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In this Ming Jong Tey Podcast session 9, you will find out:

  • One big trap of email marketing that nearly all marketers are facing.
  • How you can recycle your broadcast emails and make more money on autopilot.
  • The most crucial daily activity that every marketer should focus on.
  • One crucial task instead of creating more products to put more money in your pocket.
  • How to tweak and optimize your whole sales funnel message to get more out.
  • The two critical elements in email followup messages that you would want to monitor.
  • What you can do to bump up your revenue in both your buyer and non-buyer lists.
  • The power of using contrast or comparison in your followup email funnel.
  • The core business model to build up a long term business leveraging the automated sales funnel.
  • How trust and relationship can help our business along the way.
  • How not to create a “perfect sales funnel” and why it might harm your business?

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