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Last week I talk about 10 critical factors for On Page SEO that you can apply immediately. Hopefully, you have already optimized your page. If not please spend 10-20 minutes to make some tiny changes to your page because today I’m going to show you how to explode the power of SEO by utilizing the other part of SEO – Off Page Optimization. If you have your on page SEO done for your site, it will be a lot easier to harness the full power of off page SEO, which a lot of people refer to as backlinking process or building backlink to your website. There are tons of ways to build backlink to your website. Here I will just list out top 12 popular ways.

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12 Techniques To Build Backlink To Your Website

1. Article Directories

Create an article with your links within the resource box. Typically 2 links are allowed to be located in the resource box.

Top Places to Submit Articles


  • To automate the process and highly leverage the power of article marketing, use Article Marketing Robot to create accounts, spin and submit to 10,000 2166 article directories automatically!
  • Grab the RSS of each article directories for RSS submission.

Article Marketing Robot

Download the trial version of Article Marketing Robot and see the results yourself!

2. Web 2.0 Sites

Post your articles to these Web 2.0 sites below. The links can be placed within the article body.

Top Places to Submit Web 2.0 Sites


  • Grab the RSS of each article directories for RSS submission.

3. Social Bookmarking Sites

Submit your URL of your money site, articles in the web2.0 and article directories to the social bookmarking sites. You can put the anchor link in the title to link back to your site.

Top Places to Submit Social Bookmark

Refer below for a comprehensive list


You can also use this free resource – to semi automate the process. You just need to register all those sites and fill in your username and password. OnlyWire can post the bookmark to all the sites you registered at OnlyWire.

4. RSS

Submit your Blog RSS, Web2.0 RSS and Article Directories RSS (i.e. to RSS Aggregators. If you have a static html page, you can convert it to RSS format using

Top Places To Submit RSS

5. Press Release

Write a press release and submit to press release sites. You can leave your full URL or links with your anchored text within your press release.

Top Places To Submit Press Release


Choose the press release that accept anchored link instead of only URL, to fully explode the power of press release. When your press release gets syndicated and so does your anchored link.

6. Whois & Stats Based Sites

You can submit your site to these stats based / Whois Sites to create a backlink.

Top Places To Submit Whois & Stat Based Sites



Automate the process by using the following resources:

Big Tips

Try out SEO Link Robot to fully automate the 6 tasks mentioned above such as mass article account creation /submission, social bookmarking account creation/submission, RSS account creation/submission, press release account creation/submission, create link wheel, submission to whois & stat based sites, pinger, etc…

7. Social Network

Post your links (contents such as article, web2.0 article, your blog, etc…) to social network sites.

Top Places To Submit To Social Network


There are tons of sites like Facebook or twitter, just go to or to register some or all those accounts to help you to submit to tons of sites that you register at 1 go.

8. Forum Signature

Setup your signature in each of your forum you participate. When you make a post, your signature with your backlink will be displayed. Some forums do require you to have at least x number of post before you can add your links in your signature. So, do find out first before you do that.

Top Places To Submit To Forum


Go to and find the forum in your niche and start backlinking.

9. Forum Profile

In some of the forum, you can put your URL in your profile page and those profile pages are visible by public without login. Hence, a backlink is created from the profile page!

Top Places For Forum Profile

Using Google to search for High Page Rank forum. In Google, search the following string:

  • “powered by expressionengine”
  • inurl:/member/register/ “powered by expressionengine”
  • “powered by MyBB”
  • inurl: /member.php?action=register “powered by MyBB”
  • “powered by phpfox”
  • inurl: /signup/ “powered by phpfox”
  • “powered by vbulletin”


Install SEO Quake Firefox Plugin – to easily identify the high page rank forum site. Refer the illustration below:

SEO Quake Explained

10. .EDU & >GOV Backlinks

Some .EDU & .Gov sites allow for people to comment or participate the forum.

Top Places For .EDU & .GOV Sites

Using Google to search for .edu & .gov sites allow you to participate and comment. In Google, search the following string:

  • inurl:CreateUser.aspx
  • inurl:register.aspx
  • inurl:”wp-signup.php”
  • “powered by expressionengine”
  • “powered by vbulletin” inurl:”register.php”
  • “leave a comment”
  • “reply to post”


Do not spam the forum/ blog. Provide useful comments. Otherwise, it won’t be surprise for you to get banned by the forum/blog owner… Now, you can use my free backlinks tool to search for sites relevant to your keywords and build backlinks on platform ranges from .edu, .gov, Angela backlinks, Commentluv, Keywordluv, etc…

11. Document Sharing Sites

Document sharing sites allow you to upload your documents in .pdf, .doc, .ppt format etc…You can leave your link in the description field.

