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Get Tons of Traffic From Press Release

Press release is considered to be one of my favorite traffic sources for two reasons, direct traffic to your site and SEO effect. However, you will need to think about which aspect you would like to focus because these are slightly different. If you would like to get direct traffic to your site, you...

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Facebook Pages Timeline – Are Your Fanpages Ready?

By 30 March 2012, all existing Facebook pages will be automatically changed to the new timeline design. I’ve just revised my Facebook Page to suit the timeline format last week and I will summarize the major changes of this Facebook Timeline and how you can easily change it before it is too la...

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Over-Optimization Penalty By Google?

Since my last post about Google Algorithm Update February 2012 – Link Evaluation, Matt Cutts announced that Google is working on search engine ranking penalty for “Over Optimized” sites. You can listen to the audio clip from Search Engine Land where Matt Cutts mentioned the penalty, or...

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Article Builder Review

We all understand that content writing takes time and effort, especially for the niche that you are not familiar with. I used to outsource a lot of content writing services for SEO link building purpose simply because it is very time consuming and I would rather spend time on other things. Now, I ha...

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Google Algorithm Update February 2012 – Link Evaluation

It has been more than a week since Google announcement of their algorithm change in February 2012.  There are in total 40 changes highlighted in the announcement. Out of those 40 changes, one of them, which I am concern on, is extracted from Google announcement: Link evaluation. We often use charac...

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Linkvana Review Plus Case Studies Results

As a SEO lover, I always look out and try out various tools that will help to rank my sites on the front page of Google in order to get some more organic traffic.  Recently I started using Linkvana, a premium blog network services, which I heard a lot of good thing about them. Linkvana […]...

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Will ArticleRanks Power Up Your SEO Effort?

ArticleRanks is one of the blog networks I use and it plays a major role in SEO backlinking to help to increase ranking of my sites. ArticleRanks allows you to submit articles in spun format and your articles will be distributed to their network of blogs, based on the quality of your articles. In th...

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Is Warrior Forum WSO Turning Into ClickBank?

Do you remember the days when there are tons of crappy $37 product launches in ClickBank almost every other days? If you are on the lists of a few ‘gurus’, you will certainly get bombarded by a few dozens of emails that promoting the same product offer. Do I hate ClickBank Products? Don&...

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Generate Passive Income – Are You Doing It The Right Way?

I guess not many of you will be a total stranger of what passive income is, and you may have seen or heard it from book, seminar, CD, DVD, shows, blogs, etc…that you need passive income to financial freedom. However, how did you define passive income? Does it mean getting money to your pocket ...

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How To Get Backlinks To Rank A New Site – The Right Way

Have you ever wondered how to get backlinks to rank a new site in a proper manner that Google loves? Getting your websites ranked on the front page of Google is everyone’s dream so that you can receive free traffic to your site. I know some of the people do have other traffic sources apart [&h...

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