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Since I started doing online marketing, lots of my friends are curious and still have no idea what it is all about. In this post, I would like to take this opportunity to elaborate more about online marketing and run through a few of the popular monetization business model.

What Is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is a type of marketing that is done online via internet. There are tons of big offline companies such as Walmart, Apple, etc…heavily involving in online marketing to complement its offline business.  I know, we are just a normal human instead of those big companies. So, how does a person make money online? There are a number of business model as shown below:

1. Sell Your Own Product

The easiest way to create your own product is to create a digital product. This can be a video, audio or ebook. The key is to create a product that can help people to cure their pain. In other words, you need to identify a market where tons of people are actively looking for solution to their problems (pain is better as they need to cure it immediately). The more people you can help, the more money you will generate. If you know ways to lose 10kg in 30 days you can create an ebook and that becomes your product. The great thing is you now can sell unlimited copies (hey it is digital copies), as long as your ebook is in demand.

2. Affiliate Marketing

I know you might say that you are not a good writer and have no specific knowledge in any subjects (well, I really doubt that though) and hence product creation is not your cup of tea. Well, that’s why I would like to show you the 2nd type of model, which is affiliate marketing. It involves marketing of products that belong to others.

All you do is to identify a great product that converts well and help to market the product. When people buy the product via your link, you will get paid a commission that can be up to 100%. Yes, the commission can go up to 100% and I am not kidding. The reason for the product owner to give out 100% of the commission is that they would like his affiliate team to market his product like crazy while he can build a list of buyers and sell them via his back end funnel.

So, by now you should know that product owners have the advantage to tap on tons of affiliates to help marketing his product while he can focus on others. However, still it is a win-win situation for both affiliate and product owners.

Apart from digital product, you can also market physical products belong to others while you can paid via commission.

I’ve listed out a number of the popular platforms for you to join to promote as affiliate below:


The first 3 platforms are mainly for digital products, CJ contains a mixture of physical and digital products and amazon only focus on physical products.

3. Advertising

You can sell advertisement space if your websites attract lots of traffic. Some of the long banner at the high traffic sites can cost a few hundreds dollars a day. If you are just starting out, your website might not compete to those high traffic sites but still you can get an account with Google Adsense or Kontera to have some ads displayed on your site. When visitors click the ads, you will get paid. You can easily start a blog with WordPress. If you would like detailed step by step learning to master WordPress, you can check out these 30 WordPress Tutorial videos.

4. Sell Your Online Asset – Website

Site flipping is getting popular nowadays. If you head down to flippa, you will see the total sale is close to 60 Million and the total sales in the last 7 days is around 0.5 million. The websites you build online becomes your asset. If your site generates income every month, you can expect to sell it at around 10 times of the income generated. The price to earning ratio is about 10 (but in months instead of years as you have seen in the share market).

monetization model flippa

The above mentioned are the popular monetization methods in online marketing and that is how you can make money via online marketing.

Which monetization methods are you focusing on? Or which type would you love to focus on? Feel free to drop me a comment below to share your experience.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

10 Responses to “Online Marketing-4 Monetization Models”
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  1. Sheldon says:

    Hey, Great info.

    I am just seeing now that there is no push button software or magical step by step guide that will allow you to make money online.

    I think I am going down the product creation route as its fast money and lasts long as it will always be there.

    Making products in many niches will be the ticket I think.

    How much do you make a month for IM… if you donèt mind me asking.


    • Ming Jong says:

      @Sheldon: Hey Sheldon, glad to know that we all understand that. There is step by step guidance but eventually it is up to you to implement it. Product creation is great as long as you have the right marketing strategy.

      The greatest benefit you will have is the affiliate army who are willing to promote for you.

      I took another view. To focus on 1 big niche and market to the same audience will cut down a lot of your effort to create product in various niches.

      I don’t mind you asking but I do mind to respond, lol…All I can say is enough to replace a full time job in a developed country.
      Ming Jong recently posted..How To Create Killer Content On Your Blogs – Content Rules

  2. Lee says:

    Hi Ming
    Affiliate marketing is starting to look very interesting to me. I think there are a couple of companies that hopefully will convert quite well on my site. Just starting to get a reasonable amount of traffic to my site now so it is time to try and monetize it and see how it goes. Think I will put Adsense on it as well.

    Great info thanks lee
    Lee recently posted..Summer Bucket List

  3. Miriam says:

    I think success in these 4 fields varies as per the individuals focus as some people I know make a killing selling affiliate products and a trickle selling their own products because they focus on promoting the affiliate products.
    Miriam recently posted..How to Fight for your Health with Bible Verses

  4. Ralph says:

    I’m slowing moving away from advertising on my site. The reason being my book sales are doing better than I expected. I’m starting to believe that product sales are the way to go. Instant cashflow and high profit is very attractive. Thanks for the great post!

  5. Hello. This list of four ‘driving forces’ in the industry. But I gotta say that Affiliate Marketing is a complete MONSTER by itself and have in recent years really grown a life of it’s own. However, the most profitable of these all is selling your own product or service. Besides a list, that’s where the money lies.
    Patricia@Direct Response Marketing recently posted..Is Social Proof Really Any Proof At All?

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