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In this post, you are going to learn the techniques to setup a Paypal button on your website so that you can start selling any products online, not matter they are physical, digital or services. Also, you will find out a few sites that you can leverage on to have more people to help you marketing your products.

Create A Paypal Buy Now Button

Firstly, you will need to create a Paypal account and hook it up with your credit card or a bank account. Once you log in to Paypal, click on Merchant Services tab and select Learn More under Payment Buttons. You will see the following screenshot:

paypal payment buttons

You can easily create a Buy Now button by selecting the types of the button. Once you click the Create One Now, just follow the instruction to set the price, including postage and tax if applicable. If you are selling information product, remember to customize Step 3 by filling in the URL to redirect the customers when they finish checkout. Generally, the URL should be the download page of the information products.

So, when you setup the sales funnel, your customers will be able to download the information products right after they pay for the product. You don’t need to worry about the delivery of your products. So, now you know the secret to create a 24/7 automatic selling machine! Watch the video below to see the whole process of getting the Paypal buy now button code:

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Integrate Paypal With AWeber

Ideally, you should build up a list of your customers after they have bought your products so that you can market to your paying customers in the future. The buyer list is extremely valuable comparing to the freebie list and it is proven to be a lot of responsive. Therefore if you are serious about your business, it is essential to build up a list of your customers.

There are a number of ways to do it. First, you will need a reliable autoresponder service such as AWeber. Follow the video instruction as shown in AWeber site to integrate the paypal with Aweber.

The other way is to setup an opt in form in your download page and ask your customer to sign up to receive lifetime update. You need to be aware that not all customers will sign up so you will definitely lose some of them.

Affiliate Platforms

An easy way is to use the existing affiliate platform like JVZOO, WarriorPlus or Clickbank. JVZOO and Warriorplus will have Paypal integration built in to their system so you don’t need to worry any detail . All you do is to sign up and list your product with either of them.

The greatest advantage using these affiliate platform is to attract affiliates to promote for you. You can set the commission you are willing to pay them when they make a sale. So, you can leverage the power from others instead of doing all the work yourself.  Warriorplus costs $19 for each product and it is widely used in Warrior Special Offer (WSO). JVZOO is currently free and also very popular in WSO and typical sales page hosted on external websites. In terms of the number of affiliates, WarriorPlus is still the preferred choice among these 2.

Clickbank, is still the most popular affiliate platform. However, it costs $50 to list your product there. Though Clickbank does not integrate with Paypal automatically, the payment system is still the best because apart from Paypal, people can use credit card to pay the bill directly. In order to build a buyer list, you can easily create a squeeze page to force your customers to opt in to access the products after they pay for the products.

There are pros and cons for each affiliate platform. For make money online niche, either of these platform will be fine. For other niche, I will strongly recommend Clickbank because it is still the most popular platform. For WSO, either JVZOO or WarriorPlus will be fine.

The Power of Affiliate Platform

Apart from a lot more function / features built in to process the payment and manage your affiliates, the biggest advantage of tapping these affiliate platform is to attract affiliates to promote for your product. If you can prove to them your product is of quality and converts well, together with a tons of useful tools such as banners, articles, emails, keywords, etc…for affiliates, you will certainly attract a lot of people to promote for your products, which will save you a lot of time to drive traffic alone and you will generate sales a lot faster.

Have you created your first Buy Now Button and start selling products online? Which affiliate platform are you using and why? Leave me a comment below to share your thoughts.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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  1. Michael Belk says:

    Nizam, A paypal account is essential for blogging even if you are not selling any products. I appreciate the convenience of accepting ad payments online, it is secure and quick.

    Everyone should have one.
    Michael Belk recently posted..Are employees responsible for following workplace ethics policies?

  2. Nizam Khan says:

    Awesome and detailed guide, it is really helpful. Well, indeed Clickbank is still the most popular affiliate platform. Thanks a lot for sharing :)

  3. The Blogger says:

    Hey Ming Jong,

    Just stumbled over here. I dig the simple design and like how you’re promoting the Buyer Keywords book. I see a lotta eBooks online, but haven’t seen that subject covered!

    Keep it up,

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