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Let’s face it, ranking a site on the front page of Google takes time and effort. Before you delve into SEO link building process, you will need to do some market research and pick a profitable niche. After that, choosing keyword phrases with high search volume yet not too competitive. Then you can start to churn out articles and optimize the on page SEO factors. Eventually, you can start your SEO link building effort to fight against your competitors.

Overall, SEO link building consumes most of the time among setting up a SEO campaign because in addition to the initial effort to push site to the top of Google, it involves consistent on going maintenance once your site ranks on Google. Also, effective SEO link building generally involves building a diverse types of backlinks to your site, such as backlinks from press release sites, article directories, social bookmarks (Digg, StumbleUpon, etc…), blogs, forums profiles, social networks (Facebook, twitter, etc…), etc…

Is your head spinning? Don’t worry, I will delve into where you can get your SEO link building done at an affordable rate and hence save you tons of time to focus on your business.

Outsource SEO Link Building


You need content for most of the backlinking strategies. If you hate creating content yourself, you can always outsource it and let someone else to do it for you. Below are 2 places I get my articles done:

  1. Warriors for Hire – Inside Warriors for Hire, there are plenty of writers ready to serve you. Remember to check out their feedback and also look at their sample if available before you use them. I usually spend $3-$5 for an article. The competitive rate of an article is around $0.01/words.
  2. iWriter – This is a relatively new service by Brad Callen. You can assign your job to your favorite writers and you can reject articles you are not satisfied. The rate is $2 for a 300 words article and $3 for 500 words article.

SEO Link Building

Press Release Writing

If you have no idea how to write a press release, you can always use the gigs from Fiverr. All gigs chosen below are based on the rating and please check them yourself and communicate with them before you put your order. For a price of $5, you can get a professionally done press release written and I think it is pretty good deal.


Press Release Submission

The following gigs will submit your press release to 20++ press release sites and that saves you hours if you do them manually.


Article Submission

Once you have your articles done, the next step is to submit to article directories such as Ezine Articles, Article Base, etc… This is another time consuming task but you can leverage on the gigs below to help you. Some of the gigs even spin the article for you before submission to get the most benefit for mass syndication.


If you use article marketing frequently, I will strongly recommend you to use Article Marketing Robot. It is a article submitter (together with spinner) that will submit your articles to 2000++ sites. The creator recently just revise the version and clean up tons of invalid sites. Usually I love to stick to software with consistent maintenance and great support. You can start using Article Marketing Robot by taking the advantage of their 5 full day trial with fully function software.

–> Download Article Marketing Robot for Free

Social Bookmark

You can build tons of backlinks to your posts or pages with social bookmark and there further increase the chance to spread your content via viral marketing. Again, you can tap on the power of gigs to save you time:


If you would like to save some money, you can use and submit yourself. Once you setup Onlywire account, you can social bookmark any URL to around 50 social sites. Again, feel free to tap on the power of gigs to setup 50 social accounts and link them to Onlywire for you.


Forum Profiles

Creating anchored text backlinks in high PR forum profiles are very popular in SEO link building campaign. There are tons of people subscribe Paul and Angela backlinks which provide 30 high PR forum for you to create your own backlinks. Check out the gigs below who are willing to create tons of forum backlinks for you at $5.



You can buy some blog reviews for your sites using the following:

  1. (Price start from $3 per post but you can actually choose lower bid)
  2. (Price start from $0.1 per post)

.EDU & .GOV Backlinks and high PR Blog Comments

I used to get Gigs to build .edu and .gov links for my SEO link building campaign for me but I found that almost all the sites are flooded with thousands of spam comments. So, I will encourage you to do these manually. You should always provide value to the blog in your comment and if the blog use keywordluv and commentluv plugins, you will be able to leave an anchored backlink with your desired keyword.

So, how are you going to find those .edu and .gov and high PR blogs for you to comment? Easy, you can use this free backlinks tool on my blog to search for tons of high PR .EDU and .GOV blogs, forums that are related to your niche.

Your SEO Link Building?

How do you do any of the SEO link building work yourself? Leave a comment below and share your experience :)

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

11 Responses to “Top 23 Places To Outsource SEO Link Building”
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  1. Hmerologia says:

    Very useful material. Thank you. I already contact some of the resources to help me with my seo.