Top Places Of Document Sharing Sites


Put live links in the document itself so that people who are viewing the document can click through the link while they are reading the document.

12. Power Point Sites

Upload your powerpoint slides to the sites and put our link in the description field so that you gain a backlink.

Top Places Of Power Point Sites


In order to fully utilize the article that you submitted to article directories or web 2.0 sites, just convert the article to slides to save you some time for content generation

There are 12 techniques to build backlink to your website as mentioned above, which you can be easily implemented without costing you a dime. Of course you can speed up the process a lot faster by leveraging some of the tools I mentioned. Next week I will introduce more of backlinking strategies that are not that common but are extremely powerful.

Feel free to leave a comment below & share it on Facebook / Twitter to benefit more people!

For Part Two, Download My Free 24 No BS Backlinking Strategies Report below:

Here is your access to the 24 No BS Backlinking Strategies Report!

To Your Success,
Ming Jong Tey

93 Responses to “Off Page SEO – 12 Awesome Techniques To Build Backlink To Your Website Part 1”
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  1. Alex says:

    Wow, that’s an awesome reply Ming – certainly earned yourself an affiliate commission there – so when I trial it (which I will) I’ll be coming here to clickety click :)

    Bookmarked now as this is not only the link page I need but a bloody good honest review of it.
    Thanks again Ming
    Alex recently posted..Add-On a Minute Firefox Users, I Got 3 More You’ll Love!

  2. bbrian017 says:

    Hi Ming, the article is amzing but my biggest concern is determing where to really invest our time. I think for bloggers Twitter offers amzing oppottunities but again i’ts all about preferences. I spend a lot of tiem on blog engage looking for article that interest me and where I can comment. By far this has been the largest and most benfits resource for me. I don’t have time to hit even half the sites you mentieodn here and if you do I don’t’ know where you find it.

    I thank you for sharing all the great resoprces as well it’s definslty a great list to bookmark and save for future referecnce. I’ll add it to my saved list on blog engage.
    bbrian017 recently posted..#engaged @blogengage is our new trend for #blogengage

    • Chris Jones says:

      Hi Ming,

      After Google’s Penguin updates we KNOW that links from PHP sites and article directories are no longer valued by Google. Whilst the PR for sites like is still showing as 5, all the juice has been taken out of these sites rendering the links virtually useless. Same goes for many non human edited online directories

      With this in mind I’d be interested in hearing your justifications for businesses continuing to use this practice. Given Google now values original content as king (and syndicated, duplicate content virtually as spam) then I’m not sure how submission to article directories can have any value whatsover in any form of SEO practice.


      • Ming Jong says:

        @Chris Jones: Hi Chris, though I still do SEO, I completely abandon the SEO for new site, i.e. I abandon the adsense business model or other affiliate sites to rank for certain keywords. I only maintain my old sites.

        Why? Simply SEO is a risky approach. I don’t want to go into arguing black/white/gray hat SEO methods because eventually Google defines that. I don’t want to let Google control my business.

        Ranking a site takes time and effort. I still use article directories to get links and also other non human edited sites. The approach is to build 1st tier link (i.e. link directly to money site) on quality sites such as ezinearticle, press release site, web 2.0 sites, blog comments, private blog network, etc…Then 2nd tier backlinks (backlinks to 1st tier links) from software like Article Marketing Robot, blog networks like ArticleRanks, to channel the link juice back to the money site.

        Another key after Google Penguin is to vary the anchor texts as many as possible to simulate “natural link building” process. My anchor text profile is around 40% main keywords, 40% LSI, 20% generic keywords (i.e. URL, click here, visit, etc…). Some people (like Market Samurai team) suggest 20% main keyword to be on the safe side…

        SEO is ever changing, so whatever is working now is not guaranteed to work tomorrow. Hope this helps.
        Ming Jong recently posted..Blogging Traffic – Convert Your Blog Traffic

    • Ming Jong says:

      @bbrian017: Hi Brian, thanks for your compliment. This is really encouraging! Time management is definitely a big one for all of us. There are literally tons of resources and methods. The best thing is we don’t really need to implement all of them to reach our goal. Most of the times, I will stick to a few of my favorite methods and when I have time, I will try out a few more for testing. Tweaking here and there…

      Glad to know that you enjoy this resources :) Great to see you here!
      Ming Jong recently posted..Free List Building Plugin That Will Increase CTR And Opt In Rate

  3. Alex says:

    This is an awesome resource you have put together Ming!
    I love these posts because I can just bookmark them straight to my backlink folder and refer to them later :)

    A few here I have not heard of.
    Question for you: What do you think of AMR? (Honestly now :) )
    Does it submit to the bigger directories (not Ezine obviously as if they even get a whiff of spun content…) and also, like article demon – do you find the number of successful submissions AND the value of the existing articles/links deteriorate over time?

