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When I browse a number of internet marketing forums, one of the most popular topic I encounter is “Need Cash Immediately” or similar. There are constantly people asking ways to generate “emergency cash“!

The problem is that some people have the mindset that make money online is extremely easy just like pushing a button. It is most likely not their fault but the influence of the “push button” products or other scams they have seen in some “advertorial sites”. There are certainly a few dozens of ways to generate income online but I will say most of them take time to learn, implement and optimize.

The best way to generate emergency cash is via freelancing by offering services to other people. I don’t have a blueprint for that as it is dependent on the skill you possess. Some of the popular services you can consider to offer online with minimal skill requirement are listed in the following section.

Freelancing Services

1. Article Writing

Article writing service is one of the most popular services provided online as almost all marketers, offline businesses need content for their marketing campaign. If English is your native language and you can write proper researched quality article, you are red hot and you will be able to command 2-3 cents per word. For a 500 words article, you can earn around $10-$15. A very competitive rate for article writing is 1 cent per word. So, you should be able to start generating some income if you are willing to trade your time to write article for cash. Remember that this is only to help you to generate emergency cash and do not expect to get rich unless you are a really talented writer and can command a high charge out rate.

When you just start out your service, you might not get lots of orders immediately. One of the best ways is to even lower your charge out rate (say 0.5 cent per word) for the first 10 articles in exchange of testimonials. Ask the client to provide you an honest review so that you get social proof. After that, people will trust you more and are willing to try you out. If you do a good job, they will come back to you again and again. The important part is to ask for an honest review in terms of your service, including the quality of the article, the delivery, communication, customer service, etc…

Always write the topic you are familiar with, if you totally have no clue on some topic, just Google it and head down to Ezine Articles to read up a few articles and you should be able to pick up bits and pieces pretty fast. If you have doubt on the topic you write, do not hesitate to ask your client to clarify. It is always better to clear the myth first rather than having argument later.

2. Article Submission

Article submission is a common traffic technique for marketers. However, it is also a tedious thing to do it for each article directory. There are more than thousands of article directories. You can either offer services to help them manually submit their article to the top 10 or 20 article directories or use software such as article marketing robot to do mass submission to thousands of directories.

You can also bundle your service such as to write and submit the article at a cheaper rate.

3. Header Design

There are a lot of webmaster need header for their sites. So, this is again in demand service. Don’t fret if you know nothing about header design as you can easily leverage on software, XHeader to help you to create a decent header. The free version will allow you to access 500 designs, not a bad deal.

You can start using the software and build up 10 or 20 headers for your portfolios on free blog such as WordPress or Blogger.  In your advertisement, you can refer your prospects to see some of your samples and this will help to close the deal easier.

4. Banner Design

Similarly, you can have your banner design service with online tool such as Banner Sketch.

5. Ecover Design

Ecover is also very hot in the marketplace. The good thing again is that you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a decent Ecover. You can use the free tool – Ecover Maker to create ecover for your client. Though there is only 5 free template for the free account, that will do the job for basic ecover.

ecoverThe are a lot of other services you can provide but it is really dependent on your skill and talent. Below are a few places marketplaces that you can start your own shop immediately:

Where To Sell?

1. Warriors For Hire

Warrior Forum is the top internet marketing forum with fantastic Alexa rank (less than 200 at the point of this writing). So, you will expect to have lots of prospect flood in. In my opinion, it is the quickest way to get sales! However, it does cost $20 to put your thread up for your services you would like to offer. This will be the up front cost that worth to spend if you want quick results.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is the site where people share things they are willing to do it for $5. There are diverse range of service in Fiverr and the 5 items mentioned above are definitely covered. The drawback of using Fiverr is that you can only get $4 at most (where Fiverr take $1) for every Gig You deliver. Having said that, it is free to put up a Gig (i.e. you offer) on Fiverr and you can put up as many Gigs as you like.

3. Freelancing Sites

You can setup your account with the popular freelancing sites such as,, and start posting your offers.


Freelancing is by far the quickest way to generate emergency cash online if you are willing to trade your skill and time. The great thing is that you only need to access to internet and a paypal account (to receive money) to start your freelance services.

Feel free to leave me a comment below to share your experience as a freelancer or dealing with freelancer.


To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

4 Responses to “Emergency Cash Via Freelancing”
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  1. Many newbies tend to have a mindset that making money online can be very very easy but you are right when you say it is not easy. It actually takes a lot of patience and hardwork to earn money online. I think freelancing is really a great way of getting income when you are in an emergency. My favorite methods have been article writing and graphic designing. Digital point is also a great place for getting freelancing jobs on the go.
    Shiva @ Money Making Ideas recently posted..Premium List Magnet Review And 60% Discount – New WordPress List Building Plugin

    • Ming Jong says:

      Hi Shiva, Thanks for stopping by!

      There are just a lot of hype going on to create the illusion “push button” method to make money online. So, I will think freelancing is the way to generate emergency cash online. Else, just go to any shop and start working.

  2. Will says:

    Article writing is the best in my opinion, everyone is always after quality articles and it can generate you some good cash in a short amount of time!
    Will recently posted..Do you need to SEO your blog?

    • Ming Jong says:

      Thanks for stopping by Will! Yes, I would think article writing is the most popular service among all. Having said that, one should just stick to whatever service he is comfortable with, else it will be a pain.

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