  2. Versa says:

    Thanks for the article, very useful, just starting a few sites up and all the time I spent on pitiful SEO efforts were quickly eclipsed by a few fiverr SEO services.

  3. This is a great resource you have provided here Ming! I assume you have tried and tested all these services and are happy with the results they are giving you?

    One could also read into this post and get a basic idea of the types of links required to rank a site ;) (I’m onto you now brother LOL)

    I personally love fiverr and spend way too much time and money there I think… ah what you gonna do ;)
    Alex@market samurai review recently posted..You’re To Doing it Wrong! Why Your Productivity Sucks Ass.

  4. Ming,

    Interesting you should bring this up. I have long been a fan of outsourcing. (It is important you spend your time on the things that require your personal touch. Not the details that anyone can do.

    Most of my outsourcing has been fairly conventional. I develop step by step plans and hand them off to outsourcers. In many ways Fiverr is great for these tasks, though. Even though I have only used it a few times.

    The reason it is interesting to me is that I recently started a new niche site (within my main niche, that I know well) and I am trying to see what I can do with as close to 100% outsourcing. (I did the first few articles, but I will outsource in the future, outsource linkbuilding. I may outsource commenting. etc. I will use fiverr for some of this too.)

    Like I said, this is an experiment to see what the costs vs profits is from just “managing” a niche site instead of working it. (of course, being in a niche I know very well and have had previous success in helps) Anyhow these should be some good tools. Hopefully in a couple months I will have a good article for SSS about the results.
    Steve@Affiliate Marketing Tips recently posted..45 Tips to Make MORE Money with Affiliate Marketing

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Steve@Affiliate Marketing Tips: Hey Steve, can’t agree more on “to spend time on the things require your personal touch” if you want to take the business to the next level. Of course, we can spend time to do all this. But the point is that does it worth your time?

      When I first started, I used to create Onlywire account by myself. I still can remember the pain of signing up account by account and link them up in the network. That took me a few days working part time…

      Thanks for sharing your current project and look forward to reading the results of your 100% outsourcing for your niche site.
      Ming Jong recently posted..Easy Ways To Find Tons of .EDU Sites And Build Your Backlinks For Free

  5. Terence Savage says:

    My apologies, the last but one sentence of the first paragraph should read, ‘Yet you are encouraging us…’


  6. Terence Savage says:

    Hi Ming, I have found previous posts very informative but I an very confused by the advice given in this one on ‘Outsourcing SEO Link Building’. It seems to me that every other guru is emphatic in saying something similar to, ‘don’t use directories,’ ‘don’t use mass distribution programs’ ‘don’t use automatic article spinners’…etc because Google treats the links as worthless and worse. Yet you are encoutaging use to do the exact opposite. Why is that?

    My other point is that I am old school and prefer to study and keep hard copy. To do this with your posts I have to cut and paste many times within each article. Is there a way for you or I do to this more simply?


    • Ming Jong says:

      @Terence Savage: Hi Terry, thanks for stopping by. Some of the backlinking techniques might be controversial and I only advocate to what has been working for me. Before we jump into conclusion, we should think about the reason why not to use those tools, shouldn’t we? Also, before you start backlinking process, you should always have a backlinking plan, i.e. not just simply create backlinks to your site.

      Article spinner is a great tool to leverage the power of article marketing. If you decide to use the spunned article, make sure they are readable. The point to spin/rewrite the article is to make the it more unique so that Google will index the article. If the article is not unique in the eye of Google, it will just go to the supp index of Google and this is not a penalty from Google. Basically, you can take your original article and submit to 100s of article directories but Google probably only index some of them and think the rest of the results are redundant. Again these are not penalty from Google (think press release…)

      Syndicating articles to tons of directories still works in terms of link building as long as your articles were indexed (and hence your backlinks). Those article might not rank on the top 10 pages of Google, but still there is a link back to your site. If you submit the article manually, it will take you hours to submit to at most 10-20 directories.

      This aim of this post is to provide some resources about SEO link building and not about the link building strategies. Some people prefer certain backlinking strategies than others and I have no comment about that. The key is to test the techniques yourself and you will know if they are still valid.

      Hope I answered some of your questions and you are not as confused as before.

      Regarding collecting hard copies, I don’t know much since I am an e copy person. I guess you just have to copy and paste each blog post you found useful into word and manage from there.

      Let me know if you need more clarification :)
      Ming Jong recently posted..Authority Backlinks To Every Post You Published

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