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Do you ever hear people complaining about “I Fail At List Building!”, “List building is the hardest thing to start with”, etc…I must admit that list building is hard if you do not know what you are doing. I’ve recently received a number of emails about they are not getting results in their list building and from the emails, I have found that people generally make the 5 deadly mistakes for list building.

list building mistakes

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List Building Mistakes

1. Poor Conversion Of Opt In Page

Opt in page is one of the most important elements in list building. Opt in page  is the doorway of your list building system and if it fails to convert the visitors into subscribers, it just loses its function. You need to bear in mind that the main objective of your opt in page is to capture the name and email (or other information as required) of your subscribers so that you can further cultivate great relationship with them.

So, you need to cut down “any distraction” you have in your opt in page such as unnecessary outbound links (e.g. Adsense, affiliate links, etc…), and to focus on “what is in it for your visitors”. Give them a strong reason and irresistible offer for them to join your list. Refer to my previous post to learn how to create a killer opt in page with 6 effective tips. Always track the conversion rate of your opt in page and conduct split test to optimize the conversion rate of your opt in page.

2. Not Using Professional Autoresponder

This is a common mistake for newbies when they start out. Some people prefer to use free Autoresponder in their list building business. However, some of the issues they face frequently is the poor deliverability. It does not make sense to have a huge list while they cannot receive your email or it takes them days to receive your broadcast email.

Professional Autoresponders such as Aweber or Getresponse comes with a premium, which you need to pay monthly. I understand not everyone can afford these premium service when you are really tight on budget. However, you need to treat it as an investment on your business, just like the hosting service, Autoresponder service is an essential business tool. You can find out more detail about the importance of Autoresponder in my previous post.

Important Note: It is hard to switch Autoresponder provider once you established your mailing list because all your subscribers have to opt in to your new list. So, always pick the reliable Autoresponder service like Aweber or Getresponse.

 3. Fail To Develop Relationship With Subscribers

This is perhaps one of the biggest mistake a lot of people make, even some of the “Clickbank gurus”. The purpose of list building is monetize the list so that your list become your most valuable asset online. Remember that your list actually consists of real human beings and it is crucial to establish relationship with them by providing quality content, resources and tools that can actually help them.

If you would like to promote products, I strongly recommend that you only promote quality product that will truly help them. What’s the best way to know if the products are good? Easy, you buy it yourself and use it then you will know if it is up to standard. You should bare in mind that each email sent out by you represents you and your reputation. If your subscribers lost the confidence on you, they probably will not open your email again and all your list building efforts are drained. A balance of promotion and content email should be maintained.

4. Cold List

Some people only setup the follow up email and deliver the freebie to their subscribers. After that, they send out email once in a blue moon and sometimes a few emails in one day, etc…This actually ends up people unsubscribe from their list. The reason behind is:

  1. They already forget who you are so once they receive your email, they will think is some sort of junk mail.
  2. They think they receive too many emails from you, which flood their inbox.

You need to focus on communication with your subscribers from time to time. There is no hard and fast rule for this like you need to send out email everyday or every 2 days. You just need to make sure to keep in touch with them and let them get used to your email frequency, such as once per day or a few times per week, etc…They should at least remember who you are when you stay constant contact with them. So, do make constant contact with them, treat them just like you would with your offline friends, then you list will never run cold again.

5. Using Swipe Email

When it comes to promoting offers to your subscribers, a lot of marketers are just too lazy to draft out their email when there are swipe email available from the product creator. The result they get is low open rate of their email.

Generally, people subscribe to multiple lists so the number of emails they are getting are a lot. During a major product launch, they are likely to receive the same promotion email from a number of people promoting the same offer. If you use the email copy provided, the email will likely get ignored because it does not stand out from the rest.

So, if you think the product is worth your time to promote, do spend some time to craft out an email to your subscribers why they need to read the email, what they can expect from the product, etc…Never use the swipe copy provided if you want your email to be opened and read though it is there for your convenience.


List building is a very solid marketing model that you can literally apply in all niches. List building helps to generate a targeted pool of people, convert the leads into customers and harness the power of repeat customers. Repeat customers are extremely important for business. Would it be easier to market to a person who bought something from you or to a totally brand new stranger? Of course your old customers are more likely to buy from you, provided they gain good experience from their previous purchase.

You can check out my previous post about using different models to monetize your email list. By adopting the right approach and avoiding the list building mistakes mentioned above, I am sure you will succeed in building a profitable list.

Building Your List?

Leave me a comment below to share your list building experience. Look forward to hearing from you.



To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

4 Responses to “Why Most People Fail At List Building? 5 Deadly List Building Mistakes You Must Avoid”
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  1. Rob says:

    Came to you via Twitter, very useful timely advice, look forward to exploring your site.

    Squeeze pages are a great way of building your list and often overlooked, brilliant advice.

    Much Respect


  2. Thanks! Another great article from you, Ming Jong. You really know your stuff. I will keep these tips in mind as I work to build my list.

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