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Last month I’ve bought Premium List Magnet plugin during the launch and used it on one of my niche sites. A few days ago, I was notified by Welly Mulia, the product creator of Premium List Magnet, that he is giving away a lite version of this handy list building WordPress plugin for free. This is truly a great plugin to help to increase the opt in rate and manage your advertisement on your WordPress blog.


How Premium List Magnet Lite Can Help You?

Premium List Magnet lite version can help you to easily create the following cool effect for your blog:

  • Sliding Top Optin
  • Sliding Top Ad
  • Sliding Bottom Optin
  • Sliding Ad

–> Click here to check out the demonstration of Premium List Magnet Lite.

With this plugin, you can really draw attention of your readers and draw them to opt in or click your advertisement. This is definitely more effective than the typical static banners/opt in form displayed all the time.

I’ve seen plugins like this selling at $7-$17 in the marketplace. However, you can get this premium list magnet lite version (which will perform the above-mentioned effect) for free, which is truly a great deal.

Advanced Features of Premium List Magnet Lite

Apart from sliding the opt in or advertisement from top and bottom, you can also manage the following:

  • The schedule of the opt in or advertisement (such as to show every “xx” impressions). If you think it might be too aggressive and irritate your readers every time they visit your blog posts, you can set the schedule of the sliding for your opt in and ads to optimize your results.
  • Control the display delay time. You can choose the delay time to draw the attention of your readers.
  • The theme, color and text displayed on the “sliding bar” are fully customizable.
  • To create different campaign for different posts/pages. This is really handy to customize the campaign so that it will suit every single post you have. This feature alone will be able to skyrocket the opt in rate/conversion rate.
  • Split test your campaign by rotating the campaign you set up. This will allow you to determine the winner and hence increase your revenue.

How to Use Premium List Magnet Lite to Your Advantage

You can install this plugin to all your domains (i.e. your business) because it comes with unlimited domain license. You can increase the exposure of the advertisement by adding in the sliding function for your ad to promote your own product or your affiliate products.

The best way to get the maximum effect is to create different campaigns for different posts/pages so that the opt in or the advertisement is highly relevant to your posts. For example, if you have a post about “Tips on backlinking strategies”, you might consider to promote a SEO course. If you have a a post about “Setting squeeze page for list building”, you can put a opt in form to give away a squeeze page so that your readers can start right away.

With a bit of creativity, the potential of this free plugin is unlimited :)

–>Download your Premium List Magnet for Free Now



To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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  1. blogger says:

    whats the % increase of CTR after installing this plugin?

  2. Jen Eick says:

    Sweet, Ming Jong, thank you for sharing this!!

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