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As a SEO lover, I always look out and try out various tools that will help to rank my sites on the front page of Google in order to get some more organic traffic.  Recently I started using Linkvana, a premium blog network services, which I heard a lot of good thing about them. Linkvana is not like the typical blog network such as ArticleRanks, which allows for spun article to be syndicated to a number of blogs with Page Rank. Instead, Linkvana only allow for unique content to be submitted for each post / article (more to this later) and each post/ article will only be submitted to 1 blog, and hence give you one backlink.

Linkvana Overview

Name Linkvana
Official Website
Price $147 (7 day free trial)
Function Blog Network

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Why Linkvana

Let’s come to the point, how does Linkvana stands out from the rest of the blog network? Before joining Linkvana, we should know a few more things about blog network. What’s so special about Linkvana comparing to other blog networks? As I mentioned above, Linkvana require unique content (not spun) to be submitted and each post / article will be humanly reviewed before it goes live and get published. Due to the fact that the content is not spun, it is only feasible to be published to 1 blog instead of multiple blogs to avoid the issue of duplicate content.

The major difference between Linkvana and other blog network such as ArticleRanks is that all the blog networks belong to Linkvana and hence they spend a great deal of effort in maintaining those blogs so that they are clean, well maintained and not leaving footprint. We all know that Google loves unique content, especially after the Google Panda update. This is exactly what Linkvana is doing. They only allow unique content to be published on the blog network.linkvana review

The other major concern of using blog network is getting the article indexed. If the article you submitted is not indexed, you are just wasting the effort of doing article syndication to blog network. Unfortunately, most of the blog networks do not build 2nd tier backlinks to help to index the published articles. Even if they do, the indexing rate will heavily depend on the uniqueness of the spun article because Google will ignore article with very similar content.

Linkvana do build links to the published articles using a mixture of tools such as social bookmark, social network and RSS. This is great to help to index the article and on top of that, the 2nd tier backlinks will pass down the link juice to the published articles and eventually to your money site.

Linkvana Review

Linkvana Network Stat

There are around 1,500 domains reside on different C class IP addresses with average Page Rank of 2.8. The age of domain is at least one year while some are up to 7 years. Each domains containing thousands of backlinks because of the ongoing maintenance of the networks.


The interface of Linkvana is clean and easy to use without problems.  You basically set up your own project for your reference purpose so that you can easily identify the progress of each of your project. As you can see below, I have set the posting frequency to 2-5 per day, which is the maximum rate Linkvana allow for. You can adjust the posting frequency to suit your backlinking plan. Currently, I have 21 articles published and around 10 articles on the other 2 projects. So, I still have some more articles queued to be reviewed and published.

I have recorded a video (6 Aug 2012) and there are a lot of new cool features added in Linkvana. Check out the video below:

Click here to find out all the cool features that provided by Linkvana

Linkvana review

The setting the posting frequency will allow you to determine your link building velocity and avoid the “Google Slap” on your site. Also, it is sort of hands free once you have queue your articles for your projects. I usually queue 10 articles at a time for each project to make sure it will last for at least 2-3 days.

Reporting Summary Progress

This is another handy feature to show your progress and total live posts for each keyword. Check out the illustartions below:

Linkvana stat

Linkvana keyword

Submitting Article / Post

There are 2 types of content allowed in Linkvana. You can either write a minimum of 100 words to insert a link or to write 250 words for 3 links. All content is to be unique and they will be reviewed before published. The submission process is very easy and straight forward as no spinning involved. All you need to do is write your article there (or copy and paste from Word if you prefer) and then just inserting your backlink.

You can create as many project as you like and build backlinks to any domains. So, there is no domain limitation like some other blog networks have.

Update 28 Feb 2012: According to Linkvana staff, video and picture embedding function will be implemented within a month. So, each post / article will be able to contain a video on top of the backlink.


There is an outsourcing feature included. If you are too busy or lazy to train your VA to do the submission, you can choose to outsource to Linkvana team. They will help you to write the posts / articles. So, the link building process can be fully automated. However, each post cost $2.

Other Functions

Aside being a blog network, Linkvana contain other services such as social bookmarking, social media, profile and blog commenting on PR3-5 pages for you to promote your money site.

