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We all understand that content writing takes time and effort, especially for the niche that you are not familiar with. I used to outsource a lot of content writing services for SEO link building purpose simply because it is very time consuming and I would rather spend time on other things.

Now, I have been using Article Builder for a few months mainly for my SEO link building activities and I must admit that this service really makes my life a lot easier. For those of you that are not familiar with this product, Article Builder is a content creating solution by Jonathan Leger (Jon is most famous for The Best Spinner and a number of software and services), which is pretty close to a push button type content generating machine.

In this post, I will be showing how I use and test Article Builder, the quality of the article I get from Article Builder and how it can save you tons of time in SEO link building.

Article Builder Overview

Name Article Builder
Creator Jonathan Leger
Official Website
Price $297/Year
Functions Content creation in 67 niches (increasing)

–> Click here to try Article Builder for 30 days!

Why Article Builder?

As I mentioned, we need fresh and quality content on our sites and also for SEO link building purpose. It is not uncommon for you to get a 500 words article written for $5. This is considered to be the low end price and there is no guaranteed for the quality of this kind of $0.01/word article.

If you using blog network such as ArticleRanks and Authority Link Network for SEO link building, you will also need to spin the article before your submission. My old way is to order a piece of article, spin it with The Best Spinner or Spinner Chief (it is the best free spinner that I come across) then submit the articles to those blog networks.

However, the problem is that the level of uniqueness is very low because the 1 click solution with these spinners will only spin the words level. If you need to achieve higher uniqueness level up to or more than 300%, you will need to at least spin the sentence on top of words, if not the paragraph level. If you do it manually, it will take you days to finish a piece of article. It is just not feasible to do it myself.

Fortunately, this can be sorted out using Article Builder. With Article Builder, you will be able to create an article spun at paragraph level and / or words level with only a few clicks. The content is generally 500-1000% rewritten based on ArticleRanks (spun at paragraph level only). The great thing is that this article is still well written and readable. This is the amazing part for using Article Builder, which it can product quality article with a few clicks in 67 niches (counting to date).

Content rewritten

Article Builder Review

How Does It Work?

The concept behind Article Builder is relying on a huge database, consists of tens of thousands of categorized snippets including the titles, introductory paragraph, tips based content and concluding paragraph, which is being updated daily by native-English speaking writers from UK, Canada and US.

Every time you want to generate articles, you simple choose a category, subtopic keyword (optional) , word count you want the article to be, and the number of articles you need. This is really simple a few clicks process to generate articles. In addition, super spun content is available to 95% of the categories and it is just a matter of time they will implement to all categories. Super spun content is rewritten 15 times so it really provides high level of uniqueness.  When super spun content option is chosen, the article generated is guaranteed to be at least 75% unique according to Jon. Based on my checking with Copyscape, I usually get around 80-90% unique even 100% unique for some categories.

You should watch the video below that Jon made because you will gain more understanding and clearer on how easy it is to use Article Builder.

Article Builder Video

Inject Content

You can easily inject extra content to your existing article to make it more unique. Also, there are 5 different styles for you to inject the content so you can make the layout more attractive and appealing to your readers.

Saved Jobs

You are able to save your article generating for your own reference or purpose. This is a handy function for you to refer back to your article generating jobs.

Request Topics

You can request your own topic and every week all the requests will be aggregated and new content will be added based on the votes for each set of keywords. Though there are currently 67 topics covered in Article Builder, you can still request the topic you desired to be added so that you can work on your niche. The database is maintained and updated daily so the topic and content are also growing.

Auto Posting To Blog

The articles can be posted automatically to the blog you added. Though I am not a big fan of auto blogging, it certainly works in handy should you need content updated to your blog automatically.

API of Article Builder

If you are a programmer, you can also tap on the power of Article Builder by using its API to build an article, inject content and generate a super spun article. Currently, I know that Article Marketing Robot incorporated Article Builder API, which means that you can generate and submit articles straight from Article Marketing Robot.

Spin Article Together

This is coolest feature I love the most because it really saves me tons of time to spin the article. When you tick this option to spin article together, it will actually automatically format the article in the spintax format with x number of articles combine (based on your selection). So, this quality spun article is at paragraph level and readable. If you want to take the spinning to the next level, you can consider ticking the next option.

Spin Content With Synonyms

If you tick this option, it will spin the words in the article using The Best Spinner. Together with Spin Article Together, you will get a highly spun article in words and paragraph level more than 1,000% ++ uniqueness.

Same Number of Paragraph

There is an option for you to choose so that Article Builder will produce same number of paragraph. If you are using Unique Article Wizard, this is a real handy function.

Encode Output To Pass Copyscape

There is a function for you to encode the output of article so that it can pass Copyscape. I have never tried this function. Just by choosing the super spun content for each category I can get at least 75% unique article.

I have done a video to walk through the main function of the Article Builder. Watch the video below if you love to know what’s inside Article Builder:

Watch Article Builder review on YouTube.

Article Builder Support

Support generally is provided via 2 places. Informal support is provided via an active forum by Jonathan Leger, which Jonathan and administrator will answer the question. You can also lodge a helpdesk ticket to make sure your questions are answered. I found most of my answers via the forum.

