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I love watching Naruto animation. I’ve learnt a lot from Naruto, which is applicable to business.

Starting an online business for all newbies can be quite intimidating. I have been through that and I know how you feel, and even now sometimes I am getting distracted for all the products launching out there and hence losing my focus. Losing FOCUS is a real killer to me and I bet this is not uncommon for most of the people out there!

Important thing is we never give up ourselves and do our own due diligence in terms of everything, be it health, wealth or relationship.  Sometimes, I ask myself, am I doing 100% and try my best to achieve what I want? Though I am a lot more better than before, still there are rooms for me to do even better and with that, my degree of regret will greatly reduced until a point that when I go all the way out, I would have no regret no matter what the results be!

Naruto – That’s My Ninja Way

“That’s my Ninja Way”…Seriously, I think I did learn something from Naruto


There are just tons of great stuff I love to learn and implement, but not enough time (really wish I can incept myself to 4th level and doing all these stuff…).  I dream about freedom everyday and is getting stronger and stronger, while my spirit at work are getting down…The more I stay at work place, the more I can feel —> RAT RACE, just can’t be helped…

I am scared…What would I end up and where would I end up if I give up my dream of having my online business? I really can’t afford to take this risk…This is by far the riskiest thing and stupid thing to surrender and go back to work…That’s why I need to review my vision board daily and to re-program myself (with Harv Eker ‘s declaration).

I am committed!  I sincerely wish you can commit too :) I understand the journey will not be smooth and will be tougher than working, but the fruit will worth the price and this is exactly we all need to learn to endure and cope with the setback.

We can choose to do face this and do this now, bloody painful and struggling for a short while and succeed afterward or paper cut everyday by work (eventually will get cut into half) for the next 20 years, and still get paper cut (survive but numb already)…

I made my decision already. Which one would you choose? Remember Naruto has his own Ninja way, what’s yours?

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

2 Responses to “Something I Learn from Naruto”
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  1. Joy says:

    Cute and inspiring post. Your one of the few people that I have read admitted to using a vision board. I agree with you about staying focus. Focusing determines if were going to succeed or fail. A person must be will to walk through the bumps, the set backs and the good but you must stay on the path. You might fail at the first thing that you try but it may lead to another opportunity.
    Joy recently posted..BOB Revolution 12″ Aluminum Wheel Duallie Stroller Review

    • admin says:

      @Joy: Hey Joy, glad you enjoy the post! Yes, I do review my vision board daily. I found it a great way to condition my mind and keep me staying focus! Harv Eker rocks!

      Falling down is just part of the process…Just like stock trading, losing is part of the game. Take it as feedback and improve along the way.

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