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In this post, I just want to share with you about my online journey, how I get started and most importantly, the single biggest mistake that I made when I started my online journey.


I first get exposed to internet marketing in 2008 after attending a 2 days workshop. However, I didn’t really start my online journey until 2009 after getting my first website (which is a blog and a squeeze page) up and running in another workshop, which costs me $1,688. There are a few reasons that I didn’t get started in 2008:

  • I am reluctant to spend money on hosting / domain before I generate income online.
  • I lack of confident to create a website by myself
  • Getting started is just an option to me, not a must.

During that time, though I have stable income via my job working as a fire safety engineer in the building services industry, my employee mindset prevents me from investing into an online business even though it only costs less than $100 per year. What’s the upfront cost for being an employee? Pretty much nothing except transportation. You just turn up to work and you will get paid.

However, unlike building a business, working as an employee does not enable you to build up your own asset. One of the most important skills as being a business owner is to develop the mindset of a business owner (not employee), to take calculative risk and actions and improve along the way. Taking the first step to create your website as your online presence is considered a significant milestone in the online journey.

The other part was also lacking of a clear tutorial / guidelines to help me to create my website step by step. I could have easily bought a course or search for free resources to get me started. Yet my laziness has stopped me from searching from useful resources to do what I need to do.

The killer part was that I was still exploring and searching for the “best” instrument (i.e. forex, stock trading, option trading, etc…) that will help me to generate some passive income (or leveraged income should be more appropriate). So, getting started in internet marketing was only an option to me, not a must because I haven not made up my mind. After investing 4 figures workshop, I was then willing to put in time and effort in order not to waste my investment, lol.

After Having My Website

I was excited and really delve into the blueprint taught in the workshop, taking a lot of actions in traffic generation such as article marketing, video marketing, JV giveaway, etc… I did get subscribers and sales after spending the time and effort doing all these. However, the problem was that the traffic come in slowly and the number of sales I generated do not even cover my cost of outsourcing the articles.

I became impatient and quickly abandoned article marketing without analyzing what went wrong and concentrate my effort to try out other traffic techniques. I bought numerous courses from Clickbank and WSO just to hope to discover an awesome traffic technique that did not require me to spend much effort and yet would get avalanche of traffic to flood my website. I have literally tried all sorts of traffic techniques but I didn’t find much success.

What’s Wrong?

I was really frustrated and anxious because I don’t know what went wrong. I have spent almost a year trying various techniques and yet I didn’t get much success… I took the time to think what I had done and I had decided to start again with the same traffic technique but I will only focus on 1 traffic technique at a time, master the technique until I have seen significant results.


Biggest Mistakes

When I didn’t get the result I want in article marketing, I analyze from scratch, such as:

  • How many views did the article get?
  • How many clicks did the article get?

This is when I start mastering the traffic technique. When you know the problems, you can fix it and improve along the way. Crafting out an appealing title will get your article views. If you have enough views and yet still not many click through in the resource box, you need to improve the call to action specified in the resource box to increase the click through rate and also the overall quality of the article. This is similar in video marketing except the video thumb nail will affect the number of views significantly as well.

The formula is simple. Test the water, find out the problem and improve it. This only involves some logical thinking and strong persistence. Majority of the legitimate traffic strategies work. You just need to master the skill before you call it a quit.

So, the biggest mistake I made when I started my online journey was that I did not master the technique before I move on to another. It involves significant analyzing, tracking and improving together will strong will.

What’s your single biggest mistake you made when you started your online journey? Feel free to share your experience by leaving me a comment below.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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  1. Mo says:

    hey Ming ….u got a great article, i’m trying to start affiliate marketing but am really afraid not to success in it .

  2. k says:

    This is a great blog!
    All your articles are useful and I feel valued as a visitor, EVERY time!

    Good stuff, good luck.
    k recently posted..We are leaving them behind

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