You can purchase credits in order to use the services. However. every month you are given 100 free social media links and 150 blog commenting for you to use to promote your money pages. All this functions are extra topping in addition to the posts / articles submission to high page rank blogs.

Update 28 Feb 2012

Based on my discussion with Linkvana staff, the blog comment links are dofollow and they are posted to the posts / articles under the blog networks. This is excited and very useful as the links are dofollow on the actual pages with Page Rank ranges from 3-5! Due to the fact that each of your project is categorized, the posts / articles shown up for your projects for commenting will be related to your category. So, you will be commenting on high Page Rank pages in your niche.

Linkvana Drawbacks

Display of Indexed Posts

Although Linkvana claim that they build backlinks to all published articles / posts to help them to get indexed, you will have no idea if your articles/ posts have been indexed unless you do a search on Google yourself. It would great to actually see your articles / posts being indexed since Linkvana put in effort to build 2nd tier backlinks to the published posts / articles.


No doubt, Linkvana is one the most expensive blog networks I come across. So, it is important that Linkvana will actually produce great results in terms of building quality backlinks and help to rank my sites. If it does, $147/month for unlimited domains and unlimited posts will be easily paid off.

Linkvana Case Studies

I have actually prepared 3 of my money sites for testing. For you information, these 3 sites and the target keywords are very different.The ranking of each keyword is taken at 27 Feb 2012. All keywords are popular and competitive enough with lots of marketer in the pool.

  1. The first site is very new, about 1 month old. Target keyword contain exact search volume of 33,300. Currently rank at 69.
  2. The second site is about 5 months old with Page Rank of 1. The target keyword has exact search volume of 9,900.Currently rank at 16.
  3. The 3rd site is an established site with Page Rank of 3. The target keyword has exact search volume of 9,900. Currently rank at 24.

I have highlighted in red box the starting date of Linkvana link building for these 3 sites. It is still too early to conclude if Linkvana is effective to push my sites to higher ranking as I have been using slightly more than a week. To get a better idea, I have stopped other link building activities but Linkvana to these 3 pages.

Linkvana Case Study

Update 12 March 2012

It has been 2 weeks and it is time to update the ranking for these 3 keywords. So here we go.

Linkvana case study March 2012

As we can see above, the ranking of the first keyword up from 69 to 26, which is very encouraging. The second keyword dropped a bit to 19 (from 16). The 3rd keyword up from 24 to 5th on the first page, which is a big deal! A product name keyword with 9,900 exact search on the 5th position of page 1 can definitely bring me some income.

So far, I am very happy with the results that Linkvana bring me in 2 weeks, except keyword 2. This might be due to linking variety issue. I will update the ranking in 2 weeks time again.

So, do check back from time to time as I will be updating the case study results for these 3 keywords.


So far, I don’t have a conclusion about Linkvana yet and it is too early to inform you if Linkvana is great for link building. So, do come back to check out my update of Linkvana case studies. In the mean time, you can also try out Linkvana free for 7 days if you want.

–>Click Here to Try Linkvana for free for 7 days!




To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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  1. This is great help Ming; I really like everything you’re sending us.

    By the way, what do you mean by “bear in mind to vary the anchor text as much as possible to avoid future Penguin update. I am sticking to 40% main keywords, 40% LSI keywords and 20% generic keywords..”

    Also, I read somewhere and thought Google does not like anchor text anymore. Probably, it’s just gossip but if I find my reference on that, I will get back to you.
    Evelyn Guzman recently posted..Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 1 Selecting a Domain Name

  2. Karen says:

    There seems to be rumors about Linkvana being deindexed just like BMR. Is it true?

  3. Great post. I have never heard of this service before. Thanks for providing such a detailed compendium. I will have to do some research myself to learn more.
    James Taunton recently posted..How to Choose Online Pharmacy

  4. David M says:

    It’s hard to afford all the tools that come along! But so far I get a ton of info that I always put to use every time I see an email from you. Best list I’ve ever joined!
    David M recently posted..Breaking Habits

  5. Great post Ming Jong. I have never heard of this service before. Thanks for providing such a detailed review. I will have to do some research myself to learn more. Have a great day.


  6. My take is that LinkVana is quite expensive with all the sites owned by the same company, that is a lot of eggs to put in one basket. I am not saying it can not be helpful, but it is something to consider.
    David Leonhardt recently posted..The Deger Delay Mystery

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