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In this Ming Jong Tey Podcast session 7, you will find out:

  • The flow and structure for crafting out converting sales letter quick.
  • How you can overcome the overwhelming process of writing a sales letter.
  • How you can incorporate the filtering system into the sales letter to get super targeted audience.
  • How you can connect with your audience instantly by using this method.
  • How to use the “magic paragraph” to emphasize the benefits of your products.
  • The one crucial element that will skyrocket the conversion of your sales letter.
  • How you can warm the cold traffic (i.e. people that do not know you) by incorporating this popular element in your sales letter
  • A brief walk-through of the psychology behind every single element in the sales letter.
  • How you can bump your conversion rate by adding this call to action element.
  • Demonstration of analyzing and crafting out a sales letter for a multi billion dollar niche outside the make money online niche.
  • The exact questions you should ask yourself that will help you to finish 99% of the work for crafting out a converting sales letter.

If you encountered any technical difficulty (such as no Quick Time installation) to listen to the podcast, feel free to watch the video for podcast 7 below instead:

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