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I always amazed to find that there are new courses coming out everyday on Clickbank, Warrior Forum and other market places. I don’t think it is going to slow down or end anytime soon. Initially, I thought mainly because there are tons of niches and hence lots of different product creators. Boy was I wrong…

In fact, majority of the products are dominated by the same product creators. Then a question come to me naturally – how do people launch a product every week or every fortnight? I am sure there are a lot of duplication somewhere among those products by different creators. After I bought into hundreds of courses, I realize 1 thing – the product might be similar but certainly every sales letter is unique and each has its own angle and story. This is the power of a sales letter!

Tell A Story

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This is applicable to blog post as well. Just think about the blog post you have read related to traffic generation or any other topics. Did you find the techniques are unique for every blog post? Definitely no. However, each blog post is generally unique and have its own angle and story to tell.

Why Storytelling Is Important?

First of all, people like reading story and it build rapport immediately with the reader. Story is a good way for readers to relate themselves or people they know. Also, it provides a whole new way for you to market your products and brands. Therefore, if you look closely, every good sales letter has its own angle and story.

People will pay attention for story and that’s one of the major purpose of a sales letter. Indeed, people spends a lot in novel and movies. Most importantly, story helps to tap into emotion. Emotion is the ultimate power for selling.

Now you know the benefits and you might wonder how these can help you to market your own product. I will list down some of the typical “angle and story” that I have come across below so that you can put them into practice immediately.

Typical Angle And Story

If you would like to market a traffic techniques such as article marketing, press release and blogging traffic, it will be wise to come up with your own perspective, story or angle. Of course, those need to be based on facts and I am not asking you to fake the story just for selling purpose. If you are getting x amount of visitors per month based on the techniques, you can craft out your story based on that, like “Watch How I Drive 59879 Visitors / Month For Free With Techniques”. Immediately, people know the benefit of your product and it is really exciting!

If you have made some money with these traffic sources, you can highlight your story – “Case Study – $XXX/Month With Free Traffic Sources In 21 Days”. Remember, your story or angle will need to draw the eye ball immediately and hence this type of case study is a good fit because it spells out the benefit instantly!

If you want to drill down further, you can focus on ONE big benefit of your technique such as “Watch How I Triple My Click Through Rate In Every Article I Published With These Sneaky Trick”,  or How I Get The First Page Ranking With All My Press Release In Less Than A Month”.

Do you see the angle that I come from? These are applicable to sales letter, blog posts, free report, presell affiliate site, review site, etc…

Storytelling Formula

Once you have your selling point, you can craft out your story based on that. You can start off by sharing the problem and the pain you went through, agitate the pain, and come up with your solution to solve the pain and problem and sell them the benefits. These are the basic steps of crafting out your story in the sales letter.

If you follow this fundamental of this storytelling formula, your sales letter will be in good shape. Of course there are a lot more to learn with copywriting techniques to trigger the emotion of the readers to increase the conversion rate. Start practising to write your story and learn from the mistakes to improve along the way.

What do you think about storytelling and bloggers & marketers? Let me know your thoughts by dropping your comment below.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

13 Responses to “How & Why Storytelling Can Benefit Every Blogger And Marketer?”
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  1. Mary McLean says:

    Thanks for another great article Ming Jong. I have learned so much from reading your posts. Some of what you teach is what I learned but had forgotton. Thanks for the reminder.
    Mary McLean recently posted..Your Online Home Business and Giving Love This Christmas

  2. Scott M says:

    TY Ming Jong, that is very encouraging, I will for sure. Ty again for your response.

  3. Scott M says:

    I have been told that I am a great story teller, this is not exactly what i though this article was going to be about. But, like you said I can definitely put my own unique spin on this on my Blog. TY
    Scott M recently posted..Pics of our Trip to see My Kids Up north

  4. Lynn Brown says:

    Great post! Indeed, storytelling does allow you to connect on a completely different level with your audience. It allows you to draw them in, learn a bit more about you & your experiences and then how they can benefit from your advice/tips/product. Knowing your audience is key! You should always keep your audience in mind when creating your story. Thanks for sharing such terrific advice!
    Lynn Brown recently posted..Work From Home

  5. bbrian017 says:

    The one thing I regret purchasing most online was my warrior form membership. What a waste of month that community is full of scam system just wanting to take your money. It’s the same &^$% day after day just like your saying here in your article. I do however know what it’s like to create a new sales page daily when marketing I do it often inside webmaster forums. It’s the same message but told in a different way to allow me to post again.
    bbrian017 recently posted..Get Your Free $19.99 Blog Engage Account

    • Ming Jong says:

      @bbrian017: I have a different view from you. I think the War Room membership (if this is what you are talking about) is well worth the price since you get to access of tons of great ideas plus lots of quality products including graphic, software, courses, etc…

      I understand there are a lot of other junk products out there, it is just up to us to differentiate those junk from the real gems. Still there are awesome products in WSO and Clickbank.

      Copywriting is an art to master :)
      Ming Jong recently posted..Blogging Traffic – Convert Your Blog Traffic

  6. Thanks for the wonderful info. Great copywriters have been using story telling to convert for ages. I have also started trying my hands on story telling for the articles I post on my blog too. Will try using your tips though.

  7. Richard says:

    Hi Ming Jong,

    Great story telling formula! By sharing the problem and the pain you went through is a great way for readers to relate themselves to you and build relationship with your readers which is very crucial. Your reader would be more than happy to pay you to solve their pain and problems. One important tip I’ve learn as an affiliate marketer, when writing my sales copy is when you want to inform, you list features and when you want to sell, you list benefits.

    Richard recently posted..Affiliate Marketing Training Course | Affilorama Review

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Richard: Hi Richard, great to have you here! You point out a very important point – features and benefits! Always sell the benefits and the moment, not the features.

      A feature of the camera might be 15Mb pixel and the benefit is how you can enjoy the 15Mb pixel, such as looking at a crystal clear picture mounted on the wall with your kids smiling, clear picture to show the family enjoy the outing, etc…

      Always let people know what benefit (not features) they are getting beforehand and delve into the details later…
      Ming Jong recently posted..Where To Get Royalty Free Images – Things You Must Know Before You Use Them

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