How I Use Article Builder

Generally, I only use Article Builder for SEO link building purpose. For blog network submission,  I choose the spin article together function and / or spin content with synonyms. I have also submitted 5 articles to Ezine Article and they are all approved and published. What I did is to take the article to have Copyscape scanned, if it passed, I submitted without modification to Ezine Article. So, this is the quality of the article generated by Article Builder.

Apart from that, I am also using the articles for web 2.0 submission and Article Marketing Robot submission. Personally, I don’t use any of the article for my blog post and only use them for SEO link building purpose.

Will this work for the long term? Yes, if the database is updated daily, which is what they are doing now. For $297 / year, you can access quality content for 67 topics! This is less than $25 per month, which I will easily hit when I buy 5 pieces of 500 words article for Ezine Article submission. So, this is a no brainer to me. This is a great tool and I am sure it will save you time and money. I highly recommend to give Article Builder a try since it comes with 30 days money guaranteed back.

–> Start Using Article Builder Now

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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  1. Sarah Harper says:

    Hi Ming,

    thank you for the detailed review of Article Builder. I am big fan of Jonathan Leger products currently i’ve all of their latest tools such as the best spinner, article builder, keyword snatcher, keyword canine, accurank tracker etc..
    Sarah Harper recently posted..Keyword Snatcher Discount » $37 ONLY!

  2. Aditya Mehra says:

    Absolutely true. I’ve been using Article Builder along with some of the best Blog Networks in the world. Somehow since, the Blog Networks lost their path because of Panda/Penguin algo updates, now I’m able to submit and get these articles approved on some of the trusted sites like Ezines and also Im doing guest blogging which is became really easy and worthy tool to save our time.

  3. Kiaran Green says:

    Looks interesting and great technology, but I am a little like Charley above I would feel funny auto writing. Could you input your own articles and have this software ‘trick’it up?

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Kiaran Green: Article Builder is a huge database with lots of different snippets written by human. So it is not machine generated content. However, it does use clever algorithm to mix and match the snippet to create an article. Ideally, this will continue to work as long as the database is updated .

      You can input your own articles into Article Builder and you choose the “inject content” tab, select the category of your article, choose how much content you want to add and the style to add (i.e. inside the content, side bar tips, in line callout, etc…). It will just add in a few tips into your article. Check out the video and you will have a better idea how it works.
      Ming Jong recently posted..Google Algorithm Update February 2012 – Link Evaluation

  4. Hi Ming,
    Article builder looks great to try but I am not in a mood to invest money right now therefore I couldnot purchase it until I am not 100% sured to earn money by using it.
    Syeda Mehwish recently posted..Webhosting Plans

  5. Pete Goumas says:

    Hi Ming,
    It looks that ‘article builder’ could make life easier for article writers and it is good for those who want to safe time but many writers want to do all the writing by themselves and I think they dont prefer this software.
    Pete Goumas recently posted..Pharmapacks Coupon & Review

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Pete Goumas: Hi Pete, I understand most of the writers will love to do the writing so that the master piece will have the soul as well. There are a lot of use for this service but it is invaluable for link building that involving spinning and mass syndication. For money sites, I don’t recommend to take the content straight from Article Builder but still there are lots of people doing that to replace the traditional auto blog that scrapping article from somewhere else because it provide a lot more uniqueness to the content…
      Ming Jong recently posted..Is Warrior Forum WSO Turning Into ClickBank?

  6. Marielle Morrow says:

    Great post I found here, I already use it before and it is doing great. I had been using blog networks for article submission and I agree with you that every submission you have it is important to spin and spin it so that it will appear unique. Thanks for sharing this information!
    Marielle Morrow recently posted..Timber Doors

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Marielle Morrow: This Article Builder is amazing, isn’t it? I was very impressed by the idea of writing tips based article so that we can harness the power of spinning. Now, Jon just take it to the next level by having tons of topics for the articles. This really makes life a lot easier when it comes to link building.
      Ming Jong recently posted..ArticleRanks Review

  7. Gustavo says:

    @Ming Jong:
    Hi Myng,

    Thanks for your fast response. Do you mean 3 separated articles or 3 articles with the function “Spin articles together”?

  8. Gustavo says:


    Great article about this amazing tool. Can you explain how to make articles for unique article wizard with article builder? Thanks

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Gustavo: For UAW, you need 3 version of articles with the same paragraph. So, the handy function with Article Builder to produce same paragraph article is really useful. You can select 3 article with the same paragraph and by 1 click, you get 3 quality articles with at least 75% uniqueness with the same paragraph. You can then use them for UAW. Hope this make sense to you.
      Ming Jong recently posted..How To Get Backlinks To Rank A New Site

  9. Enjoyed the article. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m looking forward to giving your suggestions a try. It never hurts though to write a few article so you keep sharp.

    fyi: Error. Parsing JSON Request failed.undefined. You might want to check your commentluv install.

  10. Sorry, I could never use software to write articles.

    I think a piece of your soul comes through when you write, and when you publish articles put together by a computer, what your readers see is a robot.
    Charleen Larson recently posted..Fiverr SEO scams, part uno: Comment spam

  11. Anny says:

    I understand writing content does take time and effort… and sometimes even after spending loads of time the ultimate output is not all that great… I liked your article builder review and the way u showcased the whole process… will certainly try it out to see how i can be benefited… thx for sharing
    Anny recently posted..Top 10 Common Resume Mistakes

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