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If your Adsense account is banned, what would you do? It is not uncommon for Google to ban user’s accounts such as Adwords, YouTube, Adsense, etc… when your accounts are “deemed to violate their terms and conditions”. You are free to submit a reconsideration, but usually you will hear nothing from them. If you asked specifically what went wrong and hope you can rectify them before you submit for a reconsideration, all their support helpdesk will do is to direct you to their terms and conditions and let you figure out yourself (I’m thinking if they are using autoresponder or real person for the helpdesk, lol). Does this sound familiar?

It is the actually fifth time that I was told that the Google Adsense Accounts of my friends / readers got banned in this year. I also noticed the buzz on some forums and a couple of bloggers like Zac JohnsonGhauer Chaudhry and Spencer went through this horrible nightmare.

I am not writing this post to complain about Google. They have absolutely any right to do anything about their web properties, including accounts such as AdWords, Adsense, YouTube, Gmail, G+, etc…We can’t say much about it. It is their business ultimately and they do not have any obligation to serve us in the way we like.

Focus On Long Term Business Model

Adsense was one of my targeted stream of income a year ago and I was thinking to actually expand this income stream by doing some heavy outsourcing work. Despite the constant changing Google ranking algorithm, the hardest part is actually to keep your account intact and safe. Thought I am still having my Adsense Account and a few niche sites that generated a couple hundred dollars each month, I seriously give up my original intent to expand this income stream. In fact, I will shift my main focus on list building. Ultimately, your list is the most powerful asset you have in my honest opinion.

Also, list building is the best way for long term profitable affiliate marketing. You can build many sniper sites and micro niche sites and harness the organic traffic to your sites. Based on the extent of your preselling skill, you might get 1-5% of the conversion. What about the 95% of your traffic? If you didn’t collect the leads, it is simply a waste of the traffic you get. Though you will not capture the 95% of the traffic, even if you can capture just 10% of them, that’s extra money for you because now you can market the same affiliate products from your email follow up message. All it takes is to simply add an opt in box on your blog (i.e. side bar) or put a exit redirect to a squeeze page.

It does not take long to add an opt in box (you can use this list building plugin to speed the process) and a squeeze page. Also, once you setup your follow up messages and squeeze page, it is pretty much an automated system. You just take some time (maybe once or twice per week) to broadcast any email you would like your visitors to read, take action, etc…Having a list on hand is your leverage and definitely great for long term business model.

List Building Model

List building, marketing funnel and email marketing are the topics that should go together because they are pretty much related to each other. If you know what you are doing, you can really generate a killing income with just s single page squeeze page and a thank you page. The concept is very simple. You find a great converting offer and you create a squeeze page to match with the offer. Subsequently, you focus all your effort in driving traffic to your only opt in page. If your prospects are interested to get your freebie on your squeeze page, they will leave their email in exchange of the gift you prepared for them.

Once they are in your list, you can tap on the opportunity to build relationship with them and schedule affiliate promotion in your email. This is truly the push button profit referred by some marketers. When they push the send button to blast out an email to their list, they can generate from hundreds to a few thousands dollars, depending on their list size and the responsiveness of their list.


If you are interested to learn more about list building, I highly recommend you to invest in Automated List Profits to get the complete system blueprint and campaigns to boost your profit! Click here to learn more about Automated List Profits.

Got anything to share? What would you do if your Adsense Account is banned? Feel free to leave me your comments below.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

42 Responses to “Adsense Account Banned! What To Do?”
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  1. Albert says:

    So what is the best Adsense Alternative you suggest?

  2. ilscherzo says:

    Income is slow at the moment, but I’m doing my best with AdSense.
    ilscherzo recently posted..Major Scales on the Violin

  3. Panda Bear says:

    It was not paid but some kind of blogger exchange so I thought I was ok.
    Panda Bear recently posted..The Panda Bear on Rousseau, Adsense, and Competition

  4. Panda Bear says:

    I was recently banned by Adsense for invalid clicks which I did not do. I did join some sites to boost up traffic that Google might not have liked. I suspect some fan of the blog may have done some invalid clicks.

    That said, I think there may be problems have the pay for click method since it is easy to cheat on this type of ad.

    Though I have it has not worked out yet, there has been some discussions of my doing paid work for other blogs and banner ads on my blogs.

  5. my friends account got banned yesterday and it’s pretty bad when it happen.Though i have always say this “adsense is a ticking time bomb” the best way to monetize is to have your own business that you control directly.

    Sell your own product or someone else product or services.

  6. Tiana Martin says:

    There are allot of ways to keep your ad-sense alive. Still if you want to save your side you should work for affiliate marketing also. Besides all these Adsense is one of the best publishing source for both marketers and Google as well.

  7. Chadrack says:

    Hi Ming,

    It’s really interesting how you weaved in the topic of list building. The fact is you don’t have wait till when your adsense is banned before starting a list. The two can go together.

    Having said, I want to ask, why should your adsense be banned by Google. I’ve had an adsense account for over 4 yrs now and have never had such problems. I think those whose accounts were banned are simply doing something not accepted. And for that I don’t blame Google. Integrity is required in business but when you go over board then you must be ready to face the consequences.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Chadrack recently posted..Top 3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Will Fail You!

