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I bought Tweet Adder around one and a half year ago but only start using it 6 months ago. Why? Firstly, I didn’t really like Twitter and I spend a lot more time on Facebook mainly because the limitation of no of characters in Twitter.

On the other end, I realize that it is a huge potential to generate lots of traffic from Twitter without putting in too much effort, thanks to the automation of Tweet Adder. So, I decided to give it a try since there isn’t much to do on my end but to open Tweet Adder and let it run after setting up the automation. Here, I just want to highlight how I use TweetAdder and a few cool features that make it an outstanding Twitter automation tool.

Tweet Adder Overview

Name Tweet Adder
Official Website
Price From $55
Function Automated Twitter management software

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Why Tweet Adder?

Twitter has imposed a limit of 2,000 on the number of following that you can have initially. That means that when you follow 2,000 people, you will be restricted unless your followers hit around 1,800-1,900. Subsequently, the limit of the number of following is around 10% of the number of your followers.

If you are not a celebrity or well known person like politician, best seller authors, etc…it is hard to build up a huge followers. So, one of the easiest ways is to follow as many people in your niche and around 1/3 of them will follow you back after they find out more from you. So, this is the easy way to build up followers.

However, as I mentioned approximately 30% of your following will follow you back and become your follower. So, it is essential for you to unfollow the people that are not following you so that you can follow more people to gain more followers. If you do this manually, it will be very time consuming and tedious. This is where Tweet Adder come in.

Tweet Adder Review

Tweet Adder will help you to automate the tasks like follow, unfollow and schedule the tweets. I really love the automation part for follow and unfollow part because this saves us a lot of time to manage our twitter accounts.

Tweet Adder

Follow Users

Before we automate the following process, we will need to find out the people that we want to follow. One of the best and easiest way is to target the followers of big name / guru in your niche. This saves you a lot of hard work to find out the people that are in your niche. For example, I can target Problogger, John Chow, etc…for my Twitter account since I am into blogging and make money online niche and they have a lot of the followers.

So, we can just use Search users to follow > Followers of the user and key in the big name that we are interested and let Tweet Adder to the heavy job to generate a list of the followers for us to follow.

Subsequently, we just turn on the automation to follow users. I set the maximum follows to send = 10% of my current followers, with a time delay of between 0-3 minutes. Once your followers grow, I will just adjust the number of the maximum follows to send. The other part which we need to pay attention to is the unfollow part.

Unfollow Users

Due to the restriction of Twitter, we will need to unfollow the users that are not interested in our business / ourselves so that we only interact with the people that are interested in us and build up more followers.

I turn the automation on to unfollow any non-reciprocal follows, which means that we remove the people that are not following us back. I set the Maximum unfollow to send = 9% of my current followers, with a time delay of between 0-3 minutes. In addition, I set 3 days for waiting before the automation kick in to unfollow users. This should be enough for people that are active in Twitter to consider if they would like to follow you back.

Once the automation is set, all I need to do is to open up Tweet Adder daily and close it before I go to bed. This is very simple and straight forward.


This is another important feature that I use in Tweet Adder. It allows you to import your tweet list and schedule the posting time. I just write up for the tweets for some of my blog posts that I think are important and helpful. Once it is set, Tweet Adder will post the tweets as scheduled.

This is generally how I automate the twitter marketing process using Tweet Adder. Following, unfollowing and tweeting are being taken care of. However, the other thing I still do manually is to login and check my Twitter account daily for 5-10 minutes.


This is the maintenance for twitter marketing. Though everything has been automated via Tweet Adder, we need to remember that Twitter is still a social network, which require interaction.

So, all I do is to login to my Twitter account. Under Connect > Mentions, and check out if there is anyone interact with me, either retweet my post, chat with me, etc…Then I will interact with them by making the conversation more meaningful and interesting. Also, I will check out some tweets by others and retweet a few that I like.

This is the only social part that I do for maintenance for twitter marketing.

