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[Update: WP Social Pipes is closed already. However the owner of WP Social Pipes has released Bookmark Lover, which will help you to gain authority backlinks  just like WP Social Pipes but with completely different technology and a lot more powerful. This is the tool that I am currently using to help me to gain authority backlinks to every post that I published.]

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Have you ever dreamed on gaining tons of authority backlinks to all your post you published and improve the ranking of every post in Google? The greatest thing is that this is all done automatically when you hit the published button! Sounds incredible?

In this post, I am going to show you how you can syndicate your posts automatically to tons of authority sites that Google loves and gaining authority backlinks from those sites! Have you heard about, pixelpipe and hellotxt? Maybe some of you heard of before but never use it as it is troublesome to setup the account and take every single post to republish via those of you have no idea what I am talking about, don’t worry because I will walk you through the basics and the concept to gain authority backlinks to every single post you published. You can even syndicate existing posts to the authority sites with the trick I am going to show you!

What are, Pixelpipe, Hellotxt?

These sites allow you to syndicate your content to the networks they are working with, such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, Friendfeed, MySpace, Youtube, etc…The network consists of major social network sites, web2.0 sites, social bookmarking sites, etc…These are the sites with high page rank and Google loves them very much! Just take a look of the screenshot below for Pixelpipe!



Imagine if you can gain a backlink from every single of these sites while syndicating your content to them for every post you published, what benefit could you have? MASSIVE authority backlinks to your post and hence higher ranking on Google :) This can be all done when you hit the publish button on your blog automatically!

Challenge Facing In the Past

I know some people might already knew the sources I mentioned but there are mainly 3 challenges facing by them:

1. Account creation

To be honest, it is such a tedious task that will really takes you hours from start to finish. Let’s say you are a super tech savvy guy and you only need to spend 5 minutes to create an account (this is considered fast because you need to fill in the detail, verify the email and also link the username and password into Pixelpipe), for 40 accounts, you need 200 minutes or at least 3 hours just to create and link the account for Pixelpipe.

I know a lot of people actually give up because of the tedious and time wasting process. When I first started, I did create all the Onlywire accounts myself and I know the PAIN!

2. 302 Backlink Redirect

Even you manage to create all these accounts, you can’t really enjoy the benefit of authority backlinks to your post. Why? It is because Pixelpipe, and Hellotxt actually using 302 backlink redirect so the link juice is not passed to your site.

3. Time Consuming Posting

Every time you need to take you blog post, copy and paste the content to Pixelpipe, and Hellotxt. This is boring and time consuming too.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, I got you cover below!

Solution for Authority Backlinks to your Post

1. Account Creation for Pixelpipe,, Hellotxt

You can easily outsource the tedious account creation task (together with linking to the network) that you will spend hours to complete at a very cheap rate ($5) at Fiverr.

Just head down to and search for Pixelpipe and you will see lots of people offering the service at a cost of $5. I managed to use a service that get me 1 Pixelpipe + 1 for only $5. So, I got all the social accounts created and linked to Pixelpipe and Huh, what a great saving! I used to pay $5 at Fiverr to get only half the pixelpipe account created 6 months ago (i.e. I need to pay $10 for a full pixelpipe account) but now it is so popular and competitive (for the seller) and they are willing to do it for a very affordable rate. Anyway, this is wonderful news to us!

2. WPSocialPipes

This WPSocialPipes plugin created by Abbas will help you to solve the 302 redirect and the posting issues! Once you download, install and activate WPSocialPipes Plugin to your blog, it will automatically syndicate your post to Pixelpipe, and Hellotxt, all at one go after you press the publish button! It will also create a 301 permanent redirect to ensure all the link juice passed through your site so you get the maximum benefit!

So problems are solved!

How Does WPSocialPipes Work

WPSocialPipes is a very simple plugin that you can download, install and activate to your blog. After that, you just key in the uploaded addresses from Pixelpipe, and the API code from Hellotxt (instruction comes with the plugin). This is pretty much it! Now, every time you publish a post, the plugin will automatically syndicate to Pixelpipe, and Hellotxt and hence to over hundreds of social account that Google loves, with a backlink pointing back to your post!

Anyway, I have made you a video to just run through the setting you need to fill in below:

–> Click Here to Find Out More Features of WPSocialPipes Here

Special Tip to Syndicate Existing Post

  1. Click Edit Post
  2. Under the Publish section on the right hand side, Click “Edit” to change the status from Published to Draft.
  3. Click Update to save the draft status.
  4. Hit the Publish and the post will get syndicated to Pixelpipe, and Hellotxt.

Extra Tip To Supercharge WPSocialPipes

  1. WPSocialPipes works with spinned syntax so that you can send unique content to each link account. So, you can use spinned syntax for your post and get syndicated to those accounts and after that update your post with your original content. This will ensure you get the maximum benefit from the backlinks WPSocialPipes generated!
  2. WPSocialPipes works with multiple accounts for Pixelpipe, and Hellotxt. So, you can create more than just 1 account so that you get more backlinks pointing back to your post! This is great if you decide to scale up the authority backlinks you receive.
  3. Update (22 Sept 2011): OnlyWire has been added in version 1.4. That means that all your posts and pages can also be syndicated to OnlyWire account automatically!