    Can’t have everything I know, but hey – a man’s gotta ask – right? ;)

    Good to read you again mate, sorry it’s been so long between drinks
    Alex recently posted..How to Increase Your CTR and Make More Money Blogging – Guaranteed!

    • Ming Jong says:

      @Alex: Thanks Alex. Great to see you here again (though it’s been a while, lol)! Glad that you enjoy the post :) Ok, here comes my honest opinion :)

      1. I will need to correct the number of article directories in my post above. It used to be 10,000++, they have reduced to 2166 (up to today) due to dead links, inactive, tech issues, etc…
      2. Out of 2166, I only successfully registered 935 directories using DeCaptcher. They do support Death by Captcha, ImageTyperz, Antigate. I haven’t tried others service. So far only DeCaptcher and Death by Captcha.
      3. Out of 935 directories, there are around 230 directories with PR1-PR5 (ArticleAlley is included), the rest are PR0.
      4. So far, I only submit to those directories with PR1 and above. I usually get around 130 submission successfully every time.
      5. Since you ask that, I just run another submission to the PR0 site to see how many successful submission I will get in total. And the results —> 251 submission
      6. AMR is maintained regularly. They have a forum site as well (, where you can request the new features (yes, they do implement it). Vince (the creator) do reply your support email or pm (if you are on Warrior Forum) and help you to sort out problems. This is the thing I love the most. Bear in mind that it is not a monthly subscription.
      7. You can backup your database (your spun articles, account details, etc…). If I am not wrong, you can also import other article URL that works into AMR and let it do the submission. I haven’t personally tried this but there are information in the forum.
      8. I recall when I did the submission to 9000++ sites before, I did get only 900 submission successfully (it is a shame, only 10%). Theoretically, I can import the URL to my current database so that I can have around 900 submission successfully. I’m just too lazy to play around the database…
      9. I didn’t check the approval rate. I noticed that there are lots of them are auto approved. However, there is a function in AMR to let you extract the live links and author feeds (This is GOLD). I took them and build 2nd tier backlinks with bookmark and RSS. Yummy link juice.
      10. Results? It works. It did help me to rank a squeeze page for a internet marketing keyword (exact search volume around 2400/month). I am actually surprised that a squeeze page (I should say a video squeeze without bullet points) can also rank…I will say this is by brute force linking effort, lol
      10. Ok enough said. In conclusion, for this latest AMR version, out of 2166 sites, I have successfully submitted to 376 sites (125 PR1 and above, 251 PR0)

      Hope you satisfy with the above :)
      Ming Jong recently posted..RSS Backlink Traffic

  4. Ming,

    Nice list of resources you have put together for back linking here. Like you say link building is a must to compete. It is important to do it in a natural manner and not get flagged by google…but doing it in some way is really not an option if you want your posts to rank.

    very comprehensive list here!
    Steve@Earn Money Online recently posted..71 Web Copywriting “Hidden Gems” (or How to Create the ULTIMATE Copywriting Swipe File)

  5. Hey MJ; Once again thanks for more great info. You’re my personal SEO guru! Also,I took a picture of the last two lessons you gave me,so I can reread and use the info I got from you. The pictures won’t leave my computer,until I delete them. Hope all is going ok with you,and “you rock” too. Talk with ya soon RG-S

  6. To survive SEO link building is an integral part of the overall development of SEO, and has become increasingly important. SEO link building is recognized as a major factor in the development and SEO SEO Stretegy to survive the Google Content algorithm agriculture.

  7. is article spinning really kosher? i don’t want to dip into black hat seo.
    Lily @Merchant Cash Advance recently posted..Banks Continue to Deny Loans to Small Businesses

    • Ming Jong says:

      article spinning is totally white hat. All you do is to make your article as unique as possible. You are welcomed to submit the original article to as many directories as you like. However, not all will be indexed by Google and most of them will be put under the supp index of Google. That’s the reason of article spinning or rewriting.

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