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On January 12, 2012
Last modified:December 6, 2012


Best mass articles submission software!

Article Marketing Robot is one of the earliest automation software I started investing for my online business. For some of your that have not heard about Article Marketing Robot, it is an automation tool for you to turbo charge your article marketing effort. In this Article Marketing Robot Review post, I will be sharing my experience on how I use it and my results I got so you will get an idea about the quality of Article Marketing Robot.

Article Marketing Robot Overview

Name Article Marketing Robot
Creator Vince Severson
Official Website
Price $97 – $157 (Support Wiki and Web 2.0 sites)
Functions Article Submission, Accounts Creation, Article Spinning

Article Marketing Robot

–> Click Here To Use Article Marketing Robot for 5 days for Free

Why Article Marketing Robot?

Article Marketing Problems

If you have experience in article marketing, you know that you will first need to create accounts for the article directories by filling in all the necessary information. After that you will need to check your email and verify the email confirmation by those article directories. This process is not exciting at all and it is very time consuming when you start creating as many article directory accounts as possible.

Subsequently, when you finally get all your accounts verified and ready for submission, here comes the most tedious part, which is the submission process. Even when you have your articles ready, you will need to manually login to each account, filling in the information such as Article Title, Description, Resources Box, embed with Anchor text to suit different types of format for the article directories, etc…It is not uncommon to take you at least 5 minutes to finish 1 submission. If you submit to more than 10 article directories, you will be easily spend an hour just for submission.

Article Marketing Solution

Fortunately, Article Marketing Robot will be able to help you  solve the problems above. With Article Marketing Robot, you will be able to create thousands of account with just 1 click of button and confirmation of the email verification is also done automatically. Also, the mass submission process to thousands of article directories can be completed within minutes. This is truly a great relieve for us and will certainly super charge the power of article marketing.

Article Marketing Robot Review

Main Features

1. Constant Update Article Directories

Article Marketing Robot currently contains 2057 article directories and the list of directories has been updated from time to time. It has been updated from hundreds of directories to more than 10,000 article directories but recent update in September 2011, they cut down the number of directories to around 2000 ++.  So, you can be rest assure they are doing their best to maintain the article directories so that you will get the most out from Article Marketing Robot.

2. Import Site List And Your WordPress Blogs

If you think 2057 article directories is not enough for you, you have the option to import your own article directories and WordPress Blogs to add on to the existing built in directories on Article Marketing Robot. This is an excellent option for link building fanatic to harness the power of Article Marketing Robot.

If you personally have built a group high Page Rank private blog network, you can easily tap on Article Marketing Robot to submit the articles to those WordPress Blogs. Else if you have a number of your favorite article directories, you will be able to import them to Article Marketing Robot so that you can have 1 platform to do account registration for article directories and article submission.

3. Article Spinning

If you have been long enough in the online marketing world, you probably aware of what article spinning is. If not, it is actually rewriting of an article in a spintax format, such as keyword3 etc… Writing article can be time consuming and outsourcing can get costly when the number adds up. So, article spinning is a great choice to make the article more unique. There are a huge dictionary built into Article Marketing Robot so if you would like to save money, you can just use the built in spinner and do the spinning yourself, rather than buying the popular industry spinner such as The Best Spinner though it is a lot more quicker and versatile.

In my honest opinion, no matter what spinner you used, you will need to proof read the article yourself and remove any wordings that do not make sense since what the spinner does is only to add on synonym for each word they recognize in the database. Though spinning is also a tedious job, it is a must in my honest opinion if you would like to do mass article distribution with Article Marketing Robot to get the maximum effect. Otherwise, not all your submitted articles will be indexed by Google if Google find them all the same.

Fortunately, Article Marketing Robot just have a major update in 8 Jan 2012, which it incorporates the API for Article Builder, a relatively new product by Jonathan Leger. This will solve the article spinning problem.

4. API of Article Builder Incorporated

Article Builder is a relatively new product by Jonathan Leger, which I am currently using for my SEO link building. I will not delve into too much detail for Article Builder since this post is not a review of Article Builder. It is basically a push button content generator for lots of different topics. The article generated from a massive PLR database, which is updated daily by a group of writers that Jonathan hired. So, every time you generate, the article will be different. Check out the video demonstration for Article Builder below:

–> Watch Article Builder Video demonstration

If you subscribed Article Builder, you will be able to use it in Article Marketing Robot to produce spun ready articles for your submission purpose.

