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Review of: Aweber

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On December 13, 2011
Last modified:December 4, 2012


Top notch professional autoresponder service for email marketing.

List building is essential for your online business as you are probably aware of. Before you can start building your list, you must have a reliable autoresponder service, such as AWeber. In this post, I am not going to repeat the techniques of list building, rather I will focus on the autoresponder service that I personally use and it is also one of the most popular services among the internet marketers – AWeber.

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Free Autoresponder or Paid Autoresponder

There are quite a number of newbie marketer told me that they are using free autoresponder service because of the fact that they want to save money and need some more time to test out the email marketing campaign before they are using paid professional autoresponder services. My take is:

Never use a free autoresponder service!

Why? Autoresponder service is not another product in the internet marketing world, rather it is a professional tool to let people like you and me to harness the power of email marketing to expand your business. Professional autoresponder service deals with ISP across the world regularly to ensure they can achieve the highest deliverability rates without being marked as spam so that you can rest assure that every single email that you send out to your list will be received.

Deliverability is one of the critical key that we need to look into when choosing autoresponder service. We want our emails get sent out immediately without any delay and our prospect will receive them without being marked as spam.

The other thing we need to be aware of is that once you stick to the autoresponder, it is not easy to transfer your list to another service if you are using single opt in function because most of the reputable and professional autoresponder service providers will need your single opt in list to confirm before they are transferred. The reality is more than 50% of the single opt in list might not confirm to change the autoresponder service. You simply do not want to waste the effort you put in when building! So, I strongly recommend that always go for paid professional autoresponder service, such as AWeber.

AWeber Overview

AWeber is one of the most popular autoresponder service adopted by professional internet marketer and lots of offline brick and mortal business. It is founded by Tom Kuzler in 1998. The pricing varies according to the number of subscribers in your list. Below is the monthly pricing table of AWeber for different number of subscribers:

Subscribers AWeber –
0-500 $19
501-2,500 $29
2,501-5,000 $49
5,001-10,000 $69
10,001-25,000 $149
25,001 and above Contact Aweber

Besides, AWeber offers 1 month trial at $1, i.e. you only need to pay $1 in the first month to enjoy the full features and functions of AWeber. This is indeed a great news for users as you have 1 full month to try out AWeber before you carry on the subscription.

–> Visit AWeber Official Site: for more information

Autoresponder Key Components

Before you go to sign up any autoresponder service, you need to realize several important components that will make or break your business. I will go through in detail below. So, let’s begin now!

Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is the most important factor that you need to consider when you select an autoresponder service. Why? What’s more important than to make sure your email is delivered successfully without delay to your subscribers? Autoresponder is designed to schedule follow up email and broadcast email so they must have the highest email deliverability.

Autoresponder such as AWeber is constantly communicate with ISP across the world to ensure the highest email deliverability:

  • No/minimal delay when sending email.
  • Not being block or marked as spam.

AWeber have very strict anti spam policy to maintain the quality of its service in order to maximize the email deliverability for their client. During the 2 years ++ period of using AWeber, I never find my broadcast email delay and in fact, I receive my own broadcast email (i.e. I am a subscriber of myself) within minutes right after I hit the send button on AWeber.

There is also a built in spam score checker using SpamAssassin to display the spam score and help you to reduce it to an acceptable level so that your email will not being marked as spam. You will see the spam score of each of your broadcast and follow up email in the dashboard as circled in red below.

AWeber autoresponder

AWeber is doing a great job in terms of email deliverability and you can rest assure that all your follow up or broadcast emails will be delivered successfully without any delay.

AWeber Interface & Features

The interface of AWeber is one of the best that I love a lot. I am sure even if you are a complete newbie, you will have no problem in using AWeber. You can easily follow the step by step instruction to create your list and a web form to be used in your websites. Another thing that is worth to mention is that there are thousands of web form template that you can choose from so you’ll never worry about finding the best web form to suit your niches.

signup form

With AWeber, you are allowed to create unlimited lists for your various campaigns, niches and sites. In each of your list, you can create follow up email and broadcast email at any time you like or just schedule the email at specific date and time. This comes in handy as you can schedule email to your subscribers at each of the festive season.

There are 2 important and extremely useful features that I would like to emphasize here, which are:

  1. Automation
  2. Campaign Sharing

You can use Automation rule to create a buyer list and remove the buyer from your freebie opt in list. This will help you to know how many buyers are in your list and therefore you can structure different message to your buyer list.

aweber automation

Campaign sharing is another cool feature to let you import follow up message from a different list or account.  This will save you hours to just retype the follow up messages. All you need to do is to copy and paste the campaign code and click load campaign.

campaign sharing

AWeber contains all the essential Autoresponder features from creating a list, sophisticated web form, to managing your list, and everything can be done easily via its simple and user friendly interface. This is another reason I prefer AWeber.

AWeber Support

Support is another critical factor when choosing Autoresponder. Live chat, email, videos and live webinars are provided to make sure all your questions will be answered and sorted out.  I have tried a few times live chat support and I am extremely happy with AWeber live chat support so far. Since AWeber has been around for 12 years (since 1998), you can be rest sure that your possible questions have been answered.


AWeber indeed is one of the essential online tool you should invest if you are serious in building your business. I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of the AWeber $1 Trial and get started to build your list!

–> Click Here To Start Aweber at $1!

After you get your AWeber setup, you will need to start building and monetize your list. I would like to share with you a great FREE email marketing course by Michael Rasmussen – Email Promos Exposed, which contains 8 videos packed with ninja techniques for writing effective and attention grabbing emails. These video course will definitely helps you to master email marketing techniques.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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    Hi I am going to bookmark this post as it was just what I am looking for I am just getting my site ranking. List building is right near the top now that I have got my site a bit more sorted I can spend more time promoting it.

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