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In this Ming Jong Tey Podcast session 5, you will find out:

  • The two traps majority of the marketers are heading to and how you can/should avoid that.
  • Overview of creating your own recorded products very quickly for your sales funnel.
  • The improper/wrong way to start product creation (this is controversial).
  • How and where to get brainstorming ideas.
  • How you should package your products that people would love to buy.
  • The process and outline of your entry level products.
  • The software that you can use to record your mp3.
  • How you can compile the frequently asked questions and add more value to your future customers by providing the answers.
  • How you can get repeating customers after purchasing the entry level products with this specific key.
  • The way you can price your upsell based on the price of your front end product.
  • How you can create your high ticket, comprehensive home study course (i.e. 10 hours courses) as your upsell.
  • Two techniques you can use to increase the conversion and close more sales for your upsell.
  • The exact way to test the price point your list is willing to pay.
  • The myth of copywriting.
  • How much time do you need to craft out your sales letter? Refer to this post for 5 simple steps for writing a web copy that converts!
  • The simplest way to get a private coaching client.

This is one of the lengthy podcasts (about 1 hour 10 minutes) that packed with tons of great content for creating your product fast. Even if you don’t prefer to create audio product, you should still listen to it because it is applicable to products in other format too :)

If you encountered any technical difficulty (such as no Quick Time installation) to listen to the podcast, feel free to watch the video for podcast 5 below instead:

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Ming Jong Tey Podcast

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  1. Andy Bland says:

    I’m looking to create and sell an ebook. Wish me luck!
    Andy Bland recently posted..Auto Responder

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