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I have been using Market Samurai for quite some time mainly for keyword research and competition analysis, simply because these are the first two things that I always look into before I decide if it is viable to go ahead with marketing a product. If you pick a great product with high competition you will have a hard time to get it ranked on the front page of Google. So, we just need to set the ground right before we start the marketing process.

In this post I am going to show you how I generally use Market Samurai for all my campaigns, the exact criteria I look at for competition analysis and the way you can get Market Samurai at huge discount to save you $52.

Market Samurai Overview

Name Market Samurai
Official Website
Price $149 $97 (Follow my instruction below)
Main Function Keyword research, competition analysis and rank tracker

Click here to download Market Samurai (free trial available)

Why Market Samurai?

When I first started my online business, I do both keyword research and competition analysis manually. For keyword research, you still can use Google keyword Tool to check the monthly searches if you only focus on a few keywords. If you are running a few campaigns, each campaign consists of 5-10 keywords, I will high recommend you to use a software to manage the data so that we can easily retrieve the data in future when necessary.

By using Market Samurai, even though the monthly searches will be outdated in future, we can easily update the data by running the software again and compare multiple keywords easily. This is something that is very time consuming if we do it manually with Google Keyword Tool.

In addition, the most time consuming part is the competition analysis if done manually. Generally, I will look at both on page and off page data for the competitors that are ranked on the front page of Google because my objective is only to beat one of them so that my page can get to the front page and slowly to the top few spots.

Manual Competition Analysis

Firstly, install SEO Quake to your browsers (they support Firefox, Chrome and Opera) as we need it to examine some of the on page factors. Remember to turn on the SEO Quake simply clicking on the SEO Quake icon at the bottom right hand corner when you want to analyze the data in Google.

Inside Google, search for the keyword you would like to rank for your site and you will the each of the result comes with a SEO Quake bar with a lot of information, like below:

Competition analysis SEO Quake

Some typical factors I will look into are Page Rank, number of index pages, age of the domain and number of backlinks. By checking the first 3 factors, I will know if the site is an authority site. Also, the number of backlinks gives me an idea of how much effort they put in to optimize for the specific keyword. However, by looking at the number of backlinks is only part of the story, we still need to determine the anchor text used in their backlinks.

For the anchor text profile, I will use to analyze them:

ahref anchor text

For a free account, there are limited queries you can have daily (around 15) but this should be enough if you just start out. For a glance, you will know the exact anchor texts the page are optimized. For sure, Wikihow is a real competitor if you target keyword like “get rid of acne”. For some other sites (like Yahoo Answer), you might discover that the pages might not be optimized for the targeted keyword so you can easily beat them up with decent SEO link building. So, just repeat the process for the top 10 sites until you are done with the keyword you target.

As you can see now, it is entirely possible to do competition analysis the manual way but the downside is it is tedious and time consuming. Let me show you how I use Market Samurai to do this with just a few clicks below.

Market Samurai Competition Analysis

Once I launch Market Samurai, I just type in a new keyword “get rid of acne” and move on to the SEO Competition module > Click Generate Results.

Market Samurai Competition Analysis

I will be able to know all the required factors at first glance. If I want to find out the anchor text profile for each site, I can simply click the arrow beside each site and select anchor text analysis. I will get a summary plus the actual backlinks they have:

Market Samurai Anchor Text Analysis

This is a powerful feature because you will not only save tons of time in competition analysis but also get to know where you competitors get their backlinks from so that you can try if you can get the backlinks from the same source!

Criteria for Competition Analysis

I usually aims for average PR of below 2 for the top 10 competitors, with number of backlinks of less than 1,000 (of course need to check the anchor text profile). I will check if the page / site is optimized for Meta Title, URL and if the domain age is less than 2-3 years for majority of the sites.

If the top 10 sites consists of sites like Yahoo Answer, YouTube, Squidoo, Hubpages, Article directories, it is a good sign because with the proper SEO effort, it will be very easy to beat those sites.

Market Samurai Review

There are 8 modules in Market Samurai such as keyword research, competition analysis, rank tracker, domains, monetization, find content, publish content and promotion. I only use it for keyword research, competition analysis and rank tracker.

Keyword Research

One of the great features in Market Samurai is that you can filter the data by organic search, Adwords detail like cost per click, competition and the commerciality. These will be very handy to remove the results that are not qualified.

SEO Competition

As you have seen the comparison that I have between manual competition analysis and using Market Samurai, you probably realize it is a time saver to use Market Samurai. I have recorded a video to give you an overview on the keyword research and the competition analysis module using Market Samurai below:

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Rank Tracker

One of the bonus features of Market Samurai is Rank Tracker, which you can use it to track your keyword ranking automatically because it is a cloud based service. Market Samurai allows you to track 50 keywords for free using their cloud based service so you don’t need to worry about Google banning your IP address or using proxy to query on Google everyday.

Tracking is very important because you can’t really improve your ranking if you never track. So, this is a nice essential feature for you to tap on.

For the rest of the features, I haven’t explored much but you might find some of them useful to you such as the domain finder based on your keyword, find content on article directories, blogs, videos / pictures and news site, etc…

Market Samurai Discount

The retail price of Market Samurai is $149 but you can now take the advantage to have a huge discount of 35% off, which will save you $52! Just follow the instruction below to get the discount:

1. Click here to reach the Market Samurai page.

2. Fill in your name and email address to download the free trial of Market Samurai.

3. After you opt in, you will be taken to the download page where you will see a special offer where you can get Market Samurai at $97. Please note that this special price will end in 7 days from the time you opt in.

4. Click the buy now button to buy Market Samurai at $97 or use the free trial and make sure you check back the page in 7 days to buy Market Samurai at $97 before the offer ends if you decide to buy.

If you have any doubt about the process to get Market Samurai at a huge discount, watch the video above (drag till the end) where I show you the whole process. Of course, you can just leave me a comment below if you have any queries or share your experience with Market Samurai.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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  1. Market Samurai is great. Thank you very much for sharing this review and information about it. It was a truly great read. I hope there will be more reviews to come. I had a great time here by the way. Keep up the good work!

  2. Jerry D Ross says:

    Great review of Market Samurai. I have not used it yet, so the screenshot and examples give a lot of insight into how it can be of benefit. Good stuff!
    Thanks for the tip on saving on the price of it, as well.
    Jerry D Ross recently posted..The Importance of Linking for SEO

  3. Steve says:

    Great Review, I to use market samurai and is a great tool to have! Downloaded your Buyer Keywords Hunter Blueprint. looks interesting. Thanks

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