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First of all, you should ask yourself, do you want to change your life? If you are extremely satisfy and happy with where you are, what you are doing and will be for the rest of your life, then there is no point to change your life. If you think that there is more to your life be it your career, lifestyle relationship, health, etc…you need to do something to change your life to get to where you want to be.

Change Your Life

It is Christmas time and soon we will be finishing year 2011. Is 2011 a fruitful year to you? It doesn’t really matter what the answers are, you can’t change them anyway. The important thing is how you would like your life like in the coming year and for the rest of your life.

“Men’s natures are alike; it is their habits that separates them!” – By Confucius.

Based on what Confucius said, habits have great impact on change your life! Below are top 3 habits that can change your life!

Top 3 Habits That Can Change Your Life

1. Positive Thinking

This is by far the most crucial habit that will facilitate on your other habits. It is a must if you want to successfully change your life. The easiest way to start of positive thinking is to be aware of any negative thoughts you have and do whatever you can to suppress them. Unless the negative thoughts are helpful to you, replace them with positive thinking that can help you to move forward.

I understand that it is almost impossible not to have negative thoughts. There are lots of external factors such as natural disaster, people reaction, etc…that we can’t control. The only thing that we can control is ourselves and how we react on what’s happening to us. If you have a negative thought pop up in your mind, you will need to be aware of it and  replace it with positive thought that help you to solve the problem. The key is not to let the negative thought to dominate you for long time.

2. Focus On One Goal At A Time

This is another key! By focusing on one goal at a time, it will be a lot easier for us to concentrate and achieve the goal. Same as dealing with tasks, just focus on one at a time and do not get distracted by other tasks or ideas. When you’ve completed one, move on to another. This is applicable to developing the habit. Just focus on cultivating one habit at a time until that eventually become your habit.

It is not uncommon to see people have a list of goals to achieve in the next year or in the next couple months. In fact, similar to a to do list, there can be tens or hundreds tasks in your to do list and yet the list is getting longer just because of lacking of focus and get distracted by other things / tasks.

So, stay focus on one goal / task at a time until you finish it. Do not keep jumping around on multiple goals and tasks and eventually you won’t get anything done.

3. Daily Schedule

Do you have a daily schedule? Do you check and reply mails whenever you want? By fixing your daily schedule, you will save a lot of time and be more productive. With a fixed schedule, you can at least stay focus on your goal and carry on working your tasks.

In your daily schedule, you should have a time slot for idea generations and time to trial and test out your ideas. However, you should only apportion a slot to it and stick to your daily schedule to avoid distraction. I know sometimes we people get very excited with the new stuff and will even forget our core work.

By sticking on your daily schedule, you can be rest assure that you will be productive without compromising your creative and thinking time. Once you craft out your daily schedule, work on it for weeks and review it every month or any time you deem necessary to make sure this is an effective daily schedule that suits you the best.

I consider these top 3 habits are critical to change your life.

Your Voice

What do you think about these habits? Do you have your top 3 habits you think are crucial to change your life? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving me a comment below.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

20 Responses to “Effective Way To Change Your Life With These Top 3 Habits”
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  1. I’m off to a slow start this New Year, was out of the Country had a death in the family.This week was my first solid week of work.

    Basically I did what you described in your article, I had my To Do Daily List, I prayed and meditated on positive scriptures.

    Today Friday 3/9/12 I can say I accomplished a lot. What I like best is how I handled the brick walls and tough situations, they crumbled and I overcome them all.

    Just before reading your article I wrote 2 goals I want to accomplish over this weekend, for this I will be spending more time reading through your articles to give me more clarity an simplicity on attraction marketing.
    Again thank you for your simple yet effective teachings.
    Sincerely Donna

  2. Happy New Year all. Some great basics here, easy to read and think how we’ve seen these before, but how many of us actually follow through? Focus on one thing at a time is powerful but so hard to do!

    To add to the positive thoughts one I’d add that (using the premise behind The Secret) always focus on what you want, and where you’re going, rather on what you don’t have or where you’ve been. Focus positively on how your life will be when you’ve achieved your goals and you’ll be successful.

  3. Ming, you said it right. First happy new year to you.
    The biggest factor that make people not to achieve their goal is mindset. A positive mindset will go a long way in results. Sticking to daily schedules and segmenting your plans and knowing when you want to achieve that goal will help. Good share mate.

  4. My top problem I have is to cannot focus on one goal at a time. Continuously I jump on another creative idea or task. I will keep a daily or weekly schedule to fix my task. Thanks for sharing your ideas Ming Jong.

  5. Tanjung says:

    yes right..
    but for the second habit sometimes the goal not on time.need more time and more efford.
    and maybe this is the hardest habbit to implement.
    Tanjung recently posted..5 Exciting Careers With Rewarding Earning Potential

  6. The Confucius quote you chose hits the nail on the head. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle
    I think your choice of 3 habits is excellent – do-able, impactful, simple.
    Habits are more powerful than most people are aware of, because most of the things you did yesterday you’ll do again today. I’ve wrote about it here: Thought you and/or your readers might be interested.
    With best wishes for a Happy Successful New Year :-]
    Beat Schindler recently posted..Success Thoughts Comfort Zone

  7. Hamish says:

    Hi Ming Jong,

    Thanks for that timely reminder of how to improve my productivity! My big failing is definitely that I don’t focus on one thing at a time. It end to jump around from one thing to another.

    It’s something that I will definitely be working on in 2012. Might even make it into my New Year’s resolutions this time round.

    Compliments of the season and best wishes for 2012 to you and your readers.
    Hamish recently posted..Kindle 4

  8. Agree with you with distraction issue. Social networking is the best one for the distraction.
    Steven | recently posted..Shooters WordPress Theme

  9. Ureka IT says:

    The article 3 tips for habits is a nice one. Some excellent and useful tips are available which we mostly know but often we forget to exercise it. However summarized idea is unique, I think actually. Thanks for this awesome articles.
    Ureka IT recently posted..Cricketmadbd

  10. Sally Brown says:


    A daily schedule is the one thing out of these three that I really need to work on. Good article. Sally
    Sally Brown recently posted..NEVER QUIT!

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