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Social media platform like FB, Twitter, G+ is red HOT! It is also an effective SEO backlinks that will force your site to the front page of Google Here is the automated social linking tool that I have been using to run profitable SEO campaigns until today. Watch the video here to see the results yourself.

If you are still into the SEO game, you will be constantly looking for quality backlinks for your site. I was asked a lot of times regarding how to use the Google search string to get tons of high page rank backlinks from various sites including .edu and .gov sites. So, I have decided to spend some time to look into one of my little tools that will help you to find backlinks you are after without marking around the Google search string.

I have removed the Free Backlink Tool early this year because it is clashing with either my theme or other plugins installed. However, I am happy to announce that my Free Backlink Tool is up and running now! You can use this free little tool to search for relevant sites to gain quality backlinks to your site!

Use this tool & Get your High PR Backlinks Now

free backlinks tool

Features of the Tool

I don’t have much introduction about this tool because it is a really simple tool that only takes a few seconds to find the relevant sites available for you to comment and gain a high PR quality backlink. Instead, I have recorded a short video below to show you how you can use this tool to get high PR backlinks easily!


Edu and gov backlinks are trusted sources and valuable in the eye of Google and hence it is extremely useful to gain backlinks from these sites. Another important thing you should bare in mind is always target decent blogs. If you go to Fiverr to get 50 backlinks from edu or gov blogs and you will notice mainly those blogs are spammed with tons of rubbish comment and they are all automatically approved types of blogs. That means those blogs become junk because no one is moderating them. Therefore, I will stay away from those blogs.

Target the blogs without spammed comment and provide value in your comment so that your comment will be most likely approved by the blog owner. A quality backlink is a lot useful and powerful than 100s of spammed links.

Also, remember to target blogs other than .edu and .gov, forum sites, Squidoo / Hubpages so that you get a diverse range of backlinks from various platforms. This is one of the key points when building backlinks to your site.

Though I slowly move away from SEO as my main traffic strategy (because it is a high risk traffic source), I am still maintaining all my old campaign because they are still generating income for me month after month. So, finding and building backlinks are still essential tasks for all my SEO campaigns. This is the tool I am using from time to time.

How do you find your backlinks sources?

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

39 Responses to “Build High Page Rank Backlinks Easily With This Free Backlink Tool”
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  1. My2cents says:

    OMG!! I tried this out and it really works… at first instance I thought that this wont work… but its free and working. Thanks much for sharing. :)
    My2cents recently posted..Process Technicians

  2. venkat says:

    very informative post!i am still trying to improve my page rank for our main business site.Hopefully it will increase with time.Thanks for explaining it in easy to understand terms.

  3. Rohan Mod says:

    Backlink tools are necessity for today’s webmasters because such tools also plays an important role in developing backlinks and understanding the the competition.

  4. Thanks for answer…after your reply I check the tool on a other pc and it works. I think that was a javascript problem on my system.
    Frank Mohnhaupt recently posted..Webdesign Stuttgart empfiehlt: Webhosting kostenlos – Webhosting günstig

  5. Is this tool active ? I have try to use it but it fail…some ideas ?
    Frank Mohnhaupt recently posted..Webdesign Stuttgart empfiehlt: Webhosting kostenlos – Webhosting günstig

  6. Rudra Rawat says:

    wow this is a great free backlink tool . I am going to try this awesome tools .

  7. jossef says:

    Thanks Ming. you really share some great information and tools here in your blog, it’s also a great tool it really get some really good blogs.
    By the way i really think you need to reconsider you internal linking method, find better way to link to your homepage Google hate linking to your home page with anchor text
    jossef recently posted..Make money online with penny auctions

  8. Ivan Aliku says:

    Sure thanks.That’s the true fact. The next best thing for any blog that has quality contents is to get the desired recognition. Blogging is all about sharing in my own view and if you share helpful tips, people would reciprocate in different ways. That also involves commenting and sharing tips on other people’s blog too. Well, I wish to convert from Stumble Upon like you do. Your blog has gotten so much traffic from there as I can see. I will try to follow your tricks on this one.
    Ivan Aliku recently posted..4 Tips to Attracting More Visitors and Making Them Return to Your Blog