–> Check out WPSocialPipes Here

This is an effective way to gain authority backlinks to your site automatically. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

20 Responses to “Authority Backlinks To Every Post You Published With Bookmark Lover”
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  1. Peter says:

    Ming, Splendid article, first time on your site and i aint disappointed

  2. As ussual, straight to the point, and practically written. I think you can do well in creating a product on these tips and tricks as your readers would like to have them in pdf and read them offline for their blogging success.
    Back links are very essential components for blog traffic. Thanks Ming Kong.
    Henry @ recently posted..Tutorial: How to Create Blogs Using Blogspot

  3. Jason Royal says:

    Again Ming Jong, many thanks for such an informative reply. Really, appreciate that you don’t hold back with your answers, a lesson many other supposed “experts” could learn from.

    In keeping with my sentiment I’d also like to endorse the quality, relevance and clarity of your free report “Buyer Keywords Hunter.” Whether you are a newbie or been years in the IM space you will learn some very valuable lessons from what Ming Jong discloses in that report. Make sure you reread the simple tip at the bottom of page 25. It is so powerful yet because of it’s simplicity is often overlooked.
    Jason Royal recently posted..Hello world!

  4. Jason Royal says:

    Thanks for answering my question so comprehensively.
    So that I’ve got it right – you create various accounts at, hellotext andpixelpipe. You then use WPSocialPipes to syndicate your posts automatically to all those accounts.

    Do you open the accounts as different identities for each of, hellotext and pixelpipe so that the number of your backlinks increase threefold? ie you have a plaxo account for Amy at, a plaxo account for Barry at hellotext and a plaxo account for Carrie at pixelpipe

    Have I understood that correctly or do ping, ht and pp limit you to only certain sites?

    Hope I haven’t confused the issue too much.

    Jason Royal recently posted..Hello world!

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Jason Royal: You did bring up a good point. First of all, you need to think about if you want to spin the content (spinning does take time). If you decide to go to the road not to spin the content, you should exclude some duplicate account, i.e. pixelpipe, and hellotxt all consist of So, you should create 1 WordPress account, otherwise you will have “duplicate content” issue.

      If you choose to spin the content, you then can use different identities for each network so that you will get more backlinks.

      Hope this is clear to you :)
      Ming Jong recently posted..Emergency Cash Via Freelancing

  5. Jason Royal says:

    Very interesting article Ming. Is there any issue with having the same content on all your social accounts?

    You read so much about Duplicate Content penalty I wonder if that occurs with what you have described. In fact you hear of some situations where some sites will only accept unique content.



    • Ming Jong says:

      @Jason Royal: Hey Jasroy. The issue of having the same content can be sorted out by spinning the article, i.e. you published the spunned article and the plugin will take that article and spin along the way syndicating to those social accounts. Eventually, you just update your post article with your “original” article so that it is readable.

      That’s the great ting about the plugin because it supports spin syntax. The other thing I need to point out is that even if you don’t spin your post, those are not considered as duplicate content. The worst you will get is some of your pages on your accounts are in the supp index of Google (not a penalty by Google). Thing “news site / press release” as examples. They basically just syndicate the news from 1 place.
      Ming Jong recently posted..Top 2 Strategies To Get More Targeted Traffic From Blog Bookmarking Sites

  6. Sanjeev says:

    Interesting article, I need to look at this to check how it works out.
    Sanjeev recently posted..How can you speed up page loading of your Blog

  7. MJ; Thanks again for another great article. I’m still a little intimidated,by the arduous task of submission. I’ve never been very submissive. (poor pun) I hope to read more from you in the future. Thanks again and have a great day.

    • Ming Jong says:

      @rusty garner-smith: Hey Rusty. You’re welcomed! Your compliment makes my day and give me more reason to keep providing more content :)

      It is not unusual when you first get in touch with those link building strategies, churning out articles,etc…The key is to pick 1 that you understand and enjoy the most and stick to it. Do it consistently and then move on to the next strategy.

      This plugin actually saves you tons of time in terms of submission. That’s why I like it. I’d like to automate most of the task as much as possible and usually via automation tools (such as this plugin) and outsourcing…
      Ming Jong recently posted..How To Create & Customize Facebook Fan Page In 9 Minutes

  8. Sounds like a very interesting idea Ming. I will have to check this plugin out.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Steve@Affiliate Marketing Tips recently posted..I Need $1000! THE 30-Day Plan for Making Fast Internet Income

  9. SEEMS TO BE really cool way to get things done and get SEO juice.. just checking the pricing details of socialpipes.. $17 is definitely affordable..
    Raj @ Thesis Theme Customization recently posted..Alternative Way To Verify Your Blog With Technorati Claim Token

  10. Very interesting Ming Jong.

    I’ll have to come back to this post and follow the steps you’ve laid out.

    Link Building is so crucial to ranking success, any ways to expand and automate this are very welcome!

    Thanks for sharing mate.
    Jym | Blog Marketing recently posted..Speed Up Your Blog Without Code – Slow Blogs Lose Readers and Rank Lower (part 2)

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