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Have you seen a typical sales funnel like this? A freebie offered in an opt in page, followed by a front end sale plus some other up sales, down sales, cross sales offers on the web. Eventually there might be some back end follow up to your email.  Why is this so popular? Simple, because it is working and hence people adopt this kind of sales funnel in their business to maximize their profit.

Why Freebie?

You might be wondering why you need a freebie offer? Can’t you just present your product to people and ask them to purchase? Well, the objective to have a freebie offer is to entice the people to opt in to your list so that you have chance to convert the visitors into buyers at a later stage. It might not be necessary to have a freebie offer, you could have a $1 trial or a very low cost product. The point is to offer people an irresistible offer to get them on your list first.

People generally won’t buy from you the first time because they have no idea if they can trust you and if your product is decent with great quality. So, getting your prospects on your list is the first step as it provides both you and your prospects a chance to find out more about each other.

Does Your Sales Funnel Convert?

So, the question lies on how do you know your offers (both your freebie and front end offer) convert? You need traffic. Lots of traffic to test your sales funnel.

Squeeze Page

The first thing you would need is to increase the conversion rate of your opt in page. If you can increase the conversion rate of your opt in page, you will increase the exposure of your front end offer and hopefully increase your sales. So, it is critical to optimize your squeeze page to get the conversion you satisfy before you scale the traffic sources. Otherwise, you might just waste lots of the the traffic without a converting squeeze page.

Front End Offer

Subsequently, you need to test your front end offer. After the people opt in and get your freebie, you have an option to present your front end offer immediately so every subscriber will get a chance to see your offer. Some people do not prefer go to this route as it might be aggressive. Personally, what I would like to do is to add a few wording (or image) on top of the front end offer, for example:

“Thanks for subscribing, your free gift is on its way to your inbox and will arrive in the next 5-10 minutes. In the mean time, check out the offer below.”

This is essential otherwise people will be confused because they knew that they just opt in for a free offer but they never receive what’s promised and rather be taken to a paid offer. The explanation is just to make things clear for your subscribers while maximize the exposure of your front end product.

Another thing to watch out is that the front end offer should be highly, closely related to the freebie offer (the very first offer). For example, if you have a “Facebook fanpage ebook” as a freebie, you should have similar offer for your front end such as “Penny Traffic To your Facebook that Generating xxxx Dollars in 24 Hours”. Never offer a front end not relevant to your freebie offer as that would only sabotage your sales funnel.

Up Sales, Cross Sales, Down Sales

You can prepare products for up sale, down sales or cross sales after the the front end offer to maximize your profit. Up sales can be something that is more powerful and advanced that will help the buyers further. Down sales can be a stripped version of your up sales with less content but cheaper price. Cross Sales can be something less relevant to your main offer.

A typical example could be something like the following:

  • Front End Offer: Blueprint For $100/day With Article Marketing
  • Up Sales: Article Mass Submission Software (2000 Article Directories) With Spinner
  • Down Sales: Article Mass Submission Software (500 Article Directories) With Spinner
  • Cross Sales: Traffic Blueprint

The above is just to illustrate what a sales funnel could look like. There is no hard and fast rule and it is totally depend on how you would package your products. If you have a proper sales funnel in place, you will not only add more value to your customers, but also increase your profit per visitor.

When you have sufficient data for your sales funnel conversion, you can start optimizing them by testing different headline, color, arrow size, buy button, etc…However, only test 1 variable at a time.

You can opt for free traffic or paid traffic to test out your sales funnel. Obviously, it takes time and effort for free traffic so if you are not tight on money, I would recommend to test via paid traffic such as PPC, PPV or solo ads. Out of these 3, I especially prefer solo ads because it is the easiest and fastest way to get guaranteed traffic to your sites.

Your Voice

How do you optimize your sales funnel? Drop me a comment below to share your experience.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

16 Responses to “Optimize Sales Funnel”
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  1. Caleb says:

    I am a huge fan of exactly thew type of sales funnels you speak of in this post and am glad to see a blogger embrace as many bloggers tend to look down on email tactics like these.
    Caleb recently posted..How Would You Like Daily Commissions From A Fully SetUp eMail Marketing Busines System?

  2. Barbara says:

    Ming – Hi, there is so much useful information here, and giving something of value free is key to building your list, but I am still uneasy about upsells, and losing potential customers.
    Nothing more irritating than constant upsells from someone you have just purchased from!
    Barbara recently posted..My Internet Laptop Lifestyle

  3. Hi Ming,

    I have a online retail scooter store. Do these tactics only work for information products? As far as letting customers “try” my product would seem impossible. Maybe I can offer a coupon as an opt in so that I can build a list? I don’t have an ad budget yet. It seems training and info products is what most of internet marketing sales funnel is geared to.

