don’t convert.

Simply collecting swipe files (i.e. top sales letter in Clickbank and WSO) and trying to mimic them is not enough. The important part is the process and the fundamental of crafting out the sales letter. Without knowing the exact blueprint, the copy that you wrote will not sell.

How long should web copy be?

Web copy should be like woman’s skirt – long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to be interesting! Click to tweet.

5 Simple Steps

By answering these 5 questions below, you will form a solid blueprint and skeleton to craft out your web copy. Just answer the questions with the facts without worrying about the wording, emotion, etc… because we only need to form the base of the web copy so that we can work on that later.

Q1. What’s the problem?

Understanding the problem is the first important step because we will need to know the pain point of people so that we can tackle from there and introduce the solution for them.

For example, one of the common issue of affiliate marketing is traffic and we know that traffic is the life blood of the business. Without traffic, we simply couldn’t cut it in generating decent sales.

Q2. Why hasn’t the problem been solved?

This is another important question to really dig out the problems faced by people. At this moment, there are possibly dozen of reasons that cause the problem. We will need to dig out further to understand that so that the prospects can see us as an expert because we really know how they feel and the problems.

Q3. What’s possible?

At this stage, you will need to paint a picture to show them what they might be able achieve after their problems are solved. List out what’s possible for them.

Example: When you can command the traffic you desire to your site, literally you will be able to generate tons of sales, escape the 9-5 job, have a decent life style, support your loves one, etc…

Q4. What’s different now?

This is the time where you can show your unique selling proposition (USP).  However, you are not going to reveal everything and give away your farm at this stage.

You probably have seen some bullet points in the sales letter to tell people what the product is not about (such as this is not about article marketing, not about press release, not about SEO, not about PPV, not about PPC, not about forum marketing, etc…) and this is one of the ways to differentiate your product from others.

Q5. What should you do now?

This is the stage where you need to include your call to action, whether you need them to opt in, to buy the product or to book a free consultation with you. Tell them what they need to do to proceed further.

Application of The Converting Web Copy Blueprint

Do not restrict yourself to apply this blueprint to web copy. This blueprint is applicable to content marketing. If you are doing video marketing, follow this blueprint to form the skeleton of your video content.

If you are an offline coach, use this in your pitching workshop or normal conversation with people to generate leads. If you are a blogger, use this to increase the conversion rate when you are doing product reviews.

Next Step

Now you know the blueprint, take this apply to it immediately and don’t be surprise when you see dramatic improvement of results.

If you would like to learn more on polishing your web copy such as to inject the emotion, write the bullet points, apply the psychological motivators with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), etc.. in your web copy, check out the Web Copy That Sells by Maria Veloso. I have learnt these 5 steps blueprint from her book.

If you’d like to learn about the fundamental and psychology on how a converting web copy influence people, you can learn more from Robert Cialdini – Influence.

I’m keen to know how you will use this 5-steps blueprint to your advantage and how you wrote a converting sales copy or pre-sell copy (if applicable). Leave me a comment below to share your thoughts.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

18 Responses to “5 Simple Steps To Write A Converting Web Copy”
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  1. Aras Androck says:

    I always have trouble writing a compelling web copy. This should fix the problem.
    Aras Androck recently posted..Coupon Hunter

  2. Really exellent blueprint on writing copy that converts !
    This makes perfect sense, yet marketers don’t follow these 5 steps.
    Many thanks – really enjoy your blog.

  3. Ivan Aliku says:

    Wonderful piece. I’m enjoying visiting this blog. This post just reminds me of one of my recent posts. When writing a webcopy, it’s very important to have the reader in mind. People are constantly looking for information and seeking solutions to problems they encounter. Like you pointed out, one needs to find what the problem is and provide solutions. People need to be sure you know what you’re doing and they need to also trust you to helping them solve problems. I will surely bookmark this post for future reference.

  4. Alex Aguilar says:

    While the blueprint for compelling copy is more or less the same, it’s not enough to simply tick all the boxes – the secret to writing web-copy that leads to conversions is to build genuine interest in the visitor. It’s challenging, but not impossible. As with everything else in life, practice makes perfect!

  5. These are the questions every salesmen should get answered when trying to make a sale.

  6. Peter Mutiso says:

    Hey Ming Jong, I like the way you have arranged the steps. Sure, we need to know what is possible before starting web copy conversion
    Peter Mutiso recently posted..Reasons Why Bloggers Are Succeeding and You Are Failing

  7. Mary McLean says:

    Yes thanks Ming Jong. I certainly have. And thank you for recommending it. I’ve downloaded the free version but I can already see the huge potential of Tweet Adder.

  8. Bill Avery says:

    I agree totally with the concepts provided here. I’ve been marketing onl;ine for a few years now and these simple techniques are overlooked by so many. Thanks for making it so plain and easy to use.

    I like the use of the social media links in the article but the call to action is my choice.

    Bill ;)
    Bill Avery recently posted..Stolen SEO Tips and Tricks

  9. Mary McLean says:

    Brilliant information Ming Jong. Thanks a million.
    Mary McLean recently posted..Developing A Positive Mental Attitude

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