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Have you ever wondered how to get backlinks to rank a new site in a proper manner that Google loves? Getting your websites ranked on the front page of Google is everyone’s dream so that you can receive free traffic to your site. I know some of the people do have other traffic sources apart from Google, having organic traffic will be a bonus on top of various traffic sources. Eventually, who else does not like free traffic to their site?

SEO is a combination of on page and off page effort. If you are not sure what I refer to, I strongly urge you to read my previous posts about on page SEO and off page SEO. In this post, I am not going to repeat various backlink sources that you can get from my previous post, but to focus on the process to get your site ranked on the front page of Google. There are literally endless sites that you can generate backlinks to your sites. Without a proper backlinking process, you might be struggling to rank your site and might even risk your site get sandbox or penalty by Google.

Process About How To Get Backlinks

Before you start the SEO link building campaign, you must ensure you have done your on page SEO, else you will have to spend multiple times of the effort to get your site ranked on the front page of Google.

Here, I will focus on how to get backlinks to a new site, i.e. a new domain that you just purchased because getting a new site to rank on the front page of Google is tougher and trickier than a well established site.

1. Indexed by Google

After you purchase your domain, you setup your site to be powered by WordPress or any other content management systems that you prefer. Then you add in a few pages or posts, which have the on page SEO done properly. You can hope your pages or site will get indexed by Google within days or you can make it happen within a few hours.

This is a rather easy task for you but yet it is important to get indexed by Google so that your content can be found by others via the search engine. First thing I will do is to utilize one free resource below to help to get my site indexed within hours.


This free service will help you to submit your site to 2518 Stat based and Whois Sites, which are regularly crawled by Google and other search engine such as Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc…. You can expect your site get discovered by Google and hence indexed in just a few hours. You will also gain some backlinks from those sites.

Although I doubt the backlinks will help much on the SEO aspect, it will certainly help your site to get indexed a lot faster. On top of that, I will also use a paid tool called SEO Fast Indexer, selling at $17. It is also part of the module of SEO Link Robot, to submit my site to 30,000 ++ Whois and Stat based sites.

I think using the free service from IM Talk is good enough to get your site indexed.

2. RSS Submission

After you have done your website submission to IM Talk, the next thing you can do is to get your RSS feed of the site and submit to RSS aggregators. I have a few free resources that you can use to help submitting your RSS to multiple RSS aggregators.

For IM Talk RSS Submitter, you will need to register a free account before you can utilize the free tool. I recommend to just stick to one of them as they contain duplicate aggregator sites.

On top of getting your site, posts / pages to get indexed faster, you will gain backlinks and extra visitors via these feed aggregators as there are a lot of people love to browse the feed for information. Also, whenever you update your posts, the posts will get updated in the feed itself and hence showing on the aggregators sites you have submitted to. Just do it once and the benefit you will get is permanent.

Note: Your feed URL should be

3. Press Release

By now, you should have your site indexed by Google. What I like to do is to generate a buzz via press release and build quality backlinks to the site simultaneously. The great thing about press release is that those sites are trusted sites in the eye of Google and the syndication effect via press release is tremendous. You only need 1 press release with the keyword and backlinks that you would like to rank for within the press release body.

If you ask me what is the most important step on how to get backlinks to rank a new site? Press release will be my answer!

It is not uncommon for a new site to pick up hundreds of backlinks within a few weeks thanks to the syndication effect via the press release. There are numerous blogs and other news sites will republish the press release that you submitted and that’s how you gain the benefit of syndication effect through press release.

Though not all of them will republish your press release in full, some of them might just take the description and link back to the press release source. This is great because those sites boosted the link juice, which eventually will pass on to your money site.

I usually get my press release done in Fiverr for $5 and then get other people to submit for me. Just go to and search for press release and you can get gigs that will help you to write press release and submission.

4. Private Blog Networks Submission

Update – There is so much change in blog network over this few years! So far, I build my my own private blog network (no, I am not selling the backlinks, don’t worry) and use Linkvana.

For some of you that are not familiar with private blog networks, they are generally high Page Rank blogs that are allowed for content submission with your anchored backlinks.  There are quite a number of this kind of public blog networks such as Unique Article WizardArticle Ranks, Authority Link Network, My Article Network, etc… Or you can tap on the powerful private blog network like Linkvana. The major differences between public blog network and private blog network are:

  1. All the high Page Rank and aged domains inside the private blog networks are maintained by the company. Unlike the public blog network, users can contribute their own high page rank domain in exchange of credits. Generally, private blog networks are well maintained and cleaned.
  2. Private blog networks will do 2nd tier link building to the backlinks you build and pass on more link juice and make sure the backlinks are indexed. Some of the public blog network do provide 2nd tier link building for premium plans you choose.
  3. Private blog networks generally only accept unique content while majority of the public blog networks require spun content.

These are pretty popular and effective blog networks. However, they come with a premium that you need to pay for. If you are tight on budget, I strongly recommend you to start out with the following 2 free services:

The above 2 networks do have paid plan but they also allow you to use it for free with limitation when you contribute at least one blog with page rank. This is how you can use these blog for free.

You can easily buy a blog with page rank and plug it into their system so that you can earn credits and at the mean time you can use the credits to submit your article to their networks. I usually purchase this page rank domain at Digital Point Forum.

I recommend you start to purchase a domain with page rank of at least 2 so that you can accumulate 1 credit at Authority Link Network, which will allow you to submit 1 article per day. When you purchase the domain with page rank, you need to be very careful. Always check the page rank to see if they are real and check for any drop using Whois tool. Below are what I generally do before I purchase:

Steps To Purchase A Domain With Page Rank

  1. Check page rank with Rank Checker.
  2. Google the domain. Under search, type in
  3. Check the return if the result URL match the URL that you are checking.
  4. Check if there are any backlinks pointing to the domain. If not, you need to expect to build some high Page Rank backlinks to the site immediately after you own the domain in order to maintain its page rank.
  5. Check if the domain is dropped using Domain Tools.