I have also recorded a video below so that you can see how Tweet Adder works:

Click here to get Tweet Adder

Does Twitter Marketing Work?

Of course it does. Apart from having quality content to attract your followers to check out, we need to build up huge followers in terms of number so that the posts will get more retweet and spread further. As you can see, based on the Twitter restriction, you will be able to build up more followers when your followers number go up.

Try Out Tweet Adder

There are a lot other features in Tweet Adder but I just highlighted a few that I use frequently. You can try Tweet Adder for free (with limitation) if you are keen to get a feel how powerful this software is.

Click here to download Tweet Adder Now


To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

35 Responses to “Tweet Adder Review – Get Twitter Followers Fast And Easy Way”
Read them below or add one

  1. Mary McLean says:

    Hi Ming Jong. Tweetadder is working wonderfully. I now have almost 2,500 followers. I had about 200 when I bought Tweetadder.

    I have just one question. I have included an RSS feed for my blog but I keep getting a message which states: Tweet skipped because there was no valid RSS item to tweet.
    Any idea what the problem might be?

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Mary McLean: Great to know that you have increase your followers tremendously!!! Well done.

      I haven’t used the RSS feature in TweetAdder so I can’t comment much. I will shorten the links for the post I would like to tweet and load them in a text file, instead of using RSS. This works every time without an issue.

      Is your RSS url working? Sometimes, I get people mention about my RSS is not working. I only found out due to clashing with one or two of my wordpress plugins.
      Ming Jong recently posted..What’s Next After Product Creation

  2. Mary McLean says:

    Thanks again Ming Jong. You are so always so helpful. Sorry to bother you. TweetAdder is now working brilliantly.
    Mary McLean recently posted..Remembrance Day by Mark Knopfler – We Will Remember Them

  3. Mary McLean says:

    Hi Ming Jong, sorry to be a pain but I cannot figure out how to change the settings on how many tweets go out every day. The response I got from TweetAdder support is that my setting is at 20. But I still have no idea how to change it. I’m sure it is something simple.

    Any idea how I can sort it out?
    Mary McLean recently posted..Remembrance Day by Mark Knopfler – We Will Remember Them

  4. Mary McLean says:

    Hi Ming Jong, I just want to thank you for introducing me to TweetAdder. It is working away very successfully for me now. What a brilliant product. Mary
    Mary McLean recently posted..Remembrance Day by Mark Knopfler – We Will Remember Them

  5. Mary McLean says:

    Thanks again. Ming Jong. It’s working fine now.
    Mary McLean recently posted..Develop a Success Mindset and Start Living Your Dream – FREE download

  6. Mary McLean says:

    Thanks a million Ming Jong. You are always so helpful. I’ll try that.

    Mary McLean recently posted..How “Daily Audio” and Empower Network’s Inner Circle Audios Can Change (and even save) Your Life

  7. Mary McLean says:

    Hi MIng Jong, I love tweet adder. Thanks for the recommendation. When I log in now I get a message which says “For best results disable the ‘user https only’ setting on”

    I have searched on Twitter and can’t find how to do this. Any ideas?


    Mary McLean recently posted..The secret to Living your dream is inside your mind

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Mary McLean: Hi Mary, TweetAdder has fixed the login error, which I did encountered a few days ago. When you open up Tweet Adder, it should prompt you to download the latest version #built121027. After installation, it will function as normal.

      Twitter changes its algorithm from time to time so Tweet Adder will incorporate the patches to its software as well :)

      If you still face the issue, use the support tab to send an email to the support team and they will get back to you.
      Ming Jong recently posted..How & Why Storytelling Can Benefit Every Blogger And Marketer?

  8. Henrik says:

    I thought I read somewhere that this tool or these kind of tools are getting banned from Twitter. I mean that there is a great risk getting your Twitter account banned. Isn’t it so?

  9. Ming Jong,

    Go to Hoot Suite, there are many more, you will find a variety of choices that are similar, this one is a popular choice… You will find it an excellent maintenance tool for all of your Social Sites… Including Face Book, Google, Twitter, and 100 hundred others….

