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Assuming you have followed exactly what I mentioned in my last 3 posts, you should have understood that you need an Autoresponder for your online business, you should have created a your own powerful list building machine and started driving targeted traffic to your opt in page. Now what? What’s next after you are getting 10 or 20 subscribers everyday consistently? The old cliche goes “The money is in the list”, so, where is your money? Before I delve into list monetization, I will quickly run through 2 types of opt in setting in a typical Autoresponder.

Double Opt In Or Single Opt In

Double Opt In

When you set up your Autoresponder list, you can choose either double opt in or single opt in option. When double opt in is selected, the subscribers will need to go to their email and click the confirmation link in order to subscribe to your list and receive the freebie as you promised. This is a good way to make sure their email addresses are not misused by others and to reduce spam complaints to you.

Single Opt In

When single opt in setting is chosen, the subscribers will be redirect to a page you desired immediately after they opt in without clicking the confirmation link sent to their email. They will be able to access to their freebie immediately without having the hassle to check their email.

There is no right and wrong and is totally up to you. I prefer single opt in because this can increase the chance for them to check out your freebie or offer immediately without further delay. Not everyone will check their email  immediately after they opt in. If the email goes into the SPAM folder, you will just lost a chance to present your offer to them. Besides, they might forget skip to open your email later. One thing I should mention here is that all professional Autoresponder comes with a unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email sent out. So, if some of their email addresses are being misused, they still can unsubscribe from your list.

If you are using Aweber, all you need is to turn off the “Confirmed Opt-In” as shown below if you prefer single opt in:

single opt in

Methods to Monetize Your List

1. Selling Your Product/Relevant Products Upfront

After the visitors opt in, you can arrange where they should be taken to. Check out the screenshot below where you can add in the URL you would like the subscribers to be taken to after they opt in.

Aweber Thank You Page

There are 2 popular ways to monetize these immediate traffic:

A. Redirect To Sales Page

If you want to maximize the exposure of your sales page, you can take your immediate subscribers to your sales page and remember to put some text at the top to remind them “their freebie is being sent to their email and at the meantime please check out the offer”. Otherwise, they will be confused as they will wonder where the freebie is.

B. Redirect To Download Page

The subscribers will be taken to the download page so that they can download their freebie. Apart from showing the download link of your freebie, you are always welcomed to put in some relevant offers for them to check out embedded with your affiliate link, or just a link such as “Click Here to Continue” to your sales page or affiliate’s sales page.

One key rule is that only promote quality products where you actually use and satisfied. If you happen to know a few marketers in your niche and are happy about their freebie, you can approach them to ask if they would like to have their freebie placed in your thank you page. Vice versa, you can also ask them if they can place your freebie on their thank you page to complement their product. The idea is to add value to your subscribers so that they get a lot more out from their opt in. This is more often referred to integration marketing and you basically add in an automated traffic source for yourself.

2. Marketing Via Email Follow Up

The second approach is to setup follow up email. You can add in as many as email follow up as you like to communicate with your list. You can set up 15 emails delivered in 1 months so that you subscribers will receive your email once every 2 days. Once you set that up, you don’t need to worry about writing your email every day. Even 1 year later the new subscribers will receive your email automatically during the 1st month.

The idea is to interact with your list and build up the relationship. Of course, throughout the email, you can offer them your products or others that you think will truly beneficial to them.

3. Marketing Via Broadcast Email

Broadcast email is live email that you can send out to your list any time you wish. It is different from the follow email where you can take the opportunity to update them the latest trend, news, etc… If you come across a good product or good article/video and think it will greatly benefit to your list, you can promote to your list and earn the affiliate commission. The broadcast email can be very powerful!

4. Survey Your List

Over the time, you can also do a survey for your list so that you can know them better and think of a way to help them. If you know your list love the SEO tips, you can write a few more blog posts about SEO so that they can know better. You can even develop a course that they wish to see and sell to them at a discount price just to show appreciation for them to subscribe your list.

Key To Succeed In List Building

The key to succeed in list building lies on the way you interact with your subscribers. Put yourself in the perspective, when you opt in to a site and get the freebie, what would you like to see after? Do you prefer you can learn a lot more and receive quality information from the site? Or Do you prefer to receive lots of crap or non-relevant stuff from the site? People opt in to receive the free information because they trust you and they believe they can get something out from the freebie. So, it is a good chance to take the opportunities to build up the relationship with your subscribers instead of doing some crazy selling to them.

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To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

6 Responses to “4 Easy Ways To Harness Your Email List To Pay Your Bill”
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  1. Ileane says:

    Hi Ming, I finally decided to start building my list with Aweber, so this post is very timely. I have a question, can you set up a survey right inside of Aweber? I haven’t had time to go through most of the training materials yet. Thanks for the tips Ming!
    Ileane recently posted..Basic Blog Tips Takes The My 7 Links Challenge

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Ileane: Hi Ileane, great to know that you are using AWeber for list building. You can ask them to fill up as many information as you want, i.e. address, phone number, male/female, etc…and then use the filter option to find those information. However, this is quite different from Survey Monkey or Google Spreadsheet and the more you ask them to fill, the less conversion will be.

      My suggestion is to only collect name and email (or only email). You can then use broadcast email to send out survey via Google spreadsheet or Survey Monkey to get the information you want.
      Ming Jong recently posted..Financial Freedom – Your Dream Come True?

  2. Joshua says:

    Hey Ming! Yet another great article! You have a great series going on here!

    Personally I too use Single Opt in and as you say if someone feels their email is being misused they can unsub.

    Another rule of thumb I use is NO promo emails for the first 2 weeks only relationship building emails.

    With this set up I rarely get under a 10% click through rate for each of my broadcasts.

    Joshua the ZamuraiBlogger
    Joshua recently posted..Dyson Ball Vacuum Reviews

    • Ming Jong says:

      Glad you enjoy, Joshua! Focus on relationship building is a crucial in list building and certainly by delivering great content without promotion email is a great to start!

  3. Hi Ming,

    I swung by after reading your comment on problogger, I like your take on targeted traffic ;)

    Excellent tips here. The one that jumped out at me? Put yourself in your subscribers shoes. Never send out crap, or an unending sequence of promotional offers.

    Offer value, become valuable.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..RyanBiddulph: A Blog Traffic Strategy: Quality vs Quantity from @problogger

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