  9. Ivan Aliku says:

    Sure. Join groups related to your niche and share your log posts there. The more active your are on the group, the better your chances. It’s advisable to also visit other member’s blogs or site and drop valuable comments. They will be tempted to return the favor by visiting your site. Stumble Upon seem to convert the best for you but in my own case, Facebook and Twitter are my best platforms with Linkedin fast Joining the queue
    Ivan Aliku recently posted..4 Tips to Attracting More Visitors and Making Them Return to Your Blog

  10. Ivan Aliku says:

    Surely Linkedin helps. But it is similar to Google plus for now in my own perspective. I only get the traffic. A lot of people don’t comment or reply you but they read and share your posts. That’s enough for me as the traffic is something good. But the case may be different for you depending on your approach. I’m looking forward to being a regular user there. Maybe that could help increase my recognition.
    Ivan Aliku recently posted..4 Tips to Attracting More Visitors and Making Them Return to Your Blog

  11. Ivan Aliku says:

    Sure Ming Jong. I really do appreciate great works from people like you. I think I’m already following you on Linkedin. I will recheck to confirm it. As for connecting with you, that’s something I’d really appreciate and would look forward to. Thanks for visiting my blog also.
    Ivan Aliku recently posted..4 Tips to Attracting More Visitors and Making Them Return to Your Blog

  12. Ivan Aliku says:

    This tool looks wonderful. I’m trying it out once I’m done with this comment. I found this link on Linkedin but I never knew it was actually you. I have been re-tweeting some of your post and sharing some of your inks. I only knew you on Twitter before now but I’m glad to have connected with you on some other social media platform. You really provide quality contents man. Thumbs up!
    Ivan Aliku recently posted..4 Tips to Attracting More Visitors and Making Them Return to Your Blog

  13. Few days back, I’ve received a tool from comment-luv people which helps me to search for commentluv blogs based on the keyword, and now this tool looks even promising. It reminds me the Scrapebox environment which is capable of differentiating the blogs and framing them based on their CMS or other options.

    Thanks for sharing the tool
    Anudeep Dixit recently posted..How to Activate SBI NetBanking and Mobile Number Approval Form?

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Anudeep Dixit: Glad you enjoy the tool! Haven’t tried out the tool from CommentLuv. It is handy to find some decent edu gov blogs and high PR blogs to comment.

      Scrapebox is the insane software to blast out tons of comments but it will only work for auto approved blog and I am quite concern about the quality of the links from those spam blog. So, I will stay away from those.
      Ming Jong recently posted..How To Sell Products Online?

  14. Lee says:

    Hi minglooks a great tool currently I am using drop my link. This looks like it could be better.
    I also see in your last comment that you are using market samurai. I have been looking at that as well and umming and arring about whether to gey it or not. I think I have made my mind up now.

    So for great Info thanks lee
    Lee recently posted..AEG Ergorapido – Day One

  15. Richard says:

    Hi Ming Jong,

    Amazing free backlink tool you have there and awesome video to demonstrate the tool in action. Great article on building quality backlinks and I’ve really gain alot from reading your blog post. I personally also use SEO Quake to find high PR sites and also with the help a great software called Keyword Canine by Jonathan Leger to “spy” on my competitor backlinks. ;)
    Richard recently posted..Why most people do not succeed online despite the wealth of information?

  16. firdosh joy says:

    wow this is a great free backlink tool . I am going to try this awesome tools . It will surely help me to build some quality backlink and improve my search ranking

  17. Lynn Brown says:

    Ming: Thanks for including the informative video with your blog! It always helps to be able to “see things in action” to get a better handle on how to integrate it into our business. I wholeheartedly agree with the use of affiliate marketing. It is a fantastic way to boost income without having to invest untold amounts of time, energy & money into developing new products.

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Lynn Brown: You are welcomed Lynn. Glad to know that you enjoy the video. Totally agree video is an awesome way to demonstrate “things in action”. A picture worth a thousand words and I think a video worth at least 10k words, lol.

      Affiliate marketing is indeed the best way to kick start our online business. Most people do not fail but simply quit because there are ways too many setbacks along the journey. Affiliate marketing at least cut out tons of the heavy work such as product creation, sales letter, graphic, etc…

      Thanks for the stopping by!
      Ming Jong recently posted..Blogging Traffic – Convert Your Blog Traffic

  18. Nice tool! It came up with a few strange results when i chose comment luv blogs but it seemed to work well for wordpress blogs.

    My “secret” backlinks tools is feedly, a Firefox addon where i have a list of my favourite blogs and get easy access to new and relevant blog posts where i can comment and leave my backlinks.

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