    You will be able to manage your entire social network from one screen. It does to many things to mention here, just go take a look.

    I do not remember if it will follow unfollow , but it is loaded, I mean loaded with all the tools you will need , and you can always included your software to add the final touch, if need.

    By the way Google Alert is great for monitoring what people are saying about you..

  10. Mary McLean says:

    Hi Ming Jong.

    Sorry to be a nuisance but when I click the link in your post to download Tweet Adder I get a message to say I am not logged in. When I hit “forgot password” I get a message telling me a new password has been sent to your email address.

    Mary McLean recently posted..Living Your Dream – Free ebook – The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

  11. Mary McLean says:

    Hi Ming Jong, thank you again for the quick reply. I will certainly give the suggestions a try and will look forward to your post on the subject.

    You are always so helpful.

    Mary McLean recently posted..Are You Over 50 and Ready To Start Living Your Dream?

  12. Mary McLean says:

    Ming Jong, I can see why some people don’t want to use it fo social media but it sounds like a very helpful tool for business. I will certainly download the trial version and check it out. Thanks for all of the great information.

    I am relatively new to Twitter. I always retweet anything I think others would be interested in. However I am unsure how to reply directly to someone who has tweeted me, or to check out what’s happening when I get an email to say that I have been mentioned in a tweet.

    Have you done a blog post about this? If not would you consider doing one? I would guess that I am not the only one in the dark about this.

    Thanks again.

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Mary McLean: Mary, TweetAdder is a powerful tool to manage the Twitter account, especially you are into several other niches with multiple Twitter accounts.

      I mentioned the “interaction part” in my post above (under maintenance). Always check Connect > Mentions to see if people mention your name so that you can reply them. If you click on interaction, you will also see some people retweet your post / url without mention your twitter handler (i.e. your name in Twitter). You can’t reply to those people directly. Instead, you will need to click their Twitter handler and send them a direct message / mention them in your tweet.

      So, it is always a good idea to include your Twitter handler for the Tweet button in your blog.

      Another way to keep track everything about you is to go to use Twitter search –!/search-home to type in your name, products, websites, etc…and save the search so that you can monitor when you login Twitter.

      Thanks for the suggestion and I will blog about this including the use of Google Alert to help monitoring.
      Ming Jong recently posted..Download My 2nd Kindle Book – Free Website Traffic At No Cost [24 Hours Only]

  13. Ferb says:

    Hi Ming Joong, that’s great tool to use, but using tool on Twitter isn’t right for me and thanks for your presentatio – Ferb
    Ferb recently posted..50 Tips to Master Twitter from A to Z

  14. Dan Norris says:

    Good stuff, I’ve used this for various sites in the past. I wouldn’t do it for my main twitter account because following loads of people kind of kills the twitter experience but for secondary accounts it’s handy. The auto follow and direct message with a call to action works well.
    Dan Norris recently posted..Google Analytics Advanced Segments – Getting useful metrics on your broad marketing efforts

  15. Steven says:

    I also used tweet attack, but I still do not know how to get more follower that have same niche with mine
    Steven recently posted..What is Chinese Medicine ??

  16. Lisa says:

    I love TweetAdder. I just started to use it. I use it mostly to save time with the follows and unfollows. I’m like you and log in and engage when it is needed. It’s a great product, for sure. I enjoyed reading your review and it was interesting to see which settings you use. Thanks for sharing.
    Lisa recently posted..Chillax!

  17. Elena Anne says:

    Didn’t even know about tweet adder. This is brilliant information. Thanks for the post.
    Elena Anne recently posted..Herbs for Relaxation and Sleep

  18. Steven says:

    I have heard about tweetadder since last year. But with that price, I am not sure about its benefit compared with another tweet management software with cheaper price. But this trial version really helping to find out the benefit. Thanks for sharing it.
    Steven recently posted..Acupuncture and Fertility (Infertility)

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