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In my last post on Make Money with Amazon Kindle Book, I mentioned about the advantage of publishing an Amazon kindle book and also a special bonus of my kindle book – How To Create A Website With WordPress And Start A Profitable Online Business for my readers. Thanks to those who supported my kindle book, it actually hit Amazon Hot New Releases in Web Marketing category for 3 days.

Hot New Release

I got quite a few responses from readers that are interested in kindle publishing. So, I thought I will detail on how I publish my kindle book in 2 weeks by working only 2 hours a day, including market research, content writing, formatting, cover design to uploading to the kindle platform. So, let’s get started!

Market Research

I have to admit that I didn’t do much market research because my intent for this kindle publishing pilot project is to get my hands wet on this publishing business, from start to finish. I choose blogging / online marketing mainly because I am very familiar with the topic. I have read and written many reports / blog posts in this area and hence it is a piece of cake for me to come out with this kindle book.

In the Kindle platform, there are all kind of categories and hence you are open to write anything you are interested. You can do proper market research by checking out the category you would like to target before you delve in. You will know the market competition in your targeted category. For example, if we delve into the category –> Kindle Store › Kindle eBooks › Advice & How-to › Diets & Weight Loss › Diets, we will see 12 items listed in the first page (sorted by popularity by default).

Kindle category


Just click on the no 1, 5th and the last one (12th) to check their best seller ranks under product details. I took the 12th as an example below:

best sellers rank

This best sellers rank for this book is around #15,000. It is estimated that this book is selling around 300 a month based on one of the courses I bought. However, please note that the best sellers rank is updated hourly. So, there is definitely huge demand in this category. Also, the competition is not extremely fierce.


After you pick a category, you need to start generating content. You can write it yourself if you are familiar with the topic. If not, you can outsource your book. Outsourcing a book does not come cheap, especially if you mention you need to get a book done in your description! If you want to save some money, you need to say a short report of 4,000 words and give them the title of each chapter. Or you can even just outsource 20 pieces of 500 words articles and compile them yourself. This will be the cheapest way to deal with it.

Another way is to interview people that are familiar with the topic, like bloggers in your targeted niche. Or you can ask them to contribute to your book and they will get a link back to their website in return. This way you can get content for your book for free.

One easy way is to use PLR content as your basis. I know a lot of people will frown upon hearing PLR content. The fact is it is extremely useful and will save you a lot of time if you know what you are doing. The key is never use PLR as it is. Always blend in your story, personality and rewrite it. You can get your ebook done very quick by leveraging on the ready made PLR content.

Make sure your book is up to certain standard else you will receive lots of refund, complaints and bad review no matter how low you price your ebook.

If you know how to write a fiction, you are in luck since the majority of the best sellers is of fiction category.

Cover Image

I am not a good graphic designer so when it comes to graphic I will generally outsource to others. There are plenty of e-cover service providers. Just take a look at Fiverr and get your cover done if you are like me.


Amazon provides a lot of guidance on formatting of the book and it does accept various file type such as .doc, .pdf, .mobi, .html, etc… The way I did it is to follow a paid guidance in WSO.

I write in a .doc (not .docx) Word document. You can add in color pictures, anchor link, bold, italic, underline in your ebook. However, bullet points and other special fonts will have some problem when transferred to Kindle format. So, I instead of a bullet point, I always use dash (-) when needed in the book.

Use a page break when you want the chapter to start from a new page. Also, set the margin to 0 for all sides (left, right, up and down) and it will look perfect in kindle format.

When you are satisfied with your ebook, save it as .html (webpage, filter). Download Mobipocket Creator as we will need to use it to generate .prc file type to submit to the kindle platform. Inside Mobipocket Creator, click on Import from existing file > html document. Just choose the ebook that you saved as .html earlier on, change the lanugage to English and click Import.

You will see a new window. Under View, click on Cover Image > Add Cover Image > Choose your cover image and click update. Finally, click Build and it will generate a .prc file. This is the file that we are going to upload to the kindle platform.

You can buy a gig in Fiverr to help you out if you are lazy to do the formatting.

Upload To Kindle Platform

At this point, you should have your .prc file ebook ready to be uploaded to kindle platform. Visit and sign in with your account (or open an account if you don’t have one). In the Amazon bookshelf, click “Add New Title”. Follow the instruction to fill in the details of your book and upload your book in .prc format and you are good to go.

Amazon Bookshelf

Remember to craft out a good description for your book as this is one of the first thing people will read before they buy your book. Of course, you will need a good cover to attract people. After you are done with uploading the kindle book, make sure to preview your kindle book using the previewer software by Amazon. You can just download your book preview file and view it using the previewer. This is to make sure the format of your kindle book is all good.

kindle previewer

That’s basically the process of publishing a kindle book on Amazon. This is very straight forward and the best part — it is FREE!

I have also prepared a video to run through how you can easily upload your kindle book to the KDP platform below:

Upload your kindle book to Amazon KDP Platform

I am still doing some test to promote Amazon book both externally and within Amazon itself so might dedicate another post in future purely for book promotion.

As usual, leave me your comment below to share your experience with Amazon publishing or any thoughts / ideas you have in mind.



To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

18 Responses to “How I Published An Amazon Kindle Book in 2 Weeks Working 2 Hours A Day”
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  1. Thanks for the great instructios on how to format. I used those instructions along with some from Amazon and uploaded an ebook last night. it’s about 6 hours later, it is already available on the main site… It’ll be free starting tomorrow…but I can now proudly say that I am a published author LOL all thanks to you!
    Jennifer Jinright recently posted..[Infographic] 6 Essential Ingredients of an Impressive Romantic Love Letter

  2. Robin Heinen says:

    Hi Ming Jong, this is all the clarification I needed. Thank you!
    Robin Heinen recently posted..10 easy ways to be more creative

  3. Robin Heinen says:

    Hello Ming Jong!

    I bought your book on building website+business last night. What an interesting read. You give very simple step-by-step plans for everything. Smart! At first I thought; okay, I know how to register for an account, I don’t need steps for that, but when I read more and more about all the stuff you present, I changed my mind! Those steps were really helpful. I think there are loads of people that might need even the early steps!

    This article is particularly helpful to me, since I have been struggling with some e-book ideas lately, I wanted to do so via createspace. Is this the account you have to register for? (I thought createspace was the e-book publishing hub). I just couldn’t find my way around this website. You make it seem very (VERY!) easy. Thanks for that!

    Keep up the good work!

    Best regards, Robin Heinen

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Robin Heinen: Hello Robin, thanks for getting my first kindle book. Glad you enjoy the content.

      If you are after print on demand, you will need a createspace account. At the moment, all my books are on Kindle platform. I am planning to get my books on Createspace as well so that some people can order a hardcopy instead of kindle copy.

      Let me know if you need further clarification on kindle publishing.

      By the way, I will appreciate if you can help me to leave a review/blurb on Amazon :)
      Ming Jong recently posted..Uncommon Techniques For Easy Products Creation

  4. R J Rogers says:

    This is great information. I have several larger books in progress, but think I might break them down into smaller portions and publish as Kindle

  5. k says:

    Kindle Books!
    Who’d have known!

    Great information. You are systematic, persistant and write from your experience.
    A really good help for all of us!

  6. People always think a cover doesn’t make it content. But to me, a cover of a book will decide if the customers will like to buy that book or not. So, the unique should be considered here.

  7. marri says:

    Great news for you and great info for us
    who have plans or future plans of using this
    to publish books and writings.

  8. shenoyjoseph says:

    it will easy for all people who are looking to make some bucks through by writing the information and save it in the book.

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