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Chadrack: Hi Chadrack, you are absolutely right. I strongly encourage people to start list building when they get started to build their online business. The thing is if one is focusing on adsense site, it is not aligned with the Adsense model to build a list together. Those adsense sites are optimized for clicks only. Of course, if you are using some hybrid approach with affiliate marketing, adsense, etc… it is definitely wise to build a list at the same time.

      It is a good and valid question. The problem with Google is they will never tell you, just like what they did with AdWords and YouTube accounts. They will simply close the account and the reason is you violate their terms and conditions, etc… and you have to find out yourself…Of course there are a few exception where Google actually point out the things you need to fix up before they take action, these are the lucky persons. I am still having my account intact my having heard so many stories about Adsense account banned plus my Youtube and adwords account have been banned, I just think having an Adsense model for your business is very risky.

      I totally understand integrity and honesty are required in business. However, it will be a lot better if Google can point out specifically which part do they need to fix it up before they take serious action.

      Thanks for stopping by :) Great to have your valuable response!
      Ming Jong recently posted..Google Penguin Update – What’s Next For SEO?

  8. Including these, we can rely on other Sources like Technorati Ad media. Even I’ve faced ban the other day and I can understand the feeling personally. I’ve placed about this on Forums and Google Adsense group, and fortunately I’ve retrieved my account within hours.

    But, I came to know about few new things from this article. Thanks a lot for awareness.
    Siddartha Thota recently posted..7 Games Similar to Angry Birds [Concepts]

  9. In case that happened to me, I’d shift to another ad network. I’m already working on affiliate marketing and it helps me earn 4x of what Adsense makes me, so I don’t have a valid reason to worry. Nice eye-opener!
    Saksham Talwar recently posted..How to Get Google Adsense Approval Fast?

  10. shenoyjoseph says:

    yes definitely we don’t need depend always on Google Adsense they can ban us anytime. So we need to concentrate other things which will give us more income through blog. :)
    shenoyjoseph recently posted..Install Android 4.0.4 ICS Update on Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830 CyanogenMod 9 Firmware

  11. Danaz Wex says:

    Great resource!
    One thing I have learnt in the hard way is to always be actively ready for situations, either good or bad. If I’m blocked, I will surely find other money making ways to get something for my efforts. And email list building is also a good way to start that. :)

    Thanks Ming
    Danaz Wex recently posted..Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get Yourself an IPAD 2

  12. Earning in Google work like a charm but it’s hard to move on when you got banned by Big G. Many of my co-blogger like Adsense very much but when they got banned, I feel there anger and lost of interest in Blogging.
    Christian Esperar recently posted..Infographic: If Web Browsers Were Celebrities

  13. Ifham khan says:

    Hey Ming great tips, I am not using adsense on my main blog. But using on some of my niche sites. Have to follow these tips on niche site. Thanks for the share :)
    Ifham khan recently posted..Applying Color Tattoo in Simple steps

  14. Olawale says:

    Hi Ming, it is great visiting your blog for the very first time and finding it nice. Thanks for this tips.

  15. Thanks for the post, Ming.
    I totally agree that Adsense should never be considered as the primary revenue source of our blog. I am starting to build the email list. Should I use the free plugin you mentioned or spend money for premium one?
    Tuan @ TechWalls recently posted..How To Hook Readers With Compelling Post Titles

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Tuan @ TechWalls: Welcomed Tuan. Great to know that you are building your list :) The plugin I mentioned has a premium version where you can unlock a lot more customized option in a blog. One of the best option I love is to customize the slide up / opt in form message for different post. Take a look at his demo video and you can get a feel if this is something you would like to have in your blog.
      Ming Jong recently posted..Over-Optimization Penalty By Google?

  16. Greg Holmes says:

    It is very important to know about this information about your adsense account being banned. Can your account still be retrieved after hearing the news that your account was banned? Thank you very much for sharing this to everyone.
    Greg Holmes recently to seduce a woman

  17. Sanjeev says:

    Diversified income streams are really important for any long running business. We can not trust only Google Adsense and I have heard lot of stories about one day when you get a mail from them and will not find anybody who will hear you out.
    List building is really a great way, takes time but will have good results..
    Sanjeev recently posted..Affiliate Marketing Tips to Make Money Online – Future of Publishing

  18. It’s bit frustrating but I didn’t think any ad server give a revenue like adsense skim link and other commission based ads server but not too much amount like adsense give on hits.
    Rizwan Sultan recently posted..IBS studies

  19. Big Dan says:

    Great content. Lists are very important and something I have been working hard to build. I was banned by Adsense because of some dubious moves by a friend of mine (constant clicking thinking he would drive income for me). Live and learn, but you have to diversify your income to make sure you aren’t pigeon-holed into one revenue generation stream. Email lists are a great way to do that!
    Big Dan recently posted..How To Make Big Dan’s Baked Chicken

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Big Dan: Cheers Big Dan! If you know the problem of your account ban, at least you can “it’s my fault”. However, most of the time is not the case and you don’t have a 2nd chance (maybe you can apply via another business entity, your relative’s names, etc…).

      Diversity of the income is the key. I will still continue with my Adsense site to let them keep generating income but the focus will be list building :)
      Ming Jong recently posted..Linkvana Review Plus Case Studies Results

  20. Amit Shaw says:

    Hey Ming Great Share. i have to follow all rules bcz soon i will apply for google adsense so i have follow this.
    Amit Shaw recently posted..Impact of the Recent Google Changes to You

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