Take a look at the screen shot with Google search:

check domainAs you can see above, I typed in my domain on Google and the return results is actually the URL I am checking so I can confirm that this URL does not redirect to another URL. This is important as some of the seller will trick you by redirect the selling URL to a high page rank domain.

I am not a domainer and these are just basic steps I do before I purchase the domain. Bear in mind there is always a risk for the page rank to fluctuate, even your own blog, which you maintain everyday.

I don’t have a spreadsheet or table for you for reference because it really depends on a lot of other factors, especially the number of backlinks. All I can tell you is I have bought page rank 3 domain for $30 and page rank 4 domain for $50.

Blog network is super powerful in terms of getting backlinks to rank your site as these backlinks are from high page rank blogs.

Update: Due to the Google algorithm update, I will suggest not to link directly from blog network to your money site. Rather, just point to Web 2.0 sites containing backlinks to your money site.

5. Web2.0/Article Marketing

After getting some high page rank backlinks from the blog network, I will create web 2.0 sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages, and link back to my money site. Also, I will submit articles to Ezine Article and use Article Marketing Robot to do mass submission to thousands of sites with my backlinks pointing to my money site and web 2.0 sites.

For new domain, I will only select article directories with page rank of at least 1 and above to link back to my money site and then I will link the rest of article directories to web 2.0 sites and also Ezine Article. This is to create 2nd tier SEO link building to pass the link juice to my money site.

For Web 2.0 sites, I will either create a link wheel or link pyramid structure to get the best out of those web 2.0 sites. I personally favor web 2.0 sites and article marketing as these are free effective ways on how to get backlinks to rank my sites.

6. Blog Commenting

This is not really a must but as I read some useful posts, I will comment with my anchored backlinks to build more links to my money site.

Just repeat steps 3-6 until and your site hit the front page of Google.

Google Penguin Update

If you are into the SEO game, you will know that the April 2012 Google Penguin update destroy tons of businesses overnight. If are not familiar, take refer to my blog post about Google Penguin update. In short, this is an update to penalize over optimization about anchor text. So, it is crucial to use proper anchor text without getting penalty from Google.

My suggestion is to use 30-40% of your targeted keywords, 30-40% of your brand name and relevant keywords and 20-30% of generic anchors. If you focus on dog training as your main targeted keywords, you should limit 30-40% the anchor text in “dog training”. Relevant keywords such as train a dog, how to train a dog, lessons for dogs, etc… plus your brand name should be accounted for 30-40%. Generic anchor texts such the naked URL, click here, for more information are required so that it looks natural in the eye of Google.

If you would like to take SEO to the next level, this is the actual SEO Blueprint that helps me to generate 5-figure passive income with free traffic. Watch the video here.

Your Voice

These are pretty much the ways I used for getting backlinks to rank my site. Keen to know how you get backlinks to rank your site. Feel free to leave your comment below on how to get backlinks to rank your site.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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  1. Great article Ming. Btw, I almost do all step for my new site, and I think I do it too good. And the result is Goodle not indexed my site and put my site in Sandbox. It can get out after 3 months in Sandbox

    So, for new site, please watch your backlink carefully. Backlink too much (in Google perception) will make your site stay in Sandbox.
    Steven | recently posted..Sticky Notes WordPress Theme

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Steven | Thanks Steven. Did you wait until your site was indexed and then start the backlinking process? It is essential to wait until it is indexed before proceeding to link building. Also, I always start slow and consistent before starting to ramp up so that it looks natural.

      Over Backlinking will definitely cause have issue with Google sandbox your site. I don’t know if there is much to do apart from keep building backlinks consistently and updating your site regularly.
      Ming Jong recently posted..How I Quadruple The Speed Of My Page Load Time In Minutes

  2. Tali Deals says:

    All of your blog posts are super resourceful! Thanks so much for sharing the url’s and your experience with us. Always a pleasure to read and learn!!!
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  3. I’m new to this SEO thing, but I have heard about getting backlinks. Thanks for the list, I’m sure it will help me.
    Stefanie Reichow recently posted..Reminisce Accents Cricut Cartridge

  4. Dev says:


    Great stuff and these are great strategies to get quality backlinks. Another great way is to use Social Bookmarking sites like Blokube, Digg, SU etc.

    Thanks for sharing this great article.

    Dev recently posted..8 Things You Can Do to Speed Up Your Site and Get More Traffic in 2012

  5. Don’t underestimate the power of social networking and other engagement and traffic building techniques which will helf generate inbound links to your site from readers.
    Larry Brauner recently posted..5 Web Strategies that Paid Off in 2011

  6. Aston says:

    Thanks, in the process of using these tools now, very useful.
    Aston recently posted..Nike Plus

  7. Wow, seems like you’re really on it Ming. PR 4 and Alexa dropping fast – nice work!

    You always have some cool tools to offer, I’m definitely going to check some of those out, particularly the private blogs network submission suggestions.

    Sadly I just wiped out all my PR in recent domain change but it should be back soon enough (I hope!)

    Jym | Free Pictures for Blogs recently posted..Where to Find Fantastic Free Pictures for Your Blog

  8. Hi Ming,

    Great post! Thanks for sharing this article. I like the way how you laid out your step by step action plan on how to rank a new site on Google. Great job and thanks again.

    Sonny Lanorias recently posted..Where To Find Home Business Leads On The Internet

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