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Most of us are not strangers of Autoresponder and probably have seen it on some of the websites. They are mainly used in squeeze page, blog. pop up, etc…It is typically used to collect the name and email address of the visitors. However, not every marketer and blogger are using it even though they know how powerful Austoresponder is. In this post, I am going to show you why you need an Autoresponder if you are serious about building your online business. In fact, there are more and more offline businesses starting to leverage the power of Autoresponder to facilitate their operation.

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What is An Autoresponder?

When people are talking about Autoresponder online, they are generally referring to a third party email service, which will be able to help you to capture leads to collect their personal information such as name, email address, address, phone no, or any information you would like to capture. A typical Autorsponder can schedule the follow up messages in the sequence you prefer and can broadcast email at a push of  a button to your subscribers.

Benefits of An Autoresponder

How many people visit your site every month? A few thousands or more? If you are not collecting the information of a portion of these visitors, you are wasting the the traffic to you website and leaving a bunch of money on the table. You might be wondering that you did put a RSS icon with a message such as “If you like this post, you might consider to subscribe our RSS for future update”. RSS is good but not good enough…

  1. Email is personal and is a great tool to be used to build up relationship with your reader while RSS is to get you notified about an update of the blog. Using email to deliver a message is way more powerful than RSS.
  2. You can personalize your email message with their name, country or any other information you collected. This will help to build rapport with your subscribers.
  3. With an Autoresponder, you will be able to communicate with your readers anytime you want in relation to any topic. For example, if you come across a great tool but you don’t have time to write a blog post to share with your readers, you can easily broadcast an email with a few sentences to ask them to check out the tool. This way, you will save up lots of your time and your subscribers will thank you for your email.
  4. Drive traffic to any site you want with a click of button. This sounds like a hype but it is true. That’s how the top marketer with huge mailing list hit top Alexa rank within just a few days during their product launches. This is because they leverage their mailing list to drive tons of traffic to their sites and other JV partners also doing the same thing.
  5. Monetization. You can promote affiliate offers and your product launches by broadcasting an email to your subscribers. That’s why you hear the old cliche “The money is in the list”. When you know what your subscribers want, all you need is to find it and give it to them. to help them solve their problems.

Which Autoresponders To Choose From?

There are quite a number of Autoresponders in the market. However, I would strong suggest to avoid using the free Autoresponder services or  Autoresponders with your hosting. A good Autoresponder need to be very reliable in terms of delivering messages on time and to be able to deal with spam complaints. Therefore, they regularly work closely with other email service providers such as gmail, yahoo mail, etc…to ensure they can deliver the message on time.

Another thing to note is that for each message you send out, there will be an unsubscribed link for your subscribers in case they do not want to receive messages for you. If there are people complain complain about the spam mail, the Autoresponder services will handle for you. I’ve heard people using the Autoresponder of their hosting get their account banned because the hosting receives too many spam complaints.

I am using Aweber and am very happy with their service and support so far. Getresponse is another good choice but I still prefer Aweber due to its user friendly interface and affordable price. There is a 30 days $1 trial for Aweber so you can definitely give it a go and decide whether Aweber fits your business model.

–> Click Here To Sign Up Aweber 30 Days $1 Trial

What’s your experience with Aweber or Getresponse? Do you use other Autoresponders? Leave a comment below to share your view :)

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

16 Responses to “Why You Need Autoresponders For Online Business”
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  1. It’s too bad I missed your reply regarding Singapore on February 9, 2013. I would have loved to meet such a caring person.

    Regarding Aweber, I was with them for two or three years and I never got anywhere. And it wasn’t from being lazy because I worked my butt off sending valuable content out so perhaps, I was doing the wrong thing. Also because it didn’t help that I have three websites I was working on so that meant three weekly posts I was sending out.

    I am game to try it again but only if I have someone to guide me.


  2. vinton samms says:

    I have been using autoresponders and as a matter of fact have accounts with three of them.
    I do appreciate your detailed information on the subject matter. Persons who are new to the internet business world should find this quite useful and if properly implemented will make a difference to their businesses.

    vinton samms recently posted..Running a home based business

  3. Hi,

    We realy love what you are sharing with your readers. We know that if we found time to implement them, we’d earn money online.

    My husband and I will be in Singapore on February 9, 2013 just for one day. It would be nice to meet you.

    Thanks a lot for all you share,


  4. avinash sonawane says:

    I am new. No products to sale. Serious about affiliate marketing and online HR consultancy, job placement and recruitment, educational training courses. But don’t know how to start online business. I live at Goa in India. I Dear Ming, guide me. I am working in a Government job as engineer. If this is up, in 2-3 years I wish to take voluntary retirement and fully devote time for business and hence makes sense to go for online business.

  5. Thanks for your lovely post, I know this but usually I cannot setup autoresponder on my sites as I am newbie and in learning phase.

    Good Work
    Muhammad Tauseef recently posted..How to Make Money Online

  6. Autoresponder is absolutely a must for building any kind of business online.

    I started with AWeber, then went to try MailChimp since it’s free until you have a certain number of subscribers.

    But then I found out that MailChimp reserve (and exercise) the right to close accounts they feel are involved in affiliate marketing of any kind. Without warning.

    I also looked at iContact, but ended up back with AWeber, it seems to be the most user friendly and is great value.

    $19/month is a small investment, considering the value of learning to build, and then building a responsive email list.

    Just my 2cents worth!
    Jym | Increase Blog Traffic recently posted..25 Ways to Discover Good Blog Topics in Your Niche

  7. I have never liked AWeber for some reason. Have used GetResponse but currently using MailChimp. Just noticed that to use the autoresponder part though requires payment. Keep looking at integrated programs like Infusionsoft and Hubspot. What do you think of them?

  8. Hi, thanks for this. It’s the most comprehensive sales letter for autoresponders I’ve seen. I’ve used aweber from day one and it’s great. One tip is to alternate between broadcast messages (when you’ve got something new to say) and follow-up messages (which start sending out automatically when someone opts-in to your list). It’s also a good idea to check your follow-up messages from time to time to make sure they’re fresh.
    Cassie | womenswaytowealth recently posted..Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-02

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