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You must have heard about on page optimization or on page SEO if you have been blogging or building niche sites for some time. I have also written a post about 10 on page SEO factors you can apply immediately to improve your SEO previously. However, I understand that not everyone is willing to use a checklist to manually cross check if they have done all those 10 things for their on page SEO as it is just extra work for those who are not familiar with on page SEO practice.

There is actually a WordPress plugin – SEOPressor by Daniel Tan, that helps you to analyze your post, guide you to optimize your on page SEO and even derive the SEO score based on the content while you crafting out your post. This is a handy plugin to optimize your on page SEO and will boost your website ranking on Google. It costs $97 for unlimited domains and I think it worth its price and will be able to help you to recoup your investment easily. However, if you can’t afford it or would just like to save some money but still would like to streamline your on page SEO for every single post, I have a great plugin to introduce to you –> AP SEO Analyzer.

AP SEO Analyzer is part of the Authority Pro Theme Package, by Alex Goad & Bryan McConnahea. Authority Pro is a versatile premium wordpress theme that can customize for your blog, sales page, sales funnel, split test, Google Video Sitemap, rotating ads spots, exit traffic capture, etc… During Authority Pro launch, they give out the AP SEO Analyzer as free gift. AP SEO Analyzer is a WordPress  Plugin similar to SEOPressor, which helps you to optimize your on page SEO by analyzing the major key factors of on page SEO and display the SEO score of the post. I have AP SEO Analyzer installed on all my sites and it really comes in handy when dealing with the on page SEO of my posts.

AP SEO Analyzer Features

AP SEO Analyzer will analyze the following and generate the SEO score:

  • Keyword density
  • Keyword Bolded, Italized, Underlined
  • Keyword In Title, Description, Sub Title (i.e. other heading)
  • Keyword in the first & last paragraph
  • Image with ALT Tag
  • Video
  • Internal/External Link
  • No. of words in content

AP SEO Analyzer Video

Just watch the video below on how I use AP SEO Analyzer to improve the on page SEO:

If you would like to streamline and improve your on page SEO for your post, you can either go for SEOPressor (–> Try it for $7) or just get your free copy of AP SEO Analyzer from Alex Goad via the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Close the sales page (if you are not interested in Authority Pro) and you will see an exit pop up.
  3. Click the stay on page button so that you can see the next window.
  4. You will be brought to a squeeze page to get the AP SEO Analyzer as a free gift.
  5. Just fill in your detail and you will receive the instruction to download AP SEO Analyzer.

Which plugin do you use for your on page SEO? Feel free to share your experience of optimizing on page SEO by leaving your comment below.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

12 Responses to “Can’t Afford SEOPressor? Use AP SEO Analyzer To Improve On Page SEO”
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  1. Nice plugin, I will try it on my site. Thanks for share!

  2. fmo says:

    thank you for sharing dude. im searching for seopressor alternatives and im glad i found it here. im really interested for seopressor but i need to try an alternative and free plugins before i invest on something i diont familliar of.
    fmo recently posted..One Day

  3. Ming Jong says:

    Hey Jym,

    Thanks for sharing your view. I think these on page seo tools are great for people who are not familiar with SEO practise as it will be easier for them to look at the screen and follow the guide. For someone like you who are familiar and have done enough, they are sort of redundant.

    These tools will be handy for Virtual assistant who are managing some WP sites and also good for checking (At least just by a glance I can tell if a post is optimized, will still need to check the readability…)
    Ming Jong recently posted..Top 23 Places To Outsource SEO Link Building

  4. Nice tip Ming. I’m always interested in handy tools to help make our life easier as blogger and marketers online, and I haven’t heard of AP SEO Analyzer before.

    However I have my own views on SEOPressor (check my post on the ComLuv link below!). Personally, I think SEOPressor is not a good investment, unless $47 is peanuts for you, there’s much more useful and productive ways to spend that amount to support your blog and online marketing efforts – especially since there’s some good alternatives like the one you recommended here.

    Personally I’m happy with a checklist. These days I don’t even need to check it, the process is simple and I’ve done it enough times, and the on page analyzer in ‘WordPress SEO’ serves as a back up if I need it for any reason (that’s another free plugin with many additional benefits and uses)

    Thanks for sharing this alternative, it will certainly be helpful for many, I’ll have to have a look myself!
    Jym | Blog Marketing recently posted..SEOPressor: Why I threw a $47 WordPress Plugin into the Trash

  5. MJ; Thanks again or all your help,and free gifts. I am interested in seo also,but I’m not an expert yet. I just wrote a short intro to seo,for my blog,but I’m sure it’s nowhere near as good as you would write. I’m telling everyone to see my pages,and You are mentioned on my facebook fan page. thanks again. rusty garner-smith

  6. Ileane says:

    Hi Ming, thanks for sharing this plugin with us. It’s a shame you have to do so many steps in order to get access to it, but it might be worth it for someone who is just starting out. Nice video too!
    Ileane recently posted..Review of the SEOPressor Plugin For WordPress

  7. i just couldn’t determine how far it is beneficial to have an SEOpressor plugin..?? could u share ur experiences with that
    Raj @ WordPress Tips & Tricks recently posted..Facebook’s New Status Share Features Explained

    • Ming Jong says:

      Hey Raj, thanks for stopping by. SEOPressor plugin will analyze your post while you crafting up. So, it basically checks your keyword density, heading tag, keyword position, image ALT tag, internal & external linking, etc…Watch the video of SEOPressor in action in the sales page and you will have a better idea. This saves you time to have a manual checklist to go through the on page seo steps. There is a SEO score below to show you how far your post is behind the 100% optimized SEO and the way to optimize that.

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