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Do you track and analyze the traffic sources of your blog? Do you track and optimize the clicks you send out from your blog? If your answer is no to one of them, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Most of the bloggers find time to blog for great content with the intent to add tons of value to their readers. Some of us have been working hard to promote each of the blog post such as to get some more social signal to the blog post, build a few quality backlinks and increase the exposure of the blog posts, etc…Eventually, we know that quality content + the right marketing strategy will get you a lot of traffic. However, do you track, analyze and improve along the way?

Know Your Matrix

I know a lot of people will say they do check their Google Analytics and they know how many visitors they get everyday. Some of you might even say you check your analytic account everyday. However, what do you do after? Do you just give yourself a pat on the back when the visitors increase and keep up the great spirit to put in more effort when the visitors decrease?

In general, I will focus on a few items in Google Analytics below:

  • Traffic Sources > Referral
  • Content > Pages
  • Bounce Rate and Average time on page

Google Analytics

When I first login to my account, I will check the Traffic sources first because I will need to find out where exactly people are coming from so that I can start analyzing if the results reflect my marketing effort and time. Let’s say everyday if you spend 15 minutes each in forum, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blog commenting, article submission, video, news aggregator submission etc…When you look at the stats of the referral traffic sources, you find that the majority of the visitors comes from forum marketing, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter while only a few visitors from the sites that you comment, etc…You know immediately the winner and the losers.

Depending on your plan, you can scale up the traffic sources by spending more time on the winner and abandon the losers or you can try figuring out the reasons that cause the traffic source a loser and implement a few changes to see if you can turn it into a winner. Sometimes, you might find your comments do not offer much value to the blog post and also do not provide people a reason to visit your website, or you just pick the wrong site to comment, etc…By knowing the mistakes you made, you can definitely fix it and improve along the way.

If you are too busy, you might consider to abandon the traffic sources that do not deliver the results you expect and just concentrate the one that do. This is one of the easiest way to scale up your traffic. This is how you can get more targeted traffic to your website.

The Most Viewed Content Pages

Another thing I will look at is the Content > Pages. Here you will discover the top posts that get most of the traffic. What can you do with these information? Simple! You can create content that are similar to these posts and to put in links that you hope your visitor to check out. First, by knowing what your readers like, you have the chance to create even better and awesome content to feed them more. Second, you know the posts attract the majority of the traffic, wouldn’t it be nice to promote your other great posts or your affiliate offers?

If the offers can provide them even better content and satisfy them, the conversion rate will be a lot higher because these are super targeted traffic.

Bounce Rate and Average Time On Page

When we check out the Traffic Source and the Most Viewed Content Pages, we will be able to find out the bounce rate and the average time on page. These 2 are important factors that we need to pay attention to. Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page according to Google.

So, we would like to see lower bounce rate and higher average time on page. If you find that a traffic source that sends you hundreds of visitors with a bounce rate of above 90%, you know that this traffic source is not the one you would like to target though it can send you a lot of visitors because the visitors are not targeted.

When you see higher average time on page, you know that the content of the blog post is the one that people love!

Track Your Clicks

Most of the blogs will contain some affiliate link, banners or other type of advertising links. One of the important tasks is to track every single clicks so that you know which one get the most clicks, i.e. you know the best location for your link to get clicked! If you promote your own product or squeeze page, you can also track the sales and opt in. This is a very useful feature to find out the exact traffic sources that bring you opt ins and sales.

One of my favorite tools that I am using to cloak and track all my links is Ad Trackz Gold. It is a script that you can download and install in your own hosting. If you don’t have any tracking software, I highly recommend you to try out Ad Tracks Gold. You can play around with the demo of the script to get a feel what it can do for you.

–> Click here to check out Ad Trackz Gold Demo

By knowing which traffic sources are effective to bring your opt in and sales, you will know your matrix, i.e. the opt in rate and conversion rate. So, you can slowly scale up your traffic sources without worrying bursting your budget.

Feel free to share your experience on how you track, analyze and improve your blog so that you never leave your money on the table.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

20 Responses to “Track, Analyze And Improve Your Blog”
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  1. Michael Belk says:

    Ming Jong, you are right I am one of those people. I check my Analytics everyday, but I rarely know what I am looking at.

    You seem to have some good ideas. I plan to follow you.

  2. Thanks again, I use Google Analyticator plugin to get all of the information mentioned here, it’s a handy and useful plugin, although I more likely to get the complete metric opening the Analytic page. I use Google analytic dasboard to get faster extracting the data.

    I use low spec Samsung galaxy mini now, the recommended post plugin is a bit troubling me :-)

  3. Nice tips about analizing traffic source and the content that read most. It will save us time since we know where to go to get more traffic and what to produce to strenghten our blog readership.

    Thanks for sharing Mr. MingJong Tey
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  4. Harry says:

    I always agree with the tracking clicks. Knowing where we’re standing and what can bring us benefits is really something necessary, right?

  5. jokosa says:

    When we check out the Traffic Source and the Most Viewed Content Pages, we will be able to find out the bounce rate and the average time an check everyday always with google analytic :)

    Good lucky..

  6. Jake says:

    Yeah, that’s right, to track, and then to analyze (most important) and then consider our ability and situation to adjust everything to the appropriate place.

  7. shenoyjoseph says:

    i check everyday of my Google Analytics to find how i getting traffic from different sources.

  8. Thank you very much on knowledge of traffic to my blog. Mr. ming Jong
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  9. One thing I’ve learned over the years is how to pay attention to my metrics, that is pay attention to where my traffic is coming from and what they are reading. These are invaluable tools and thank you for enlightening us again.

  10. Amit Shaw says:

    Nice Post Ming. I am very much active on Google Analyzer. It helps me to analyze every thing :)
    Amit Shaw recently posted..Maximize Productivity and Dramatically Enhance Profits: Utilizing Business Phone Numbers

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