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Google have just updated the page rank today (8 November 2011) and I am glad to notice that the page rank of this blog become Page Rank 4, a great jump from Page Rank 1. I am actually not surprised not because of that I’ve already expected a leap of my Page Rank on this blog after all the hard work, etc…but because I know I just couldn’t figure out how they revise the Page Rank of the site.

I have to admit that first of all I am happy that this blog has a Page Rank of 4 but after all, page rank is not I am after for on this blog. Second, I got some very thin sites (yes, sniper sites), which I never update and also no backlinking activities since a year ago, have a jump on Page Rank from 0 to 2-3, since the September Google Page Rank update.

Google Page Rank Update

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Google Page Rank Improvement

I kinda have mixed feeling because it is still hard to grasp the concept of Google Page Rank Update. Generally, if I have ‘Do Follow’ backlinks coming from high Page Rank sites, where I will expect a boost of Page Rank of the site, this is reasonable and understandable. What puzzle me is a jump of Page Rank for those sites without updated content nor backlinking activities.

I’ve seen sites with zero backlinks with a Page Rank of 4 (only 2 years old) and some aged domains (i.e. 10+ years) with a Page Rank of 0. People are flipping these kinda of domains everyday.

What’s So Great About Page Rank?

I don’t know about you, but I am not a great fan about Page Rank of my money site. As long as I receive traffic for my money site, I am satisfied. I don’t really care about its Page Rank. I understand that Page Rank is still 1 of the hundreds signal that Google look at to rank a site. However, I don’t think it is that critical in SEO.

On the hand, I am a big fan of backlinking from high Page Rank sites. As far as I know from my own experiment and testing, anchored backlinks from high Page Rank sites are extremely powerful for off page SEO and great for your ranking on Google.

Too Many High Page Rank Sites?

I know this might not be a concern for everyone. However, what can you do if let’s say you have more than 10 sites with Page Rank ranges from 1-5 while those sites don’t really make a dime for you? How can you leverage on the high Page Rank on your sites?

We need to understand that high page rank sites does not equal to high traffic. However, high page rank sites are invaluable for backlinking purpose. There are tons of people are searching, renting or buying high page rank sites just for backlinking purpose. Check out the monthly subscription rate for those aged, high page rank blog farm such as Unique Article Wizard, Article Ranks, SEO Link Vine, Authority Link Network, etc…

You can always sell your backlinking services in forum sites such as Warrior Forum, Digital Point, etc…and charge monthly fee. However, before you start selling, you need to have your high Page Rank domains installed on different class C hosting, so that each of them will have unique IP address.

Your Voice

What’s your stand on Page Rank for your sites? Leave me a comment below as I would love to hear your thoughts.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

30 Responses to “Google Page Rank Update November 2011”
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  1. George says:

    hi , great site , i have pr 1 and domain for about 3 years , 600 backlinks in webmaster central … isnt this too low ? and 130 diffrent domains.

  2. John says:

    The next update is should be around the end of January.
    John recently posted..Body Sculpture BB800A 36 inch Rebounder Trampette

  3. Linda Mcmahon says:

    I just wonder if there will be any updates for this year on Google Seo Panda
    Linda Mcmahon recently posted..Reason For Failure in Cake Making

  4. Alan says:

    Congrats Dude….my blog got pr3!
    So eventually..after all my hard work paid….looking forward for a pr5!

  5. Pinjaman says:

    My site PR had dropped from 4 to 2. A good wake up call for me. One thing I had learned from Mong Jong, PR is just one of the factor that affect SERP of my site and it does not necessarily brings me good traffic. I should not be too obsessed with PR only and should research more to write good interactive content for my potential customer. Let Google does it work of organic ranking.

  6. Congrats on your PR increase. I was happy earlier this year when my PR went from 0 to PR3 and one page a PR4. Keeps you motivated to keep writing and link building.
    Cash Till Payday From PJ recently posted..Loans Till Payday Center On 9/11

  7. Rob White says:

    thats great Ming, hopefully I can do the same one day.
    Rob White recently posted..~ Progress

  8. Ming,

    Congrats on the PR Jump. Nice PR jump in a short time! PR may not be everything to ranking and traffic these days, but it is still certainly a factor and every little bit helps for sure.

