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I hate Steve Jobs. I mean he got the whole world addicted to iPods, iPhones, iPads… And before that were movies from Pixar like the hugely popular Toy Story., Macintosh, etc… Why must he be the trend setter that really draw whirlpool of attractions? Not to mention the subsequent copycats, which then kind of force us to change our lifestyles. Remember the impact of smart phones, the era of no more hand-drawn animations? Sure you’ll say, “but I don’t use smart phone” or “I prefer the old-fashioned Disney animations”, but you can’t deny Steve’s visions had indefinitely altered the landscape of informative technology.

Iphone Steve Jobs

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Inspiring characters often have unusual beginnings. Same goes to Steve Jobs. But the more flattering part of his personality that impresses me is his courage to materialize his visions. All of us have dreams in some point of our lives. But how many of us take action to implement it and make sure it becomes success? Ask yourself, what happen to your dream that you set to achieve by 30 years old? Have you done anything about it yet?

Someone liken Steve Jobs to Thomas Edison in their era, making futuristic technologies available to all. I’m sure their success is nothing short of enormous courage and determination. Sometimes I really wonder how these guys come up with visions ahead of their times. Had they foreseen the impact of their creations? Changing lives of others is not a small feat. I can’t help but admire them.

Steve Jobs came across as a simplistic man with very bland taste for fashion. But I was more drawn to Apple’s product launch. The mysterious fog, the anticipations that make Apple fans hungry prior to every single product launch really are successful business case studies. Have you learned a trick of two?

Steve Jobs Video

During one of his public lectures (which I’m sure you would have seen it by now), Steve Jobs mentioned about listening to your heart, do things you are passionate about. I know, almost every other successful men had said that before. Everyone measures success differently, monetary, spiritually or social recognition, etc… Turning your passion into money-making-vehicle is not a new concept at all. Some exceptional persons like Steve Jobs stuck to it had succeeded. Hence, what is stopping you from doing so? Below is the video if you haven’t watched it:

Yes, I do hate Steve Jobs. I hate him for being God-like to his avid fans. I hate him for being so good at what he did, that I aspire to be like him one day. Life is too short to stay hesitating. I’m ready to take some serious actions today, what about you?

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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  1. Joe says:

    Steve Jobs did nothing to further humanity. His products may facilitate all manner of ‘experiences’, if you’re willing to pay three times their material worth, but to compare him to Edison is pretty offensive really. Don’t recall Edison having third-world sweatshops to churn out lightbulbs which he then over-priced. Don’t recall him threatening to go ‘thermonuclear’ on any of his peers for researching similar things to him. Sure he didn’t rip his best mate off to get his secrets.

    I’m no Apple-hater, I just find gushing hagiography pretty tasteless – he was just a businessman, his products will not cure cancer or feed the starving, they’re JUST TOYS.

    What’s more, they’re not toys which make your face light up, or toys you want to share. Apple devices are all about ME (no coincidence they put an ‘i’ before everything). I hope that in ten years we’ll be faintly sickened by the outpouring of grief about a marketing man who had no technical, programmatic, design or engineering skills, but knew how to convince people they needed things which they really didn’t, to pay over the odds, every single year, for a slightly updated version of the same thing, to start singing the benefits of HTML5/hating Flash without even knowing what either is, let alone how they are not equivalent.

    I’m not glad he’s dead, that would be a ghastly thing to say. But I never knew him, and he did no good that I can see, so to be saddened by his passing would be equally wrong.

    • Ali A. says:

      @Joe: Thank you sir for your articulate and your in-depth reply! Yes, Steve Jobs was infamous as a mean individual. Despite so, he accomplished several technological feats that most individuals coudnt acquire! ;) ;) Thank you Joe, and good day sir :)

  2. I do miss Steve, but I heard he actually planned the next 7 years of apple’s new products.. Not sure if its true but hope something will be coming from his genius mind,
    Frank J Marino recently posted..Millionaire Mindset

  3. Nikki says:

    Must say I’ll miss Jobs. I hope the new leader in Apple will continue his legacy by continuing to surprise us with creative products.

    Now the controversial LSD experience…. I won’t encourage but imaginative persons do bring out the most innovative advancement in human history. Guess it helps a lot for being dreamy!

    Ming, well written to salute a man in black turtle neck and jeans that permanently changed our world.
    Nikki recently posted..Can Diabetes Drugs Interfere With Other Drugs?

  4. Nice twist Ming!

    Steve Jobs was a master marketer (amongst other things).

    Whether you see him as having solved problems successfully for the world – or having sold problems to which he had a solution, and the world did not yet know were it’s problems – the guy was a marketing genius.

    And I also love that he rated his LSD experience as one of the three most important experiences of his life.

    Imagine that! If Steve Jobs hadn’t taken psychedelic drugs, I might still be using my old Acer laptop…

    Seriously though. Inspiring guy. Luminary figure – whatever our personal views… This video shows exactly that.
    Jym | Blog Marketing recently posted..The Inspirational ‘Teaching’ of Steve Jobs – A Tribute

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