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Do you remember the days when there are tons of crappy $37 product launches in ClickBank almost every other days? If you are on the lists of a few ‘gurus’, you will certainly get bombarded by a few dozens of emails that promoting the same product offer.

Do I hate ClickBank Products?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not an anti ClickBank fellow. In fact, I have bought a couple of great quality ClickBank products and I do promote some of the products from ClickBank. What I didn’t like is that many marketers blindly launch the products just for the sake of launching and making good money and what’s worse was that many big name in the internet marketing industry also blindly promoted the products without actually reviewing them.

I understand that based on their big list, a single blast of the broadcast email will be able to bring them a couple hundreds of sales, which translate into at least thousands of dollars! Despite the instant money they generated, the certainly lost the trust from some of their subscribers.

Promoting products via email is totally fine and I love to be informed with great quality products to further develop myself to gain an edge in this competitive industry. However, one should only promote a product that he/she had reviewed and think will add value to the subscribers, in my  honest opinion.

Warrior Forum – Warrior Special Offer

During that time, affiliate promotion generally was not available in the Warrior Special Offer (WSO) and all the revenue generated are completed belongs to the product owner. Hence, I didn’t get many recommendations of WSOs via email. Surprisingly, there were still a few marketers that would  recommend awesome products to me out of their goodwill (they don’t earn any commission).

Since Mike Lantz incorporate affiliate promotion via WarriorPlus in the early of 2011 (correct me if I am wrong), the traffic to warrior forum shoot through the roof, as shown in the snapshot of Alexa Traffic Rank below:

Warrior Forum Traffic

I don’t have any solid proof here regarding the increment of Alexa Traffic Rank is directly related to the incorporation of WarriorPlus affiliate program but I certainly receive a lot more recommendation for WSOs. Again, nothing wrong with promotion of WSOs and in fact some of them are top notch quality product.

For those of you who are not familiar with what a WSO is about, it is basically a special offer only available on Warrior Forum. If you have existing products on ClickBank and you can also launch in WSO but you need to make the offer exclusive for WSO such as to have a huge discount not available everywhere else. The price of a WSO is usually range from $5-$27 (Most of them is below $10), so it is a lot more affordable than the usual ClickBank product.

There are quite a number of products are originated from WSO before they are out on ClickBank. Why product creator is doing this? There are quite a few advantage to launch in WSO:

1. High Traffic Sites With Buyers

WSO is a high traffic thread and it is not unusual to have 2,000-5,000 on WSO at any moment. That means that these are the hungry people who are eager to click the buy now button when your product satisfy them.

2. Testimonials Collection

As it is a forum, people generally leave comments in the thread you created for your offer and there will be quite a number of comments. So, it is a lot easier to collect testimonial from the WSO.

3. Higher Conversion Rate

Though the pricing is generally low comparing to ClickBank, the conversion rate for the product can be as high as 20-30%. Check out a typical conversion rate of some products:

WSO Conversion

Does the conversion rate surprise you? That’s the power of WSO! Of course, the refund rate is generally low comparing to ClickBank.

What’s The Problem of WSO?

If you have been in the Warrior Forum for a while and bought enough WSOs, you will notice that most of the reviews of the WSOs shown in the thread itself are useless. It is hard to get value from the review left on the WSO thread.

I’m not talking about fake review created by fake users with a few posts (some of the WSOs do have that). I am talking about the normal thread by the real users (with hundreds of posts and thanked). Most of the reviews are for forum marketing purpose without adding value, and I can’t buy the product based on the reviews.

So, you basically need to delve in to scan through every single thread and not just to read the “review” and “testimonials” provided. Throughout the thread, you will notice if the product owner respond to the question (mostly they will or they will be out of business) and some of the “real review” and “feedback”. Then you can decide for yourself if that is suitable for you.

I have bought quite a number of WSO of the day that are recommended by lots of marketer I trusted initially but end up with disappointment. Fortunately, the price is generally very affordable (i.e. less than $10).

Before the incorporation of the affiliate program with Warrior Plus to WSO, the recommended WSO is typically an excellent deals. Now, I just feel like most of the products are just another offers, just like ClickBank’s, but a lot cheaper. Having said that, there are still good product out there but just need put in some effort to dig them out.

Your Voice

So, what is your view on WSOs on Warrior Forum? Do you feel the same as as me? Feel free to leave me a comment below!


To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

18 Responses to “Is Warrior Forum WSO Turning Into ClickBank?”
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  1. I would like to see more actual review by individuals who have been using the product for a while. The majority of individuals commenting are generally asking questions and do not have a track record with the product. You will also see most who are making a comment just signed up with the forum in the last 6 months to a year. Where are the veterans and there reviews.

    I can not depend on someone with no authority and has just signed on to the site or has little marketing experience.

    There is a section on the forum for Ratings and Reviews, start giving up your reviews . This would be helpful .

    Especially if you have been using the product or have authority at the forum.

  2. I agree. There are tons of WSO released each and every day. 9 out of 10, they are not worth trying and complete waste of money. However, you can find some gems among them since some of product owners put time and effort into their WSO’s.

    The other point is that, if you create a WSO which brings value then you’ll get loads of sales because of targeted traffic and the affiliates looking for quality products.