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Jason@Scooters For Sale: Hey Jason, the sales funnel tactics work for physical products too. Think about McDonald, the big M sales funnel. What did they ask you when you only ask for a burger and coffee? They will ask you if you would like a value meal set. If you take it, they will ask if you would like to upsize of another $1 or $0.5. After that, cross sales with apple pie and eventually a toy…

      You might end up spending 2x of your money…They are brilliant :)

      Back to your scooters, you might think of some common problems of scooter, the attractiveness of scooter (it is cool, whatever…) to drive traffic to your site where you’re selling the solutions (your scooters).

      Coupon works great everywhere because people always like to save some money if they can (i.e. you can package a $5 coupon for all products when they opt in). When they opt in to your list (because they want great deal), you can take your time to market them “Feature of the week”, daily coupon for specific products, cross sale them with ebook (how to ride a scooter like a genius, etc…) in future. Educate them with great information about scooters. Package your products as a fire sale, buy 3 get 1 accessory free, etc…The potential is unlimited…

      On top of training and information products, there are mastermind group, 1-1 coaching, offline seminar, etc…which raise the perceived value and also the price tag…
      Ming Jong recently posted..Free List Building Plugin That Will Increase CTR And Opt In Rate

  4. Hi Ming Jong, thanks for your post. I’m interested to see if the immediate sales works once someone’s opt-ed. I tend to go for a much more slowly, slowly approach with my list but interested to know if that works for you and others.

    I’ve been testing the free offer (in my case a Home Business Success Kit) versus a $1 trial. It’s interesting that there are as many people signing up for the $1 trial as the freebie so far. Not sure why. Any thoughts?

    I also have a freebie download on an inside page (i.e. not on the sidebar) and that gets a lot of opt-ins. I haven’t worked out the logic of it at all yet, but that makes life interesting!
    Cassie | womenswaytowealth recently posted..Crush It! Lessons Learnt From Gary Vaynerchuk

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Cassie | womenswaytowealth: Hey Cassie, the conversion rate varies for different offer (I have seen immediate conversion at 1-5%). However, you can bump up the rate by using email follow up since most of the people will not buy from you the first time.

      It is great to hear that your conversion rate for $1 trial is similar to your free offer. In this case, I would definitely stick to the $1 trial. Buyer list is definitely better :) I guess it is the value they perceive. Sometimes, raising the product price by another $10 will actually increase the conversion rate…

      People will tend to value the product more when they pay for it, even if it only costs $1. Though in reality this might not be the case as I have seen lots of free offer beats the paid products.

      There are certainly lots of testing can be done and when you have your funnel optimized, it is time to scale your traffic up.

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Great to see that your $1 trial get as many people signing up as your freebie.
      Ming Jong recently posted..RSS Backlink Traffic

  5. Rob White says:

    wow, thanks Ming Jong, wish I had a site like yours.
    Must have taken years to get to get to this level
    but there is so much to learn and do.
    Rob White recently posted..~ New Zealand’s Year

    • Ming Jong says:

      Hey Rob,

      Thanks for your compliment. It does take some time and effort to develop a blog. As you said, there are tons to learn and I am still learning from others.

      The key part to develop is consistency, be it update your blog regularly (I mostly update twice /week) or the learning part, i.e. learn and implement 1 technique each month, etc…

      Let’s work hard together :) Thanks for stopping by.
      Ming Jong recently posted..Top 23 Places To Outsource SEO Link Building

  6. Pj Zafra says:

    Hey Ming,

    Great post here! Love the tips and insights you’ve shared. Giving out something free and with value is definitely very important. I’m starting out by giving out free trainings. It’s definitely about doing what it takes to have an effective list. :)

    Thanks for sharing this! Keep it up! :D
    Pj Zafra recently posted..Sean’s Thoughts For The Week Ahead – 9

  7. bbrian017 says:

    I started offering a free e-book with every blog engage account. I thought it was a great way to increase the value of our members fee. Not only do the users get the free e-book they get a life time members on blog engage. I think it’s helped we have had a nice increase in memberships this month and the growth just continues.
    bbrian017 recently posted..Who’s not following me? Does it matter? Hell Yeah!

  8. Edwin says:

    Nice tips. Have a great front end and back end system for your email list is crucial if you wanna milk your list for all its got :)
    Edwin recently posted..Giveaway: 3 50GB Binverse Accounts-Unlimited Downloads At Unlimited Speeds

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