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In my last post I talked about why Autoresponder is essential to your business and the benefits of using Autoresponder to collect leads. I am sure you understand the major difference and advantage of using Autoresponder than RSS subscription.  Today I am going to show you how you can create your highly effective and eyeball catching list building machine.

Opt in Page

What is an opt in page (or squeeze page)? It is a single page designed to capture visitors’ name and email typically though you can customize to capture more information (such as mobile No, address, etc…) to suit your business. You might be wondering why do you need an opt in page? Can’t you just put a opt in box on the sidebar of your blog? Yes, that will do the job but is not as effective as an opt in page.

As I mentioned, opt in page is only designed to capture name and email address. When a visitor come to an opt in page, he/she has only 2 choice, opt in or leave the page. Unlike a blog, visitors won’t get distracted when they land on the opt in page because except the opt in box and probably the privacy policy and disclaimer links at the bottom, they simply can’t go anywhere else. All they can do is to read though your headline, benefit points or video before they take any action. This will increase the opt in rate tremendously compared to a typical opt in box located at the sidebar of the blog, where visitors typically are busy to read your blog posts.

A typical opt in page will consist of the following:

  1. Headline
  2. Subhead (like a PS)
  3. Bullet Points
  4. Opt in Box
  5. Call to Action
  6. Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Links

Check out my opt in page here –> Buyer Keywords

How do you optimize and improve the conversion rate of an opt in page? The answer lies above the components of the opt in page I mentioned and I will walk you through each components to show you the crux. The key is to give them enough reasons why they need to opt in.

I have recently recorded a video to that use my converting squeeze page as an example to walk you through the 6 solid tips that I have implemented in my own squeeze page.

1. Headline

The headline used in your opt in page must be strong and attractive in order to catch the visitors’ attention. This is the most important factor among all in my opinion because if you able to catch their attention in the first 3 seconds, they will at least interest to glance over what they will be getting (i.e. what’s in it for them?). Take my headline as an example, “Who Else Wants My 9-Minute Formula For Finding Hundreds of Keywords That Sell?”. From the first glance, people know that it only takes 9 Minutes to find hundreds of buyer keywords.

The headline must be specific and clear to convey the message to your visitors. If you are offering a blueprint that earn you money, state the exact mount you earn such as “$347.57 with only 5 hours of work”. This specific claim is a lot better than “earn $300 with this blueprint” because people will be more convinced by the specific claim.

2. Subhead

The intent of subhead is to remind or alert the visitors so that they will focus on what they are about to see. Take a look of my subhead “Tired of going after keywords that never convert into sales?” This reminds people who are targeting the wrong keywords and hence can’t make any sales.

3. Bullet Points

Bullet points are equally important to the headline as it is the begin of the convincing process. You need to show the visitors what they will be getting without spelling out the actual information. This is like a teaser or pre-sell for your visitors. You need to convince them and trigger their hot button by showing the benefits they will be getting after reading your report (audio or video).

4. Opt in Box

Obviously, an opt in page need an opt in box for your visitors to opt in and subscribe to your list and receive the freebie. I use AWeber to generate the web form and customize the subscribe button with an eyeball catching button. Generally, you should never use the default web form from the Autoresponder, like the one shown below:

aweberYou can delete the the links “Powered by AWeber Email Marketing Software”, change the wording of the “Submit button” to “Download Now”, “Let Me Access Now”, “Let Me In”, etc…Just be creative to customize your web form and make it standout.

5. Call to Action

Every opt in page need a call to action so that people know what they need to do in order to receive the freebie. This is especially important if your niches are not the internet marketing niche. People who are not used to the opt in form might not know what to do and what to expect after the opt in form. So, always make it clear to tell people what to do so that they can download their freebie.

You can always add in red or blue arrow to direct to the opt in box to draw the attention of the visitors. This will increase the opt in rate.

6. Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Links

Just like any other sites, we need a privacy policy and disclaimer links to assure the visitors that the site is legitimate and also to protect ourselves.

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To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

15 Responses to “Create Your List Building Machine With These 6 Solid Tips”
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  1. Hi Ming,
    Thank you for these very helpful tips but you know what when I clicked the like button, it did not take me to the Facebook post about the list building machine to unlock the four extra tips to increase the optin rate.

  2. Mike C Smith says:

    I followed through on your article and subscribe simply to see the process you wrote about. one question: where do you place the op-in page?
    thanks for sharing

  3. garry clinton says:

    Hi Ming,

    Another Treasure Chest brim full of goodies

    Thanks Again

  4. Ann says:

    We are a B2B business and as such have reservations about opt-in pages and their usefulness for us. Any thoughts?
    Ann recently posted..Facebook Privacy Issues –Even Zuckerberg Got Hacked

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Ann: Autoresponder is suitable for all kind of business. It is really up to how you want to use it. In the business world, a customer is a customer, no matter it is consumer type of business type. The intent of opt in page is to capture leads and convert to customer. There can be more on the opt in page (such as phone, address, etc…) so it is depend on how you would like to follow up with the leads.
      Ming Jong recently posted..Google Page Rank Update November 2011

  5. Lily says:

    we’re new to opt-in forms so this was a big help. thanks!
    Lily recently posted..Banks Continue to Deny Loans to Small Businesses

  6. Joshua says:

    Hey Ming! Great Post and I agree with everything you have shared here.

    One thing I would add is to include an ebook cover of your product. This gives the visitor a great visual as to what they’re getting and people LOVE pictures :)

    Joshua the ZamuraiBlogger
    Joshua recently posted..Personal Website Hosting

  7. This is really helpful and thanks for sharing.
    adnan@traffic tips recently posted..The Money Hub: How to make money online?

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