    Thanks for the great article,

    ~ Omid
    Omid – Royal Online Income recently posted..Why You Should Have a Plan and Stick to It – Part II

  3. Enjoyed the conversation Ming. I have backed off the entire MMO niche, and WSO’s because of the insanity. For all that’s required to recruit affiliates for a WSO now, I might as well recruit affiliates who will visit MY OWN SITE, where I have the control, and I get to leverage the traffic.
    Dani Schaeffer recently posted..Are you ready for [this] product?

  4. You are definitely on the mark about the traffic increase since the introduction of the W+ affiliate program. Once the affiliates program opened up, the foot traffic died and now if you don’t have affiliates mailing for a WSO, you won’t get much traffic to an offer. Unless of course, you have other means of driving traffic. In which case, if you do, you really don’t need the ‘forum’ where you have no control over what messages are left on the advertising opportunity you paid for.

    Warrior Forum used to be a ‘community.’ Now, it’s just a marketplace and yes, it is getting to be just like ClickBank, only cheaper, and with less control for product creators.

    The new religion was the 100% instant commission front end product, dimesaling up to $10 to feed the EPC Kool Aid habit…then upsell and pitch the same offer to the ‘buyers list’ for back end profits…

    Going back a long time on WF, WSO’s had to be proven to be for sale, and selling, at a higher price than the WSO before the WSO would be approved. That was the ‘spirit’ of the WSO.

    Over time, that changed, and WSO became a place to ‘test’ new products, even though that wasn’t a very good test, as the stats were skewed by the fact that it was a very warm, and very targeted marketplace and you could never expect to achieve the same results with cold traffic.

    Then the affiliate program came along…they ‘built the buyers list’ of serial WSO buyers, also drunk on the “Great Deal WSO Kool Aid” and suddenly, no one had to ‘browse the WSO forum anymore.” They were on all the lists, if something was good, they’d get an email. Foot traffic died off, and now, product creators who cant drive traffic, and relied on the ‘warm, targeted advertising opportunity’ of the WSO section, have to meet the affiliates demands for “100% commission, high EPC products” or they won’t get traffic or make sales.
    Dani Schaeffer recently posted..Are you ready for [this] product?

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Dani Schaeffer: Hi Dani, spot on! Absolutely agree with you. The 100% commission model is essential to attract affiliate and upsale on the backend…This has become a typical WSO model and more often a good quality product that offer 50% commission did not get promoted heavily (or at all).

      We have seen those big guys (Mike Filsaime, Anik, Alex Jefferey, etc…) all come in to relaunch their products… In fact, I am very surprise….When one big buy starts mailing, we will see a number of the frequent players also mail for that to catch the trend. And people are ruushing to buy those great offers to secure the lowest price as possible. That’s how crazy WSO is.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Ming Jong recently posted..Article Marketing Robot Review And Case Study

  5. Nice article..You’re right, today it’s hard to filter which one quality product on WSO, and which one not good enough.
    Steven | recently posted..SEO in Dozen

  6. Ravi says:

    @ Ming…yes I have noticed a very number of WSO promotions in my inbox and that too from some very reputed “warriors” whose bread and butter is to launch WSO’s one after the other. And when they’re not launching their own “killer” products they are busy piddling trashy WSO’s down our mailboxes.

    And the funny thing is Mike Lantz doesn’t have any criteria concerning customer support and refunds. I regularly see WSO launches by fly by night marketers who neither refund the money nor provide any support in spite of the “iron clad guarantees” they made in their launch
    Ravi recently posted..Books for CSAT Prelims

  7. Definitely, trusting reviews and testimonials without thinking twice can lead to disappointment. With so many WSO offers crossing our path on Warrior Forum, it extremely important to look before taking the leap. Absolutely, there are some great products as well, but all depends on whether you can differentiate between wheat and chaff.

    Thanks for the share, Ming!
    Obaidul Haque recently posted..The Bro’s Guide to Pinterest

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Obaidul Haque: WSO is a place that full of rabid buyers and you can easily see comments like “I didn’t even bother to look at the sales page as long as the products are from xxx I will buy it”, which is funny. There are golds in the WSO so just need to take some time to get the right one. Too bad, most of the “reviews” are not relevant…Thanks for stopping by Obaidul :)
      Ming Jong recently posted..Change Your Life With These Top 3 Habits

  8. Jayne Kopp says:

    Hi Ming, I have noticed there are many WSO offers. I have only bought a couple (although to be honest… I have my share of products). Much of the time, I purchase from people I know (not necessarily or always ‘personally’) but from people I have followed in the past.

    I just bought one from Alex Jeffreys for example. (I really like him)… and basically because as you say, it’s preferable to recommend products you have tried.

    It’s definitely an interesting turn of events, but like you say, I hope it doesn’t ‘cheapen’ the value of the forum.

    I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks so much for sharing our thoughts and knowledge.
    Jayne Kopp recently posted..Serious about Starting a Business Online? Maybe You Need to Get Cracking Then!

  9. Ming,

    You make some great points on WSO. Like you said, there are quite a few that are good (maybe just enough to keep checking it out) but there are also quite a few dogs getting mixed in, and as you pointed out it is hard to read anything “bad” about the bad ones because so many people are forum marketing.

    It is quite a quandry. I do think that the low prices ultimately make it worth taking a shot every now and then, but as you pointed out, it can be wise to try this with a little bit of credulity.
    Steve@Affiliate Marketing Tips recently posted..How to Make Money with Amazon Kindle Books

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