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In my last post – uncommon techniques for easy product creation, I have covered some of the unusual ways to create your own products. I have received several emails about the subsequent stages. Some people have created their products and are currently selling on their sites. The problem is they hardly get a sale from their sites because they are still struggling from driving traffic to their sites.

Here, I am going to introduce several marketplaces for you to sell your products so that you can get massive exposure for your products without worrying the traffic issue. These places are very popular and hundreds of people are making a living purely from the marketplaces without any websites.


Amazon is a great marketplace for you to sell your own products, especially books. It has an Alexa of 10, which means there are only 9 other websites contain more traffic than Amazon.

What’s great about marketplace is that majority of people visit the marketplace to buy. The audience are super targeted and are willing to pull out their credit when they find the right products. On top of this, Amazon do the heavy duty tasks for cross promotion because this is how they run their business. As a vendor, you will benefit from tons of exposure from Amazon.

Combining the massive traffic and promotion within Amazon plus the characteristics of the visitors, you don’t really need to worry about driving traffic like most people will do for their websites.

Amazon allows you to sell paperback, audio CD, video download, mp3 and DVD via CreateSpace. In addition, you can sell Kindle ebook via KDP platform.  I have listed 2 books on the kindle platform a few months ago plus one paperback just a few days ago.

Kindle publishing is very easy and straight-forward. I would suggest you try out kindle publishing first. Subsequently, you can format your book for paperback and list it on CreateSpace so that people have the choice to buy either kindle copy or a physical book.

Another good thing about using Amazon is that you don’t need a sales letter like we normally see on a website. All you need is a description for your product. This will save you a lot of time in terms of crafting out a converting sales letter.

Forum Marketplaces

Forum is another effective ways to sell your products. If you are into internet marketing and make money online/offline niches, Warrior Forum and Forum Special Offers are some of the very great forums with thousands of eager buyers at any one time. Check out the stats below for these two forums:

WSO Visitors

There are 3323 eager buyers checking out the Warrior Special Offers!

Forum Special Offers Stats

There are 3522 people checking out the special offers!!!

Can you see the potential of marketing your products in these high traffic forums?

With these forums, you do need to create a converting sales letter in to do the pitching for you. So, take some time to craft out a high quality sales letter or outsource to a copywriter.

The attractive part in selling in a forum like these is the conversion rate is sky high. It is not uncommon to see 15-20% conversion rate as compared to 2-3% on a typical site. Why? Because it is a social marketplace where you can see real people leaving review/testimonials/complaints about the product and the product owner interact with the prospects and buyers.

So, if you are selling via the forums, do prepare to stand-by to interact with the audience for the first 2 days because people love to get their questions answered as soon as possible. This will help to increase your sales a lot.

Another thing you must do is to setup an affiliate program for your products to attract people to promote for you. This is essential if you would like to make it big in selling in the forum marketplaces (i.e. at least 100s of sales).

You can easily do it via platforms like Zaxaa, WarriorPlus, JVZOO or Product Pay.

Your Website And Others

Of course, you can always market your product on your own sites. You can still tap into the affiliate power by listing your products in using the platforms mentioned above or Clickbank, Clicksure or paydotcom. All these platforms allow you to setup affiliate system easily.

However, you will have lower conversion rate than forum marketplace if you sell on your own site.

You can also go to places like to sell your digital products. Many people are not aware that you can actually sell a pdf report in Fiverr. Though you will only get $4 for every sale (Fiverr get $1), there are some people making a living every day from Fiverr by selling their services or e-books.

So, when you have your products, you will have more leverage. Even if don’t intend to sell your own products, you can at least build a list from your product by giving it away in exchange of people’s email. List building is the key to make it big in affiliate marketing.

Have you created you product? If so, where and how do you sell your product? Leave me a comment below to share your thoughts.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

21 Responses to “What’s Next After Product Creation”
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  1. For me, Amazon is the best product marketplace for affiliate marketing.
    James Robinson recently posted..Welcome to the new blog

  2. No doubt, Amazon is a good marketplace. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jake says:

    I love Amazon, it’s been my first love and probably I will still love it during the next years. I love their design, their products and their campaigns.

    The only bad thing I could say, is that the advertising rates are very low, so if you want to earn some money you need a huge fan base to support you.

  4. daniel says:

    Very good affiliate tips on this article. thanks for sharing.

  5. Rauf Arshad says:

    its the best and better way to increase the popularity of the product as you sugest about the warrior forum its a good way to enlarge the product visiblity among the users

  6. Jai Catalano says:

    I love clickbank however I have made some good money on Amazon. What I love about Amazon is that you can click a link and keep searching on Amazon for several products (provided you don’t click out) and you can still get commission.

  7. Daryl Mander says:

    Solid info there. Selling PDF reports on fiver – have you had any success with this? I’ve avoided selling anything on fiver so far because as far as I can see, it’s a very crowded marketplace for sellers.
    Daryl Mander recently posted..Mastering SEO, Focusing on Affiliate Marketing & Reviewing My Direction

  8. D. Dixon says:

    You know, this is the second time in a day that I’ve seen Warrior Forum in a post. I’m going to have to check it out as I definitely want to keep my traffic growing and visitors clicking. Thanks so much for these suggestions!
    D. Dixon recently posted..How Reachli Helps You Monetize Your Pinterest Pins

  9. Hello Ming Jong,

    thank you for sharing your ideas.
    I am a bit confused. I am self-employed (fashion boutique) in POtsdam Germany and I met a Lady from Denmark, who manufactured her own brand Unity Copenhagen bracelets. She offered me to sell it if I want to. Well I do like the product and really want to sell it. I would love to focus on the United States Market instead of Germany, since there are sales person already. Now I have some difficulties with promoting a new product to the market.

    Some are telling about brand awareness is more important than selling, other say I should focus on Social media. Well I am at Instagram Facebook, Twitter, but people just “like” it… I still dont receive any statement that someone wants to order.

    Well putting adverts on fashion blogs it too expensive.

    I hope you can give me some advice.

    Best Regads, Andrea

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Andrea Lapuhs: Hi Andrea, brand is a result of the marketing effort. Established brands like MacDonald, SubWay, KFC build up their brands via tons of marketing effort. Hence they have the leverage to market their franchise business to others.

      If I can afford the franchise license for MacDonald, I might stick to it since it will cut down lots of the pain and suffering to build up the system and brand.

      For example, tapping into the well-known marketplace like Amazon is a great choice comparing to selling on your own domain if you are relatively new because Amazon is a trusted marketplace. Though people might not hear about your products, they will have no hesitation to buy your product from Amazon (comparing to a new website).

      FB, Twitter, Instagram and the like contain tons of traffic and they are good for marketing purpose. Bear in mind that those are not targeted traffic (i.e. buyers in Amazon) as people just like to kill some time with social media. Therefore, the conversion rate will be low. However, among the crowd, some of them do purchase stuff online when they find a reason.

      This is where we need to spend time to market the product. Simply putting up a sales page or Add to Cart button is not enough…You can leverage on the marketplace like Amazon or coupon sites like Groupon, etc…where there are tons of existing buyers. Else, you will need to concentrate on driving quality traffic via various techniques like blogging, video, press release, etc…

      When you know the conversion rate of your products, you can definitely try some paid traffic like banner advertising on some fashion blogs.
      Ming Jong recently posted..How To Get More Traffic Out From Your Existing Content

  10. Ken Pedersen says:

    Nice article… Amazon is definitely a trusted source of commerce…nice way to sell your own products!!
    Looking forward to working with you, contact me for networking..

  11. I have not yet made a special offer just for Warriors. It is something I will have to try someday.

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