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Before you start churning out content for your blog post or articles, it is always important to do some keyword research and find out a number of the keywords that have decent search volume with buying intent and low competition. After all, you do not want your effort to be wasted after creating a dozens of the article to your blog.

So, which keywords should you target on? Here I will focus on brainstorming of ideas with Google in 7 ways.

Brainstorm Of Ideas

There are different ways doing the keyword research. I will list out my 7 ways of using Google to do keyword research.

1. Google Keyword tools

This is a free and most widely used keyword research tool. As most of you already know how to use this tool, I will just list out some important things that are often overlooked.

  • Switch the Match Types to [Exact] to get more accurate search volume.
  • Log in to your Adwords account when you make a search to avoid solving the Captcha and get more results from Google.
  • Sort the keywords from high to low to make your high demand keywords at the top.
  • Save the date into excel spreadsheet for analyzing and reference.

2.  Google Suggest

On the Google search bar, type in your seed keyword and Google will automatically suggest related keywords that people are searching, as illustrated below.

Google Suggest


3. Google Wonderwheel

A snapshot is captured below for Google Wonderwheel relates the keyword “weight loss”.

Google Wonderwheel

At the time of writing, Google Wonderwheel is closed. Hopefully, Google will release it soon.

4. Google Related Search

After you hit the search button, go to the left side bar of Google and you should see “Related searches”. Click on it and the “related searches results” are shown on the top of the page. Refer to the screenshot below:

Google Related Searches

5. Google Insight

Google Insight will show you the data such as the countries that are searching the keywords, prediction of the trend and the news related to the keyword.

Googl Insight

When you click the country, you will get the top searches and rising searches of the keywords, as shown in the following:

Google Insight Countries

6. Google Sets

Enter a few items from a set of things and let Google to predict others, as shown below:

Google Sets


7. Google Zeitgeist

This tool basically shows the keyword trends in different category in a given year.

Google Zeitgeist


Hopefully, this post provides you some more ideas using Google to do keyword research rather than limited to the traditional Google Keyword Tools. There are a lot of other great sites for keyword research, which are not included in the post.

Do you encounter any other great Google tools? Feel free to leave a comment below.

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

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