    The only way you get a nice PR jump like that is making a concerted efforts for your backlinking, so congrats and job well done!
    Steve@Earn Money Online recently posted..Build My Rank Review – THE Best Way to Get Backlinks?

  9. Steven says:

    Nice to here that. I think you deserve it. Sadly, my site dropped from Pagerank 3 to pagerank 2. Hope that by visiting this blog regularly, I can improve mine and get higher pagerank next Google’s Update.
    Steven recently posted..Relation Between Inner Pagerank with Domain Pagerank

  10. Hey there Ming,
    Congrats on the Pagerank increase, I too had a PR jump from PR3 to PR4 although I too do not give much importance to it, since the most important thing for a blog is rather its traffic than its Pagerank. I think Pagerank is more or less important for people who plan on selling links in their blog.

    Shiva @ Blogging Tips recently posted..Top Best Free and Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

  11. Barbara says:

    Hi Ming,
    Every time I visit your site, it reinforces just how much more I have to do !
    Just when I think I’m getting to grips with backlinking, you hit me with something else !
    Great site- I shall keep coming back
    Barbara recently posted..My Internet Laptop Lifestyle

  12. Ming, I heartily congratulate you on this. You have done well on your blog and deserve it. I am happy for you. Congrats
    Henry @Start Your Own Business Magazine recently posted..11-11-11 Free Friday Downloads

  13. I’m sure PR is not a big deal, but it is ‘yet another’ ranking factor.

    And besides, it’s a good ego boost when it goes up :)

    Mine jumped from ‘not even on the chart’ to PR3 earlier this year and seems to be sitting there for now.

    Where it starts to have some more immediate value is (as you’ve described Ming) if you’re trying to quantify the value of links on your site for others, such as advertisers, or even guest posters.

    At the end of the day, high PR links are worth more and therefore owning higher PR sites has some value to it.

    Kudos to Brain for keeping BlogEngage the way he does. The whole community benefits that way!

    Thanks for keeping us updated Ming… I didn’t notice this PR change, I was busy trying to understand the ‘Google Freshness update’ which just got announced…(check my ComLuv link)
    Jym | Marketing Your blog recently posted..Fresher Ranks Better: Google Freshness Update

  14. bbrian017 says:

    Hi Ming, congrats on the big jump in Page Rank. Perhaps it’s all the wonderful links you’re getting from blog engage? I know many of our members see a huge increase in pager rank once their articles start getting listed in our community. Actually because of all the out bound links we have at blog engage I’ve never been able to get a really good page rank. But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter to me as it’s the members I want to keep happy so we will be do follow forever.
    bbrian017 recently posted..Improve Your Blogging Game Using Hot Blog Tips

    • Ming Jong says:

      @bbrian017: Thanks Brian. I didn’t do much backlinking for this blog except submission of my posts to various kind of blog social bookmarking, certainly Blog Engage is one of them, some news aggregator sites and tutorial sites.

      Great to know that those links will be do follow forever :) I am sure this will keep all the members happy!
      Ming Jong recently posted..I Hate Steve Jobs Because…

  15. My site also gets PR3 now and although it is not really important, it still makes me happy. :)
    Btw, I don’t understand why we should care about different class C hosting when selling backlinks. Could you explain more about it?
    Tuan @ TechWalls recently posted..Google PageRank Update in November 2011

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Tuan @ TechWalls: Hey Tuan, it is always good to know there is improvement on our site :) Regarding different class C hosting, it is actually geared towards buyers (though not all of them understand that).

      For backlinking campaign, it is best to get diverse range of of links from different IP to maximize the backlinking effort. i.e. 100 backlinks coming from various article directories (different IP) is definitely better than 100 links from Ezine Directories. Else, one can easily get tons of domain and point the backlink to his own site…and Google knows that….
      Ming Jong recently posted..Top 23 Places To Outsource SEO Link Building

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