5. Captcha Cracking

Have you ever seen those ugly or almost unrecognized series of word when you are using Google external keyword research tool? This is common for the online world and majority of the article directories will have the Captcha built in to prevent spamming by bot. However, that also cause inconvenience for us, as human, because we will need to type in the correct captcha code to gain access every time. Fortunately, Article Marketing Robot allows you to choose various Captcha cracking service such as Death By Captcha, Decaptcher, etc…

The Captcha cracking service will truly automate the account registration and submission process, and make it completely hands free. Else, you will need to manually key in the Captcha code whenever it comes out. The cost is as low as $1.39 for 1000 solved Captchas. So, it is definitely affordable.

6. Proxy

There are proxy function built in so that you can import a list of your trusted proxy when you do the submission. I personally do not use the proxy as I am not a heavy users in Article Marketing Robot. If you need to submit a few dozen times (for yourself or client), you might need proxy service to prevent yourself banned by the article directories.

7. Article Directories Selection

Even though there are over 2000 article directories built in for you in Article Marketing Robot, you might select your favorite’s for submission. You can select the directories based on health, page rank and type of directories. What I usually do is to select the health between 50% to 100% and also choose the directories with Page Rank of at least 1 to link directly to my money site.

Article Marketing Robot ReviewAs you can see in the screenshot above, you can just choose the drop down menu to select the article directories you want to submit. On top of that, you can choose all the fail to submit sites and then submit again another time because sometimes, their network might be down or some issues happen that prevent your from submission.

Truly I enjoy the user interface of Article Marketing Robot as it is really user friendly.

8. Generate Report

This is probably the greatest thing among the feature and I will share with you how I utilize this feature. Apart from generate the live links of the articles so that you know which article directories give you a backlink, more importantly you can grab all this backlinks in RSS format and …

AMR Update – Added Web 2.0 and Wiki Sites

The latest version of Article Marketing Robot has incorporated submission to web 2.0 sites that utilized popular script like ELGG, JCow, PHPFox and wiki sites powered with Media Wiki, Wikka Wiki and Tiki Wiki.

These are extremely powerful because Google absolutely love Wiki and Web 2.0 sites. You are not only be able to submit to thousands of article directories but also tons of web 2.0 and wiki sites! Diversify of link building is the key to succeed in SEO campaign.

Submit to a dozen of RSS Aggregators!

This will super charge your backlinks on the articles since you build RSS links on top of them and also help your articles to get indexed and hence your backlinks! This is powerful technique to get your backlinks indexed by Google! No matter how many backlinks you generated from your articles, if they are not found by Google, it is completely useless!

Article Marketing Robot Support

I believe all of us have bought countless of products, and not many of them provide good support, especially for a 1 time fee product. However, Vince’s support is really good and I have contacted him directly several times and he always come back with a solution for me. On top of the email support, there is a forum where you might find your answers there.

With the regular updates of Article Marketing Robot, you can be rest assure that this product will be updated frequently to gain an edge among the rest of the similar submitter.

Article Marketing Robot Case Study

Till now, you might be thinking this is a great product.  I have done a test for Article Marketing Robot to see the succeed rate of account registration and the submission. Below is the breakdown for this Article Marketing Robot case study:

Article Marketing Robot Case Study

Out of 2057 directories, I manage to register 932, which is slightly less than 50%. There are around 30% of the article directories contains Page Rank of 1 and above (up to PR 5). Out of 932 article directories, the articles successfully submitted to 251 (around 25%). This is the lower end I have seen for the submission rate and most of them get the results of 50%-75% succeed rate. The submission time is only less than 10 minutes, which is very fast in my opinion.

However, to me, this is a lot better than doing the manual submission and it is extremely helpful to build 2nd tier backlinks to sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages and your other web 2.0 sites that point to your money page to funnel the link juice to your money site in a safe way!

Article Marketing Robot Conclusion

I am very impressed by what Article Marketing Robot can do and at this price is definitely worth it considering it will save you tons of your time and effort in article submission and account creation. I would recommend you to to give Article Marketing Robot a try below if you are into article marketing. Bear in mind that it is a Clickbank product, which you have 60 days to test drive the product and if you are not satisfied you can easily ask for a refund.

–> Download Article Marketing Robot for Free for 5 days


To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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